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The Married Jesus

Updated on September 20, 2012


Married? | Source


At the International Congress of Coptic Studies, held in Rome last week, Karen King, a professor in divinity at Harvard reported the findings on a recently discovered fragment of papyrus.

The fragment, only 1.5 by 3 inches in size, has ancient Coptic writing on it.

On one line can be made out “Jesus said to them, my wife”.

This now of course, raises many questions amongst Christians, mainly was Jesus married?

This is a discussion that has been taking place over many centuries but this announcement, once again puts it to the fore of Christian thinking.

The Bible

In the Bible it does not make mention of Jesus being married but there again, at that time there was very little mention of a mans marital status, so why should there be any of Jesus status?

It is generally thought that early Christians did consider Jesus to be married, in fact the only talk of Jesus not being married started as late as 200 AD.

Professor King refused to divulge the owner of this fragment that had been brought to her for translation.

The fragment was in a bad condition and much of the writing on one side could not be read but it is thought that the fragment is authentic and was probably from the second century AD.


Professor King said that the writing that is eligible does not make any indication as to who Jesus wife may have been.

She said that the writings were obviously about Jesus family and that the name Mary is mentioned but there is no indication that this was referring to his wife, mother or sister.

As I have mentioned, during Jesus time there was very little mention of a mans marital status and it was only much later, when people were considering as to whether they should follow in his footsteps, as to consideration was given as to whether he was married or not.

Many Christians like to think that Jesus remained unmarried and that religion was his “bride”, this though is perhaps based only on what they want to believe, not any evidence.

If he was married, what would be the consequences, if any?

Obviously it would bring up the question as to whether or not he had children.

If he did, then what happened to them?

Is there more truth to The De Vinci Code than meets the eye?

Is there really a secret blood line of Jesus and will it reveal itself before the “so called” end of days?

I guess that once again we will have to make up our own minds, as usually for the religious heads to come to any declared conclusion, takes decades if not centuries.


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    • ihayaydin profile image

      ilknur 5 years ago from turkey

      there is no information about whether he is married or single in quran and bible. god knows the best. ı think if he were married, certainly this matter would be mentioned in holy books. jesus is important prophet for people,his wife and children would be important too. some people try to be popular by claiming such things.

    • rdlang05 profile image

      rdlang05 5 years ago from Minnesota

      From what I've heard about that document there is still a lot left to be discovered. Much of the text is missing, there could be some negatives that are missing, and there's still discussion about how everything should be translated. Futhermore, the dating I've heard about the parchment is late 4th century. The text however could be from an earlier writing. I think it's a bit early in this documents discovery to be jumping to credible conclusions. It's not even officially released to the public for another month.