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The Metaphysics Behind Narcissism PT 1

Updated on February 10, 2020


Do you find yourself in a situation that you just can’t find your way out of? Are you surrounded by people that do not understand you because you see life differently from them? Are you surrounded by negative people everywhere you turn? Do you feel stagnant, you feel that your life is not going anywhere? If this is you, it says a lot about who you are.

A Teaching for The Awakened Ones

The Metaphysics Behind Narcissism PT 1

Woken Awareness

There is something that people with a mindset like you do not notice about yourselves. Let me explain why. You are the kind of person that is aware of things that do not serve you, but you are not aware that it does not serve you. Your highest self knows, but you have not tapped into the higher inner voice of yourself because of being caught up in the world of usual life routines. You’ve noticed it all around you. You’ve noticed how people live their lives. They get ready to go off to work, every day, and do the same usual routine that they do every day. Then, they start the next day over again like robots. People can feel that you are not like them. You find yourself surrounded my narcists at home, on the job. You have noticed that the most egocentric people can achieve their goals with ease. You have wondered why it is so easy for them to achieve their goals and they are such a bad person, and you being a good person struggle. When they have a conversation with you, they might even talk to you as if you need to “get with the program”. Be like everyone else, follow the leader. The more you stay in that dimension in your life, the more these energies will feed on you, it was set that way. When you continue to live in this false reality of an event horizon you will see that it mocks you, and the evil will the show itself in your face. You question why it mocks you, it mocks you because it represents the fallen you, and they represent the shadow that had cast that surrounds you, it’s like being in a dimension or world that you do not understand. Like a child in a classroom getting continuously picked on by his/her classmates and has to endure conflicts in adulthood as well. The evil that confronts you represents you being afraid to become one with higher yourself. When you see conflicts, happen in a continuous pattern in your life and its never-ending like a curse, and you feel that something is not right. You from childhood have felt that you were special from the rest. People that have enmity towards, they are unaware that something in them recognizes the spiritual bloodline in you the reason they have conflicts with you. You notice that when you bring up people’s behaviors as though you are in a world lost and know nothing of, in response, people do not know that you are alien from then. In response, they will say stopping dwelling on that, or why do you dwell on that, get on with your life. This is because they are land-dwelling 3rd-dimensional beings and are only concerned with third-dimensional things. It is time to cut these parasites off and let them fall to the wayside. Open your eyes an see that you are in spiritual warfare. Know that energy can neither be created or destroyed. You always were but became a feather in the wind in a state of forgetfulness many incarnations. Work on becoming one with your higher self, and take that journey. The war isn't about fighting your enemies and being in enmity towards them, It is about becoming the most successful you that you can be. Fulfill that dream that you have all ways dreamed of. Invest in your dream, take that step that you have always been afraid to take. Be a spiritual warrior about it, and align all your goals with your higher self. Be centered in yourself, be in remembrance and rise, the more you rise the more your enemies will start dissolving. It was never about you fighting them physically, it was always about you.

The Mocking Narcissist

A mocking narcissist can be very annoying. They can put you in a position where you have to prove to others that the person is not who they present themselves to be. The narcissist will disrespect you in secret but act in a more civilized way around others. You may find yourself in a position where you try to warn someone close to the narcissist, not to trust this person. Narcissists plan ahead, they have everyone’s undivided attention. Narcissists control the day if you are at a gathering, and the narcissists are being passive-aggressive with you. They are looking for a reaction from you. They have already sealed the deal with others about you. For example, around your associates, they might use schemes of manipulation. For instance say good things about you first, with repetition to make sure it sinks in. Then say things like Jeff over there always avoids me when I tell him about my business ideas. On another day he might say, is Jeff always standoffish? Or, Walks up on Jeff in the hallway and says hey buddy and everyone sees Jeff trying to avoid the associate, but their perception is off about the situation. I will draw a scenario here of mocking. The narcissist criticizes your ideas in team meetings. When you try to speak on your ideas and just when you are in the process of explaining in detail, the narcissist cuts you off before you even make it there, and everyone forgets that you were even talking. All attention is on him. You speak up and give input put he constantly criticizes you. You have great ideas that can make the company more innovative, but you feel that the company will still be on the same level as the ideas of the narcissists which everyone is agreeing with. The narcissists approach you after the meeting, you tell him that he constantly cut you off. Even stole one of your ideas that you were talking about, and no one remembers that it was your idea. At the meeting while sitting there at the table, the thought crossed your mind that this guy is always criticizing your ideas that he only half-heard. Out in the hallway, you mention nothing about him criticizing you. But he knows you’re thinking it. So he says to you, hey buddy you got a problem, you always think that people are criticizing you. Maybe you need to learn how to take constructive criticism.

You discuss your concerns with management about the ongoing issues with your co-worker, but they are not taking you seriously. You don't know that the two weeks before, the narcissist has been in the office three times in human resources getting to know the managers and CEO and dropped some whiffs of manipulation. “Yes, I love the company, I’m getting along with everybody. Does Jeff always have communication problems?” Chuckles, the narcissist. The CEO says; well don’t worry about him. Welcome to the team.

Scenario two. You have a family reunion coming up. You really do not want to go. You are thinking about toxic family members you do not want to be around. Your girlfriend who doesn’t understand you, you secretly think she never will. She always tells you that you need to lighten up, or “get with the program”. You have a brother who’s so extremely toxic and loves to mention your name to your parents in a loving manner and family members, and throws in manipulations to draw an ugly picture of you. You decide to go. You are confronted with your brother being super passive-aggressive. You confront him about it in front of everyone and call him out on it. He laughs and says, hey what is wrong with you. In his mind, he knows you think he starts conflicts with you, so he will say it first. You always think that I’m trying to start with you! You just think the whole world is out to get you! You leave the situation and tell your girlfriend that you two are leaving. Your girlfriend wants to stay and think that you are the problem.

The Good Boy

The narcissistic woman looks for a good man that she can use and run over. The good man does not recognize it and believes her to be the good girl. What he does not realize is that she is a very good actor and has left behind a trail of destruction. Some of these personality types can also have a histrionic personality disorder, but that’s for another discussion. The narcissistic woman is very charming and doesn’t have trouble getting married. She puts on a charismatic smile, is trusting and outgoing. All the people she has hurt knows her true identity, but to her husband, she is a harmless Angel. Depending on the circumstances she has hurt men, or men have left her when they found out who she really is, she has backstabbed women friends and others in her life to get what she wants. To get the attention and the grandiosity that she so desires. This personality type has many people fooled. They put on a mask of being very polite, very outspoken, and is a good leader. A good husband to her is a good fool.

The narcissistic woman in a scenario of having a best friend in high school who was the true good girl that she envied because the narcissist doesn’t see the good in themselves and are envious of anyone that has it in them. They from childhood thought it was something that others possess but by some freak of nature in their life schema, they got confused and saw it as something they can take from others and make it their own. This is a person that listens to her best friends Becky’s dreams, and saw Becky’s future and wanted to take it from her. She sabotaged Becky in high school, Becky didn’t know about some of it, she would only find out about of it by friends. Or, Becky told her about a boy she had a crush on, but the narcissist ended up with the boy. Around the boy, the narcissists exhibit the characteristics of Becky, the noble, sweet good girl, but the boy doesn’t know the sinister character that lies behind it. Many men are married to this woman. Most of these women are religious and use religion to put on the good girl personality or whatever title they have in life. Never try to warn a guy if his mate is a narcissist, if he attracted her it could represent where he is at mentally. They are made for each other. Never try to get a man back into your life by thinking you can save him from his narcissistic mate. These are the ankers to keep you trapped in a false reality. You keep thinking of him, how he doesn’t know that you two are meant to be together, that you were the best thing that ever happened to him, but he can’t see it. Or that he is your twin flame. You will only make yourself look bad every time you step forward, he will see you as a bad person. They are nothing but parasites keeping you trapped in the third dimension.

In a scenario where a man is a narcissist and he has a new relationship if you are an x- wife or an ex-girlfriend, he will always talk ill of you. The new woman will be clueless and believe everything he tells her. You will be sacrificial energy for their relation to make them feel superior or a sense of grandiosity. He will be sure to let you know that his new wife or girlfriend went on vacation, or whatever things they have going on, or let you know through a relative to make you feel bad so they can feed on your energy. However, If the new wife is not a narcissist she will unknowingly be feeding on your energy if they both are narcissist they both will be enjoying life on your concern for what he is doing with her. They have you in bondage through psychic attacks. You may be miserable, depressed. You have to cut cords with the whole situation mentally. Whatever it is that you need to accomplish in your life, a dream that you never fulfilled, go for it and be the best you that you can be. The more you change and rise to your highest potential, one day if he runs into. He will want you back. You will be so full of life and esteem you will not want him back.

Give Me A Dream

In the olden days, people were much innocent than the people of today. My father told me that when he was a kid they could drink water from the river, but when he became an adult no one could because the pollution had taken over that bad. In those days there were more good people, people had more human companionship for his fellow man. Most people could hitchhike without a problem. You can not do that these days, people are not trustworthy anymore like they used to be. People cared about your hopes and your dreams. You could tell a stranger about your hopes and dreams in those innocent times. These days it is every man for himself. There are actors that impacted my life growing up, I see them as archetypes. Michael Landon on the Highway to Heaven, a TV series that came out in 1984. That show is a prime example of how we should be a blessing to others and help each other fulfill our dreams. A movie called The Doll Maker that came out in 1984, the character played by Jane Fonda. In a scene in the drama film, Jane Fonda hears her neighbor crying. She blesses her neighbor and asks her neighbor to get some sleep. Her neighbor says innocently, “give me a dream” Fonda’s character says Spring. Scott Bakula on the science fiction television series, Quantum Leap. In the series, he traveled through time to make right what went wrong. Good times, a TV series that came out in 1974 were JJ Evens has a dream of being an artist. With great perseverance even though he lives in the projects he never gives up. These shows were morally driven, it contributed to making the world a better place. The cartoons taught moral values, cartoons, like GIJoe or He-Man. Television was involved in helping to shape reality and putting blessings out into the world, it did not breed as many narcissists as it is today. These days there are reality tv shows showing people in conflict with no solution to end it. Many of these shows are made to promote drama. Which in turn bring in more ratings. Many people today do not have a mind to think rationally or, to think critically. They are impulsive, greedy and are eager to get a dopamine rush. What did the show say when it went to commercial, “stay tuned for your regular programming” The way the world is today contributes to narcissism. Children come into the world confused. When they see everything that is going on around them they absorb all the information to become who they are if the world is telling them that evil is stronger than good, and the majority is with evil deeds. That is what they are going to do. They think this is how the world is. This is why more children, adolescents are committing suicide. When you send your child to school, what type of children do you think they are surrounded by? They are surrounded by dream killers, that kills inspiration. It is these children that have the most awareness and that are conscious of what they are surrounded by that suffers. They can feel the fear, the bullies, and flying monkeys feed off the fear and make more fear. These are the children that want to make a difference in the world and has a dream that they want to give to the world.

Back to the reality of the subject at hand. Dreams are important. When people reach their dreams it has a magnificent, magnetic effect on the world. When you reach your dreams and help others reach their dreams it is like a form of meditation. This is a type of meditation where you do not sit still, but you are promoting happiness through action. The more you rise in success, the more your haters, or enemy’s will start to not exist in your life anymore. Your success will put you in a place where you are not affected by negativity. Promoting happiness is a spiritual thing that has a tremendous effect on our world. Do you know how happiness looks when you spread it into the hearts of others? Every happiness that is made you make a flower grow, you purify the air, you kill off demons in dark corners of the earth, you’ve decreased a percentage of pollution. When you made someone’s day brighter, you made the sun shine. Your world is a part of the bigger picture and becomes a part of the world. When more people fulfill their dreams it creates a good future. In Hinduism when you spread happiness, when you serve your fellow man, being your most authentic self, and respect nature, you are practicing karma yoga.

to be continued

© 2020 April Seldon


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