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The Miss That Is Found In Christmns.

Updated on November 26, 2009



Christmas draws near
falling over us all
like crystallized snowflakes
their patterns never repeated
but always so beautiful.

Even a street person
feels such lovely emotions
on Christmas eve
as he lies on a park bench
while it snows high above him.

The onrushing flakes
making it seem as if
he's falling heavenward
to that home for
all homeless eventually
but for now ......

His belly is full of the
annual Holiday freebies
served up at the shelter
that was still too full
to take him inn for the night.

Like baby Jesus
he is left out in the cold.

He reflects on his Mom
and the precious
years of his youth
as snowflakes melt
on his cheeks
intermingled with
gravy stains and
biscuit crumbs.
His Dad comes to mind too
because he'd always said,
"Work hard son,
so ya don't end up a bum."

"Sorry Dad." he whispers.

The e-con-omy was a con
downsizing men until
they were smaller then
the few coins now left
in his pocket.

It turned many men
into smaller then life
wizened elves
living in dank subways
and working the massive crowds
gathering charity
from just a generous few.

Oh...he would work for Santa
if it was a real job
he'd build those toys
until his fingers were raw.

It's so much better
then mooching and hearing
the cries of "Get a job."
"I aint supporting
your booze habits."
"Filthy bum, go away
before I call the cops."

And the words didn't hurt
as half as bad as the looks.

But twice as painful were
the folks who never looked
at him at all,
just passing by in droves,
snuggled in wool coats,
and hats, and gloves
carrying packages,
and income home to
warm windows full
of family and love.

Sleep at long
last finds him
but dreams of sugarplums
are not on the matinee
of his regular nightmares.

He shivers as
Christmas draws nearer
like a crystallized snowflake
its patterns never repeated
but always so beautiful.

Even as it blends
with the frozen tear
that hangs suspended
like a sparkling
ornament on his
stubbled cheek.


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    • ubanichijioke profile image

      Alexander Thandi Ubani 

      7 years ago from Lagos

      I like the sarcasm. You captured the mind of some who suffer[under the cold as a result of bad government or their own inadequacies and laziness] while others enjoy under the warm comfort of a family home. Well that is life. Great piece.


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