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The Mind, a mysterious Force!

Updated on October 12, 2011

How to tame the Mind?

This is a subject which interests equally to psychologists, philosophers and spiritualists! The power of the mind is immeasurable. When the mind is quiescent, every thing is OK. But for most of the people, mind is a rude jumbo which can't be controlled so easily. Now i will tell the readers one concept about the mind which is spelled out in many metaphysical and spiritual texts. Mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts. It is the thoughts which give shape to the mind. If there are no thoughts, there is no mind. A small example. Here is a piece of cloth. How it acquired its form. It is woven by the threads in both the directions. The intermingling of the threads on both the directions gives the form to the cloth. Now, remove the threads one by one patiently. What happens ultimately? There is no form of cloth. Likewise our thoughts form a web like pattern which gives a subtle form to the mind. We have observed that thoughts always emanate without our own volition. We may be attending some tasks but still some random thoughts will arise which has no connection with the task in hand. Controlling the thought process is very difficult but diverting the thoughts is always possible with practice.

Mind is an instrument which need to be disciplined. In many scriptures it is written, our food and environment decide the pattern of thoughts. Especially those who want to tread spiritual path should be careful about their food habits. They should not eat spicy, hot and fried goods since these foods tend to induce our passions. By eating fish and animal foods, certain ferocious qualities will arise in us. Food that are sore, and the food refrigerated and used many hours after preparation tend to dull our intelligence and discriminating tendencies and it will induce sloth and sleep. Hence those who are on the path of spirituality may consume fruits, fresh vegetables, steamed food, whole grains, a little milk and curd. Green leaves and vegetables promotes in us human qualities like peace, brotherhood, non-violence etc. Hence the eating habits contribute much to the pattern of thoughts that arise. Whenever you get negative thought, slowly divert it to positive thoughts by remembering good days, counting our blessings instead of brooding over the lack of things.

There is a way to discipline the mind. If you try to control it, it will come out with more fury. Watch your thoughts in a disinterested manner. Usually what we do is to follow the thoughts and plan out a strategy to achieve a desire. Instead, do not do anything when thoughts arise. Simply watch them rise in the mind but do not follow them. Be indifferent to the thoughts. Initially, it would be difficult but with constant and consistent practice, we can become a 'witness' to our own thoughts. If you cultivate this particular practice, in coarse of time, thoughts will subside on its own or slow down. The mad rush of thoughts will definitely slow down and you will enjoy a strange peace! Secondly focus only on the Present moment. The secret is "Mind can not survive in the Present". Mind always owe its existence from the thoughts of past and plans of future. It will flee away from the present. A fly will sit on the eatable as well as in the dustbin. If it sees the fire, it won't go near it. Likewise the "Present" will not entertain the mind. Only after practicing this, we can learn the Truth. I can give you one more example. Everywhere, mothers feed their babies. What happens is that the babies will run ahead of the mother and mother will follow it to cajole the child to eat. The children finding that the mother is after them, runs here and there. If the mother stops a little and retrace her steps, the babies will start crying and follow suit. The mind too has to be treated in this pattern. As long as you follow the mind(thoughts) it will run ahead. If you stop following it but simply witness its stratagems, it will not wander again but will come back to you. Experiment this and write your experiences. Rest in next hub.

Shirdi and Parthi Saibaba!


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