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The Miracle of Life Part 1

Updated on January 2, 2014

Oh What a wonderful life

The Miracle of Life, Existence and Consciousness Part 1

In my heart of hearts, in my mind and my soul, I recognize that this world is a large and complex realm in which we humans live. There are numerous theories, philosophies, religions, schools of thought, and viewpoints. Presently, on planet Earth there are seven billion people, all unique and special; that means there are seven billion view points; because we all have a different perspective based on our own individual circumstance. My intention is that what I will now share with you, will help you to find your purpose in the world, or at least help you to find a greater peace in the world.

Ah, let us start with the great and grand miracle of life, that is, the fact that we exist, and we know we exist; therefore the miracle of life I (we if you agree) will call consciousness. The fact that we are aware of our existence is so profoundly stimulating to me that I have pleasure just attempting to comprehend what that means. Why is this thought so important? Why is this idea the first point that I will stress? I am calling this idea the original reference point (my reference point and your reference point). The moment that I became conscious that I exist, is the moment that my eyes opened, spiritually, mentally, and physically. I may not know when that exact moment was according to time, but I know it was the most important moment in my life.

This above may seem childish and insignificant; but children are honest, pure and simple, children are usually not complicated in their thinking so it is easier for them to get along with one another. This leads me to my next important idea, and that is all conscious life is a great and grand miracle, not just my own. Human Consciousness is why I strive to love, live, and work well with all. I recognize that there are seven billion people and I see them all as I see myself. I see us all having needs, and wants in the world. Necessities and desires are another important topic and I will address them in their own section.

Existence is beyond life, according to me (and you if you agree), because it encompasses the physical (animate and inanimate), mental (sane and insane), and spiritual (the life force with or without the body). From a scientific view point, the Universe is comprised of; galaxies or collections of stars, planets, and moons, comets, black holes etc., on the macro level; on the micro level neutrinos, protons, neutrons, electrons, atoms, and molecules etc. on a micro level. From a religious standpoint GOD (the creator of the Universe, or Generator, Operator and Destroyer) created all that we see and we know in any measurable form. The purpose of this writing is not to propose which view point is better; the goal is to share two different viewpoints that will eventually lead to the same conclusion.

Common core ideas among us, Needs, and Wants

In the previous portion of this writing I wrote about being conscious and recognizing consciousness in others. In this section I will write about two important ideas that will help a person to discover what their actual purpose is in life. The first concept I would like to share is a need or an item that one must have to keep body, mind and soul together; or an act that one must perform to keep body mind and soul together, or survive. The basic needs that are common to all human life are; nutrition and hydration or energy in, air, clothing and shelter and peace of being (good health physically, mentally and emotionally, having a balance relationship with one’s internal and external situation). I am going to hold and stress that this is all a human need to survive.

These basic or critical needs should be a grantee for all in a harmonious society. The consciousness of the group should have the understanding that life is a miracle and it should be protected, both on an individual level and as a group. This is the fundamental principle that should guide the behavior of people in a “civilized” world.

Now, a want I will describe as “anything that a person does not need to physically survive”. I will put forth that the highest human want is that of being happy. I acknowledge that some people will argue that happiness is a need, I will challenge that there are so many people in the world alive who are not happy that happiness is a strong desire not a need. If happiness were a need then these people would be physically dead. All other wants subordinate to the idea of being happy. In other want people only want the physical thing, or to commit to a physical or mental activity because they think it will make them happy. Love, Sex, Power, Money, Intelligence, Beauty, Fame and any material possession are only desired because the individual or the group believes that the previously mentioned will make them happy. These things can only bring temporary happiness or sense gratification, but not true happiness because they are easily taken away.

Here is a secret that if you take to hard it will relieve you of stress and anxiety, being happy with the fact that we know that life itself is a miracle, it is absolute truth, and it is permanent relative to our experience here on this planet, as long as our basic needs are met we are able to be happy within ourselves and that cannot be taken away. Hm, I detect that some of you are raising your eyebrows right now, that is ok. If you doubt me, please reread what a need is, then determine if you have everything that you need to live physically. Once you have everything that you need, go to a quiet place and focus on how great it is to exist, how much of a miracle it is to exist. If you find the same joy in this line of thinking that I do then you will know what I mean, if not then focus on time in your life when you have experienced happiness and enjoy those thoughts; either way you should be able to find inner happiness for a moment and you did not need any want to get you to the point of happiness.

The summation of this portion of the writing is that as long as we have all our basic needs, we have the power within ourselves to be happy. Let me stress that, we have the power in ourselves to be happy. Material things may bring us temporary happiness; however, knowing that existence is a miracle and that we are part of this miracle of life is so powerful that this knowledge has the power to put us in a blissful state of being.



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