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The Mosque and US.

Updated on August 18, 2010

Should it be built or should it not?

New Yorkers have been tolerant in accepting almost all kinds of ideologies; and any type of ideology could be regarded as being religious, since someone would hold dear to it; such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc. However, that should not be the issue here.

The World Trade Center twin towers were demolished by none other than Islamist fanatics; and the question was, why?

Now, the same people (and nobody could deny that they were not) would want to build a mosque in or near the place where the towers once stood. "We would replace something with something better.", would be what the sponsors of the mosque at Ground Zero; the new name for the vicinity; would be saying.

How demonstrative of an ideology? What a paradox? What a contrast?

The mosque would also serve as a community center; and so Muslims would be milling around the neighborhood for many years to come.

How insensitive to the families whose loved ones suffered death on 9/11, as the dastardly deed of Muslim fanaticism has come to be known.

The issue before the New York City Council now should be crystal clear. Was there any good reason to allow the mosque to be built? Probably. However, should it be built near Ground Zero? The answer should not be far fetched. It would be an insult to all the people of New York City; and therefore it (answer) should categorically be a resounding NO.

New Yorkers could be tolerant, but not to the extent of permitting Muslims to foist their ideology on them in such an arbitarily fashion.


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