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The Many Lingering Thoughts of A Muslimah

Updated on February 1, 2017

Series: Hijab Diary - Entry 1

Remember when everyone thought the world was going to end in 2012? Good times, good times indeed. Sadly though, we're in 2017 and the conditions of the world, I feel, are falling quite rapidly downhill. In this day and era, my Muslim sisters have to face extreme intolerance on a day to day basis and so quite logically many Muslim girls are afraid to be associated with something that would label them as a Muslim. I don't blame you.

However, I want to bring your attention to some facts about Hijab. What is a Hijab? one may ask. According to Google it means "a head covering worn in public by some Muslim women. The religious code which governs the wearing of the hijab." In depth, this website explains Hijab properly and also its importance - It is worn by Muslim women but there is Hijab for men as well. Not only that but in many Muslim countries head covering is very common even though they may not strictly follow the way it's mentioned in the Quran. Hijab has not only been for Muslims but it has been around since the beginning of time in one way or another, in the form of a sign of being civilised. I'm not going to go too deep into why Hijab is important for a woman in Islam as the above website and many other articles have tackled that subject quite thoroughly.

I, however, want to talk about when a Muslim girl wants to start wearing a Hijab but due to it being a big step, she is hesitant. Feeling hesitant and nervous when starting a new chapter in life is normal and quite honestly, understandable. The questions I've been asked before regarding Hijab have almost always consisted of "how did you deal with other people when you started wearing it?" To which I'd say "I didn't pay too much attention to what others thought really." I do realise that it's easier said than done but it helps when your heart is set on it.

Faith - it's vital to know the importance of Hijab for a Muslimah and realise that Hijab is not really something you have a choice over(sorry to be blunt) because in the Quran Surah An-Nur (The Light) verse 31 talks about what the believing women ought to do. It is also vital to understand that this step means attaining the pleasure of the Almighty and nobody else.

Don't delay, call today - when the faith part is sorted and the firm faith that what you're about to do is for the sake of Allah (God) Him alone, it becomes easier to take other steps. However, don't delay this call that has sparked a little hope in you because remember the good is from Allah and Shaytan (Devil) doesn't chill outside clubs and brothels but outside Mosques and Madrasas. If you delay a good thing like this, Shaytan then can convince you very easily not to take this step at all, quite similar to when we delay our Salah (prayers) and end up missing them altogether.

This step requires you to take that leap of faith and to just go for it. It doesn't matter if you don't know the Hijab look that would suit you the best because remember you're doing this for the sake of Allah.

People talk and they always will - we have a saying in Urdu "logon ka kaam hai kehna" (It's like peoples' job to talk). This saying rightfully shows that people have and they always will criticise you no matter what you do. So, it's best to aim to please the Lord of the people. Once you start wearing a Hijab, you'll realise who actually has your back and who really supports you. If you come across people who talk about how you've started wearing the Hijab all of a sudden yet you still do this or that i.e. sin, then please do nothing but ignore. There is no point in feeling that you're a hypocrite and that you shouldn't be wearing Hijab because you sin. Truth is, we all sin and the only thing that keeps the sins hidden is Allah's mercy and our ability to not announce them. Hijab also includes Hijab of the eyes, ears, the soul and much more - looking beyond a person's apparent sins, advising and praying for them. So, if you feel that just because you sin you shouldn't wear the Hijab then my sister remember, you always have the choice between right and wrong, do not give in to Shaytan's attempts.

I do agree that it is very important to purify the inner self because it also reflects on the outside and also the way you act but I do believe that this thing is a life long struggle and cannot be achieved over night. Some days you'll feel like sunshine and the other you'll feel like thunder and rain but the truth is you'll be struggling with purifying your inner self throughout your life which is why I feel that the things that we can already achieve should be achieved such as starting the Hijab itself. Once you get used to the Hijab then it becomes easier. You'll gain companions who vibe on the same level as you. "Log kia kahenge ab ye bhi hum sochein to log kia kahenge?" (if we started to wonder what people are going to think then what will be left for them to think about?)

These are the 3 major steps I believe could work whether there is a support system available or not. For all the girls and women with no support, I stand with you and I always will, for the sake of Allah. If you have support then believe me when I say it is a beautiful thing. However, one thing I would like to add is that if you do start to wear Hijab then please do not look down upon any girl or a woman who is not a Hijabi. One of the things about Hijab is modesty and we do not have the right to look down upon them because we were once them and you could talk about Hijab to them but do not enforce it upon them. Always make dua for them. Be a support system for each other, not against each other.

I hope this little attempt helped. Feel free to drop by suggestions for other entries for this series.

Let me know if this helped or leave some feedback. Thanks!


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    • SafiaQ profile image

      Safia Qureshi 14 months ago

      Thank you very much Yasmeen and Dania, much appreciated! Jazakallah khair and Ameen :)

    • profile image

      Dania 14 months ago

      Keep it up!! My room mate! May Allah give you determination and abidingness. Ameen

    • SafiaQ profile image

      Safia Qureshi 14 months ago

      Thank you so much everyone for your kind words and prayers, I pray the same for you all. Ameen

    • profile image

      Ghulam Farooq 14 months ago

      MashaAllah,you touched on key aspects of HIJAB, keep writing and stay blessed.

    • profile image

      Aasma 14 months ago

      Very well written Safia! Proud of you♥ May He bless you always!

    • profile image

      Anonymous 14 months ago

      Beautifully written thoughts. May Allah always keeps you in righteous path (Ameen).

    • profile image

      Drkhuntalha shah 14 months ago

      Good path is always hardest to follow only firm faith in Allah makes it easier,i believe it takes courage to standup and write about something positive and good.Wishing you all the luck for your upcoming work .JazakAllah kahir dear

    • SafiaQ profile image

      Safia Qureshi 14 months ago

      Wa iyaki. May Allah make it easier for you, thank you :)