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The Mind Has 5 Gears - Shift!

Updated on March 8, 2016

5 Mind Conditions of Consciousness.

Most of the human potential is untapped. Isn't it high time we changed that? More possibilities become available to a person as their conscious awareness is expanded.

The mind has five conditions it can be in. These conditions house all 21 possible Mindsets. Awareness of these conditions is conducive to realizing where you are in consciousness so you can move even higher.

The lowest vibration is a mind in DESTRUCTIVE mode or Reverse Gear. Here the mind is constantly creating obstacles for itself. The mind is agitated, restless, depressed, worried, anxious, confused and easily provoked.

The mind is deeply engaged with it's mental impressions and projects them onto waking reality in a way where the mind confuses the distinction between the two and blends them into a faux reality.

All reactions for this mind will be from the superimposition of it's own reality and will not know the difference. A mind moves between states of consciousness within it's gear readily. And it takes a bit more to move it into another gear. Nowadays more minds are of this consciousness than not.

The destructive mind has seven sub-levels. A mind that is lustful, selfish or angry falls within this condition. In the lowest rungs of consciousness, the mind may have racing thoughts and lead you into hysterical conclusions. The mind may project false delusions from it's memory onto present reality in a way where it is unable to cope with that reality. It may take aid from a therapist or medication. The mind may even lose all sense of morality.

A mind in reverse gear is in the Muladhara Chakra corresponding to governance over sexual energies or in one the seven Chakras below that.

I am working with an expanded system of the chakras which expands on the seven primary for a total of 21 major chakras. Each chakra correlates to a mindset and station in consciousness. The 21 chakras are energetically divided and linked in five groups or gears that function as energetic routes or circuits.

SLUGGISH mode is the next lowest mind condition, 1st gear. A dull, lethargic, unmotivated, mildly depressed, dazed, couch-potato :) mind that snails along. A mind in 1st gear will be lazy and unwilling to do much. The TV remote will seem too far away. The mind will have low energy and be forgetful.

The mind will prefer to lounge around and in a dazed state. A sluggish mind only has partial awareness in waking reality. What is happening in the mode of a sluggish mind is a reviewing of memory impressions and unresolved emotions. it is a daydream like consciousness where the mind prefers a mild stupor.

The 1st gear is also the consciousness of mild alcohol and mild drug induced states. It is a blunted state where action requires more effort and energy.

Second gear is COMPULSIVE mode. A mind excited, energized and generally doing well. It's on the go in spurts. Focus is short and the mind is easily distracted. It has motivation to go fast but runs out of energy, forgets, gets distacted or changes direction too easily.

The compulsive mind derives a greater sense of accomplishment than the production of what it actually produces. It may be capable of rushing about like a whirlwind and doing a great number of tasks. However, the tasks, projects and goals will remained unfinished or will be completely in half attention. The 2nd gear of the mind pulls attention into many different directions. Oh look, a squirrel.

Higher vibrationally than that is third gear, a mind in FOCUSED mode. The mind is in a condition that is clear, sharp, calm, restained and productive through deep levels of concentration. It is quiet when unengaged and accomplishes whatever task is needed. Meditation is effortless.

Tasks for a focused mind are started and completed with one pointed attention. The focused mind is also capable of resting the mind in a sleep mode when unengaged. Therefore when the mind is activated it is sharper, faster, more aware and intelligent. It increases it's own capacity by expanded awareness of finer regions of the mind.

The focused mind works forward and backwards. It experiences consciousness distinct from awareness and frequently reaches the superconscious and bathes in that vibration.

The highest vibrational frequency the mind can be in is MASTERED mode. The mind in 4th gear is controlled, restrained and steeped in meditative consciousness. It's unable to be provoked. A deep awareness and continuous recognition is present that prevents it from slipping into a lower gear.

The mastered mind has consciousness that has a vantage point from the chakras above the head. Therefore it has much fuller awareness of life and it's possibilities. Because of that such a mind will also have the access to govern over life enemies in an unprecedented way.

Mastered mode has turbo gear, MASTER mode, a 5th gear to accomplished what seems unbelievable. A Master mind is a powerful force of exacting precision using whirlwind energy that radiates out enlivening energies all around you. It is the highest possibility for a human where consciousness merges in the superconsciousness and literally rebirths it's structure.

The master mind in 5th gear is a super rare being in our time. Hopefully with awareness, more mind will aspire to attain it. Consciousness literally merges into the energetic coverings outside of the physical body. Awareness is permanently altered working from the superconsciousness to the physical reality. That is opposed to consciousness with less maturity that functions from the physical reality and works toward consciousness.

What kind of mind you keep is the kind of mind you have. The Triadic Method establishes higher energies and trains the mind in a variety of skills to stabilize these energies, including attention, awareness and focus. It's your stick shift for changing into higher gear for a higher human possibility.

Detailed information can be found in 5 Mind Gears on Amazon.


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