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The Man who had a Dirt Floor (A Short Story)

Updated on July 3, 2011
Just a pic of morning fog.
Just a pic of morning fog.

Just a Try at writing

The Man who had a Dirt Floor

A young man lived in a dirt floor country because he could not see how God could be praised in a country with so many different views of him.

Every day he would wake up and stand in the middle of his dirt floor apartment and look up to the heavens and say ”God please lift me up out of this dirt floor apartment so I might be able to praise you without so much shame.”

After praying to God every day the young man would walk down the middle of the food market of the town; his mouth watering, he could never taste the sweetest fruit or the softest bread.

This young man would go behind the market and get food for the day out of the garbage bins and in fear of being caught in such a disgrace he would grab the first thing he saw he could eat and run home and force himself to eat the whole thing.

The bitter taste of sour milk and the horrid stench of the moldy bread would fill his dirt floor apartment to a point that he could not stand the smell.

The young man every night being ran out of the only shelter he had,  go to town square and look up to the heavens and say: “God why have you forsaken me, have you cast a blind eye to those of use that still believe.”

The young man would stand in the silence of the town until his heart sank into his stomach and his soul withered to practically nothing.

The young man would slowly slide his feet along the dirt road until he returned to his dirt floor apartment.

This young man did this for ten years and never change, He would wake up in his dirt floor apartment pray to God, walk down the middle of the market, go to the trash binds behind the market, grab whatever he thought he could eat, run back home force himself to eat whatever he could get, walk to town square and prayed asking God his two questions, stand in silence until he was beaten and broke, walk back to his dirt floor apartment sliding his feet all the way.

One day his prayers were answered but not by God it was by the woman that he never saw. A woman who offered him fresh bread every day as he walked by, she would hold out the bread and tell him to take it by simply saying:”bread” and he never took a slice. He saw a loaf of bread and the shame of no money to buy pushed him through the town with a barred head.

One day the woman; with tears in her eyes, stopped him and said: “Why do you torture yourself like this. I here you at town square asking God why he has left you, but he has not because I stand here, and I have no moldy bread. Your eyes forsake you and you head leads you blindly. God Gives you everything you need he has even given you me, but you will not help yourself. God will help you and hold you and lift you up; but he will not hold you with your feet off the ground or kiss you with salty lips. Your spirit is lifted when you’re happy and you get help when you help yourself. You are not forsaken or alone you are just unwilling to open your eyes.”

The young man, now not so young, looks into the eyes of this woman and sees God looking back threw tear filled eyes and then collapses to the dirt. As his heart starts to slow his world goes dim and he dies. Until he is awaken to a young woman calling his name, “Damien; are you ok.” The man opens his eyes to see the young woman sitting across from him with a puzzled look on her face. Her face becomes clear in an instant and the man says:”Oh my, such beauty should not be squandered in the dirt. It should be shared with the world. Damien you’re not making since honey,” the woman said. The man sat quietly as his mind cleared and he realized his last ten years was over the last ten seconds and God in his own way had appeared to him.

A new man awoke that day with an old life he didn’t know he had, with a new adventure he would not expect or understand until 8 ½ months later. For that day was the day Damien Drake saw God, his wife, and walked in the shoes of his Father, Rev. David Drake.

This was the day Damien Drake was told he would become a Father.


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