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The Meaning Of Life – Basic Answer To A Banal Question

Updated on January 9, 2012

Why do we even need to ask the question?

Fluidism Art Photography by Robert G. Kernodle
Fluidism Art Photography by Robert G. Kernodle | Source

Simplest Answer

Life is the pinnacle of a grand fluid process that has no other path. Life is the quintessential direction of the cosmos. Humans are the very essence (the very stuff) of this cosmos organizing in a way that must arrive at living, sentient beings.

Life is a given. It precedes any thought, any plan, or any intelligence. The life tendency precedes God. It is simply a primordial principle – a continuous possibility that ultimately materializes.

Life Is Liquid

Humans arise from the fluid dynamics of reality’s infinitely expansive and eternally moving substance. We are the unavoidable expression of this cosmic flow. The very nature of this cosmic flow is ultimately intelligent. Higher intelligence is not required to produce mortal intelligence, because mortal intelligence is a result of proto-intelligence prior to it.

Life, thus, realizes itself. Life is not realized by a life-like entity before it. Life arises naturally, because life is the primal direction of reality’s flow at any scale, at any vantage point, and at any location.

Death Is Relative

Everything moves towards life. Everything eventually participates in life. Consequently, all things (from particles to people) are at some stage of life. Everything is alive to some degree.

Marine Life - Fluid Dynamics Art

Morals Are Immanent

No commandment dictates the law to respect life. Instead, an elementary proportion enables this ethic automatically. Living things with advanced intelligence simply realize this elementary proportion. A sufficient level of intelligence, operating long enough, arrives at such a proportion as the only possibility that favors balanced advancement of all life.

Human responsibility to other humans is as much inherited as it is taught. The ethic of respecting life, thus, is a product of sensory development. Such an ethic is an essential feature of the universe’s natural flow. Neither a cosmic father figure nor a cosmic mother figure needs to set human actions in the proper proportions, because intelligent beings arrive at their own best measures of action. The bare need to survive drives this ethic into existence.

With Or Without Us

Living organisms such as us are continuously experimenting to develop the proper reflexes that preserve a balance between life and death. If our experimenting continues long enough, then we will arrive at this balance. The bleak possibility always exists, however, that we will kill ourselves off locally (on Earth) in the process of feeling out this balance, which is of little consequence to the universe’s tendency towards life. The life experiment will simply continue elsewhere, ad infinitum, with or without us.

As a wave is to water, so is a living thing to the cosmos – an essential, inescapable aspect of reality’s fundamental, fluid physical nature.


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