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Three Ways to Grow an Optimistic Attitude

Updated on November 25, 2017
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Stevie G. is a Life Coach, Educator and Researcher. He is the founder of Infinite Visionary Training Center in Minnesota.

The Foundation for an Inspired Life

An optimistic attitude will help open doors for you that you thought was impossible. People, who persevere in the pursuit of a dream, while being optimistic during chaotic times, usually succeed because of an attitude of faith in the possible. A optimistic attitude believes that all things are achievable through a strong inner faith. Therefore,this mental attribute is a very worthwhile human quality to develop; it will take you places you have never gone before.

There are a number of ways to develop a optimistic attitude. First, a successful attitude goes beyond simple kindness. You show a good attitude when the people and the negativity in your environment can not overwhelm you. You are committed to success in your life and affairs.

Practice Forgiveness

One important way of developing a positive attitude is to practice forgiveness. Most of us have been offended many times throughout our lives. These offenses are still buried deep within our hearts. To regain freedom, we can start contacting all our offenders and forgiving them. Either contact them directly through verbal communication or send your offenders a reconciliation card. Imagine the reaction or the puzzlement upon their faces. This approach will not only change the person you are forgiving, but it will also change you, giving you freedom and release. Go ahead and do it. You have no need to be ashamed of initiating forgiveness.

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We can not contact all the people who have offended us. Many of our offenders have long been deceased or have completely disappeared out of our life. Nevertheless, there are ways to forgive them. Using your imagination, develop a clear image of the person or people you need to forgive. Imagine yourself smiling at them and extending them a hand of reconciliation. Try picturing a blue light gradually embracing both of you. This will create a sense of oneness and beauty of love. The activity will dramatically improve your love and freedom toward people and their inadequacies.

Appreciate Nature

Another way to develop a good attitude is to appreciate nature and the great outdoors. Go for a long walk through the woods. Breathe in the fresh air as you walk among the trees and plants. Smile at the people you meet along the pathway. Stop and look across a lake or pond. Try to catch a beaver building a home or a school of fish playing and jumping around a sunken log. Embrace the peace and tranquility that nature has to offer. Moreover, try to find a beautiful flower garden. Pick a set of flowers for yourself or for someone special within your lives. These dos not have to be a special occasion. Spontaneous is a refreshing experience and can spice up a relationship. Furthermore, plan a camping and fishing trip once a year. Listen to all the beautiful and brilliant strange sounds of nature at night or catch a dozen of pan fish and cook them by the campfire. Appreciating nature helps us experience our essence as we suspend our need for artificial worlds.

Be Content With What You Have

Be content. Look around you. Do you appreciate your present belongings? Do you like where life has brought you? You may not live in a fancy home or drive a beautiful car in these tough economic times, but you can feel blessed that you are better off than many others who have no person or place to call their own. They have never owned anything significant, not even themselves. Many have physical and psychological problems that have tormented them for most of their lives. Therefore, be content with your present possessions; appreciate your meager surroundings, and more blessings will come to you.

Significance of a good attitude.

Developing a good attitude means changing your perspective about life. It means going beyond yourself as well as the way people react toward you. People with a good attitude are proactive toward life because they seek the best in all situations, circumstances, and people. They make the first move in life not only for themselves, but for the good of all. This is the attitude that opens doors and break down walls.

Children with a good attitude often do well in school by honoring their teachers as well as making their parents proud of their academic progress. Having been a teacher for over 17 years, my best students where those who respected, not only me as a teacher, but also their fellow classmates day after day. I see such students as role models of academic excellence because of their outstanding attitude.

A good attitude is everything.


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