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The Misunderstanding About Faith

Updated on February 12, 2012

Myths About Faith

Understanding Faith

As I grew up I heard on the radio and TV on Sunday mornings a lot about healing and faith. As I grew older and begun to think for my self I developed a different phylosophy about faith and healing. It has been my belief that nature is responsible for the creation. It has been interpreted in many different ways thus the creation of many religions. In lots of religious practices, modern day and in very early times that the creation of faith healing was born.

Just what is faith healing and just blind faith itself? I had been reading a book about faith healing and the subcounscious mind of which I found myself fighting with the author all the time. I simply just could not agree upon what he was saying. Nature, however you percieve it, does have an order and a purpose and everything falls within that category. The movememt of the planets, evolution, the weather, plate movement within the earh, etc. Man, through his technology can often disrupt the normal course of nature. Such as drilling explosions, the destrutcion of war, overuse of the soil, adding dangerous chemicals and so fourth.

What we often fail to remember is that the body goes through normal changes that are also interrupted by means of abuse through drugs, alcohol, physical abuse and mental abuse as well not to forget crime and accidents. It is my belief that if not interrupted by bad practices or misfurtune the body has its own life cycle.

When a person becomes sick or hurt or is born with a mental or physical handicap, it may or may not be repairable depending upon the extent of the problem and the scientific knowhow. Thus enters faith and healing. First lets discuss how faith works. Faith is simply a belief in something that will eather happen or will work to your advantage. Faith alone will not get anything accomplished. Faith is just the process in which the wheels begin to turn so to speak. You think of an idea and you have reasons that to you make since as to why it will succeed. The second step is that it has been tried before and it worked or there has been a reason to believe that it could have worked after it has been studied as to why it failed. For example the space shuttle had worked many times but it failed. After finding out what made it fail the problems were ironed out to cause officials to believe it could fly again. So faith is cofindence that something will happen, reasoning that causes one to believe it can happen and trial and error and success in the past.

The Myths about faith healing.

As I said faith alone is just a belief. That is what puts things into motion. Another word for faith would be confidence. Faith alone will not heal you of cancer. Let's take the case of the famous byciclest Lance Armstrong. It was determiination that unleashed his faith as well as the financial ability to get help from the Doctors who supported his belief that he could be cured of almost 100 percent incurable testicular cancer. With agressive treatment he became cured. It was not faith alone that cured him. If that had been all he had had he would have died. On the other hand if he had given up he would have died also. So his faith caused him to seek out logical ways to help him become cured whcih caused him to seek out resources to help him along with people who were willing to listen to him. Would you agree that is a reasonable asseessment?

The interruption process.

Lack of faith that you will overcome a situation causes doubt, fear and anxiety. This process causes stress upon the body affecting the indocrine system and the nervous system. Even if you cannot solve a problem if you lack the above things that I mentioned you will not make your situation worse by bringing stress upon yourself. So as you begin to understand my point you see that if there is no solution you live wth your problem much longer than you could if you had no stress even if you will fail in the end. On the other hand if there is a real possible, workable solution to your problem by overcoming stress you may solve it sooner and more efficiantly or fail to solve it at all and live with it longer. In that way faith helps in the healing process.

People who act simply on faith alone are being mislead and misguided. If your enemy wants to do you harm your faith alone will not stop him. On the other hand if he has some compassion and doubts within him or herself, you may convince him through just plain pleading, or prayer. The other way you would have a reasonable assessment for thinking that you could stop him.The other thing would be just a change in mind or a mishap. So through these statements that I have made you can either live with an unsolvable problem longer through false faith or you could really find a solution through belief in your reasoning, trial and error, or past successes.

If you stop taking your Diabetic medication on blind faith alone you're being foolish. On the other hand if your Doctor told you that through diet and exercise you could remove your medication and you trusted in what has been proven to work for others your act may be reasonably sinsable.

For those who contiinue to believe you can be healed by blind faith or have major problems solved by blind faith let me give you one more example. A small child who loves his mother and father believes that they will protect him no matter what and cling, mostly to their mother because she is the one mostly around, so if that child were born without eyes and his mother told him that this man would pray for him and he would see he would undoubtingly believe her. We know, however without eyes he will never see.

So in conclusion and summery we have learned that faith can help you survive longer in a situation in that you do not interrupt your body with panic caused by doubt and fear and if you blocked out fear and doubt, a problem given the chance could be solved if at all possible. One more example would be the pilot who successfully landed in the hudson river. His belief and faith allowed him to calmly work out a solution and given the time he solved the problem with some injuries but no deaths..

Don't be mislead by false beliefs and securities. Seek out ways to overcome your obsticles and gain a solution.


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