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The Miracle of the Healing of Peter's Mother-in-Law

Updated on October 3, 2009
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Rebecca Graf is a seasoned writer with nearly a decade of experience and degrees in accounting, history, and creative writing.

Jesus performed countless numbers of miracles. In fact, scripture states that no amount of books could contain the documentation of them all. He healed many people. He raised them from the dead. He drove out demons. No situation was exactly the same except for the fact that someone was in need.

One miracle in particular stands out. Though it is small in space taken in recording the episode, it holds much for us to learn.

Lesson in Gratitude

In Mark 1:29-31, Matthew 8:14-15, and Luke 4:38-39, it is written that Jesus and the disciples went to the house of Peter and Andrew after church (synagogue) one day. This probably was not an unusual event. Even today we might go and hang out with friends after church. It is a time of fellowship and bonding. But this particular day was a little bit different.

This time when the men entered the house, the women came forward and told Peter that his mother-in-law was laid up with a fever. We know that having a fever is not always life threatening, but any fever can put you into bed for a spell. It can weaken you and is usually a sign of infection somewhere in the body. Upon hearing of her illness, Jesus went straight to her.

Let’s look at something here about the way Jesus responded. He did not stop and ask the details. He did not ask how high the temperature was. It was just high. He did not ask where the infection was. To get the bottom line of it, that was not important. The fact that she was in need was the most important thing. The SOS was raised and the marines came to the rescue.

When Jesus approached her, He did it personally. God doesn’t have to DO anything to heal. All He has to do is THINK and the act will be done. But He deliberately made it personal. He walked right up to the woman. She was not a priest. She was not a member of the royal family. She was just the mother of Peter’s wife. But that did not stop the Lord. He walked up to her, touched her hand, and ordered the fever to leave.

What a wonderful doctor to have! One that has complete control over all illnesses. A doctor that can just order the illness away. That is amazing. But that is exactly what Jesus did. He ordered the physical infection to leave her body, and it did. He does that every day with the spiritual infections in our soul. We come to Him with our weaknesses, our sins, our addictions, our failures and He commands them to leave. He is the Great Physician!

What happens next is something that usually gets overlooked. The illness leaves upon His command and the woman rises. She has regained her FULL strength and then serves Jesus and the disciples. She could have continued lying on the bed to make sure that all was well. She could have allowed her daughter to minister to her and relax. But she did not. She got straight up from the sick bed and began to serve food to the men. What gratitude!

What do we do when our prayers are answered and a need is met? What do we do as relief sets in and our mind is not focused on the pain anymore? Do you jump for joy and then go about our activities as though nothing happened? Do we linger in sympathy? Or do we begin to look for ways to serve God and express our gratitude?

Good health is a blessing. God gives us good health to service Him and grow the Kingdom. But like most blessings we squander them. We all have moments of sickness and times of recuperation. What do we do when we are healed? How do we say thank you?


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    • jesusmyjoy profile image

      Betty Bolden 8 years ago from Bucyrus Ohio

      God is so good thank you for this