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Alien Abductions & UFO Sightings: 5 Of The Most Compelling & Peculiar Incidents & Evidence

Updated on May 8, 2014
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Marc Hubs is a writer/researcher on mind, science, and conspiracy. He is the author of "Know Your Enemy: Reflections of NPD."


Kelly Cahill 1993

The Kelly Cahill alien abduction, which allegedly occurred in 1993, is one of the most remarkable alien abduction incidents to ever be reported and there is an astounding amount of corroborating independent witness testimony, which suggests that there is at least some truth to the incident.

In August 1993, Kelly Cahill, her husband and their three children were in their vehicle driving home when they had a peculiar experience which links back, via records from the town of Leicester in England, to an extremely similar 1928 incident.*

* According to records, in 1928 in the same location, an unidentified craft and it's occupants (the description of which was identical) were seen in a field. Leicester's records actually date back to 1706 when a bright yellow and white ball were witnessed descending towards the ground. The next day a strange fireball was witnessed which released another smaller object which made an electrical sound.

It should be noted that claims of alien abduction are rare in England.

During their drive home the Cahills sighted a lit up object in the sky which looked like a circular craft with what appeared to be windows or portholes around it. The object was so close, hovering above the road, that Kelly Cahill believed she could see people, or beings, inside the craft through the windows.

Kelly started to scream to her husband about the people she could see inside the craft and as she did, the craft suddenly shot off to the left at high speed and disappeared. Later, further through their journey on their way home, the Cahills once again came across another light in the sky, only this time the light was so immensely bright that it nearly blinded them. Kelly asked her husband what he was going to do, to which he replied "I am going to keep on driving".

As the bright light started to fade away, Kelly found herself feeling extremely calm and relaxed and, once again, asked her husband what had happened and if she had blacked out. He didn't reply and quietly drove his family home to safety. Upon their arrival at their home, Kelly could smell vomit and felt like something wasn't right. Indeed an hour of time had seemed to disappear somewhere along the line.

Clues Left Behind?

When Kelly undressed for bed that night she noticed a small triangular mark on her navel.

For the next two weeks Kelly suffered from general malaise, severe stomach pain and a uterine infection. Over the following weeks fragmented memories of what happened during the experience started to come back to Kelly, without any help, counseling or regressive hypnosis whatsoever.

Eventually she remembered finer details of the experience and claimed that the object they had seen was 150-ft in diameter, hovering over a gully and her husband had parked the car and both of them had walked towards the object as though they were somehow being subconsciously drawn to it. As they were drawn towards the craft they noticed that another car with people sat inside was also parked at the side of the road.

As they continued towards the unknown craft they suddenly sighted an extremely strange looking being, who she described as being black but not black in colour - it was as though all matter had been removed from it's presence - and she later described it as "having no soul".

After seeing the first entity she went on to sight "heaps of them" and described them as being 7-ft tall and having big red eyes like a fly has. Suddenly, the beings congregated into small groups and some of them swiftly started to glide towards Kelly and her husband while another group glided towards the other car, which was parked at the side of the road.

Kelly felt scared and could sense evil so she clung to her husband before screaming out "leave us alone". Despite her fear she seemed to be receiving telepathic messages from the beings claiming that they were good people and would not hurt her.

She remembered passing out then awaking inside the car. Later she recalled having the experience of lying down on her back whilst one of the beings leaned over her, as though he was "kissing" her naval (or possibly implanting something there?).

The Kelly Cahill Incident 1993

Corroborating Testimony

Rather remarkably, the occupants who had been sat in the other car during the experience, came forward to corroborate Kelly Cahill's testimony and told an almost identical story. Even more amazingly, they told how they also saw a third car parked at the side of the road during the incident.

Later, investigators came to the conclusion that the first two cars were parked with their headlights switched off whereas the third car was parked with the headlights still on, which is what allowed Kelly Cahill to spot the second car (she didn't see the third). However, the witness in the third car has not yet been found.

No evidence of any kind of collaboration, contact or elaboration with the other witnesses who were present during the experience has ever been found. Although Kelly Cahill found out about the other witnesses, the other witnesses had no idea who Kelly was or that she was there during the experience. Kelly tried to find out their names but this was refused in order to maintain the authenticity of the testimony.

The other group of witnesses did not find out what was contained in Kelly Cahill's testimony until after the investigation was complete. They have not tried to contact her since. Not long after the incident Kelly Cahill's conscious recollection of the experience started to fade away, despite detailed discussions which had taken place about the incident in the weeks prior. This seems odd considering that Kelly has vivid memories going back to as early as when she was just two years old.

Researchers and investigators have not yet managed to either prove or disprove the incident and it is considered to be one of the most genuine cases by the UFO community. The details are extremely similar to the abduction of Travis Walton in 1975 in that both of them were thrown back by a beam during their experiences, which was emanating from the crafts. Walton now believes that his abduction was not an abduction as such but that he was taken aboard the craft after being hit by the beam in order to ensure he was in good health before being released.

All available witnesses to the incident were asked to independently draw images of the object and the beings they had seen. They all sketched images which were virtually identical. As it turned out, although the other witnesses were not willing to appear on television, they did testify to having an almost identical abduction experience whereby they seemed to have been taken aboard the craft and found themselves laying on their backs with the beings leaning over them, just as in Cahill's testimony.

Physical Evidence

In addition to the remarkable corroborating testimony, photographic evidence was taken of the marks and scars which had been left on the other two witnesses bodies after the incident. Investigators also went to the scene of the incident and took soil samples which showed peculiar anomalies, such as unusual magnetic anomalies and chemical changes to the soil.

Samples were independently analyzed by two separate laboratories and both laboratories confirmed that the samples contained an above average sulphur content, a rare chemical compound called Pyrene and tannic acid in addition to the magnetic anomalies. All of it was found within a crescent shaped indentation at the exact location where all witnesses claim the incident occurred.

Westall School(s) 1966

Westall School(s) 1966

In April 1966 a remarkable incident happened which was witnessed by teachers and school students from two separate schools in Westall, Australia. A silver saucer-shaped object estimated to be twice the size of a family car was witnessed multiple times during the incident, starting at Westall High School (now Westall Comprehensive School).

The saucer-shaped object then disappeared from view as it landed into a paddock at The Grange, right in front of Westall State (primary) school. With now as many as 200 eye-witnesses, the object took off and headed to the North West at high speed, before being pursued by five unidentified aircraft.

Immediately after the incident, Westall High School organized a special assembly of all school students and teachers, who were urged not to talk about the incident. As part of a 2009 documentary, the headmaster of the school came forward and claimed that, at the time, he had been prepped to inform all students that what they had seen didn't exist, it was not real.

He claims that he was not allowed to leave the school premises and had to walk the corridors to ensure that all students were present and in their rooms. He also claims that during his patrolling of the corridors, he witnessed some kind of argument between two staff members of the school and a man he had never seen before. The man was seen taking one of the school staff member's camera's from her and confiscating it.

Press Coverage

As it turns out, the press had managed to find out about the incident and some of the pupils and staff had been interviewed. According to the testimony, most footage was confiscated and everyone was ordered to go home by the unidentified authority that was present (military?). However, some evidence of the incident managed to slip through the net. Further investigation uncovered press coverage of the incident via Channel 9 whereby one pupil had been interviewed - the pupil received detention from the school for discussing the incident. However, investigators soon found out that Channel 9's footage of the interview had mysteriously gone missing from their archives.

Eventually, coverage of the incident was successfully uncovered in the Dandenong Journal. Independent investigators also caught up with many pupils from the school, who experienced the incident. They all confirmed that they know what they saw and that what they saw that day was very real. One former student underwent regressive hypnosis and remembered seeing beings (people) but could not recall clearly enough what they looked like. Other reports from investigations show that some witnesses saw floating alien beings entering the top of the craft.

Corroborating Testimony

After campaigning for more potential eyewitnesses to the incident, a call was received from a local gardener who had witnessed the object. He claims that at first he didn't really believe that what he was seeing was genuine and maybe even thought that somebody was using some kind of technology to project the image into the sky.

He claims that him and his boss watched the object for a few minutes and that approximately 20 minutes after it disappeared army trucks arrived at the scene - a couple of trucks and a couple of jeeps and many people in uniform. It was later discovered that other people in uniform were also seen at the site.

Les Medew, an apprentice mechanic, and his younger sister went to The Grange at the time of the incident. He claims that him and his sister were crouched down hiding behind tree branches watching what was going on. He claims that they observed two army trucks and two men in camouflage in addition to two men in blue uniforms. One of them seemed to be using a device like a metal detector (geiger counter) walking around sweeping it back and forth.

After a while they stopped at one place in the field and started mysteriously kicking their feet at the ground. Les Medew and his sister waited until the men had finished their operation and left the field before proceeding to take a look. They discovered what looked like some kind of crop circle which the men had apparently tried to cover up.

The uniforms described by witnesses matches only that of the US Air Force, who were known to have a presence in Westall at the time, due to their efforts in the Vietnam war. Later, the only documented evidence of the incident that researchers could uncover was a couple of photographs and the testimony of one student; Joy Tae. Unsuccessful attempts were also made to find the 5 pilots who chased after the object but nobody came forward.

Peter Khoury 1988

Peter Khoury has had many peculiar experiences throughout his life, starting when he was just seven years old (in 1971). Peter and his friends had gone up to the flat rooftop of his neighbour's house to play outside. He was the last person through the door and was stunned to see his seven friends frozen like statues whilst an egg-shaped craft hovered above.

Later, all of them found themselves on the ground floor with no memory of the event (except Peter) yet several hours had passed. Later, in 1988 Peter and his wife were driving home when they sighted a lit up object in the sky performing unusual maneouvres, as though it was dancing with a white beam of light which was also present.

Four months later Peter had an abduction experience. He was laying on his bed when suddenly he felt a strange sensation starting from his feet and gradually moving up through his body, paralyzing him. The only part of his body he could move was his eyes and he started seeing many beings surrounding him. One of them inserted what looked like a hypodermic needle into the side of his head and he blacked out.

After waking he went into the front room to find his brother had fallen asleep which was unusual, he didn't often sleep through the day. His brother claimed that he had felt "switched off". They both noticed that several hours had passed and Peter's brother noticed that there was dry blood and what looked like biopsy marks on the side of his head. In fact, much photographic evidence of similar marks have been taken at various periods through Khoury's life, some of which have been documented.

Later, in 1992, Peter had another extraordinary alien abduction experience when he awoke to find two female alien entities sat on his bed. One of them had pulled Peter's head towards her breast but due to the fear he was experiencing, Peter bit on her nipple and a bit of it came off in his mouth, which he inadvertently swallowed. She seemed confused and looked at the other entity present as though she was suggesting that things weren't supposed to happen this way.

Due to swallowing a piece of her nipple, Peter started coughing hysterically and went to the bathroom to get a drink of water. He then went to toilet to discover a hair which was wrapped tightly around his foreskin causing him severe discomfort. He removed the hair and placed it in a sealed plastic bag.

Peter Khoury later supplied the hair to Bill Chalker, who set up a team (APEG) who would perform the world's first PCR DNA analysis of a biological alien hair sample. Several anomalies were found in the hair, including deletion of the CCR-5 protein which is implicated in AIDS resistance. Further unexpected anomalies were also discovered.

Read the full story here:

Independent Investigation

Further research shows that four days before the Westall incident occurred, a citizen had taken a photograph from his back garden of an unidentified flying object which matched the description of the object seen during the Westall incident. Additionally another witness, Ron Sullivan, had also sighted a lit up object in the sky two days later, two days before the Westall incident.

Ron Sullivan claims that as he was driving past in his car, he could see the object lit up which seemed to be having a magnetic effect on his car, which was being pulled to the right side of the road causing him to nearly crash into a tree. He reported the incident only after he had found out that a young man had died just two nights earlier by crashing into the very same tree that he narrowly missed.

After the incident Ron Sullivan received a visit from an Air Force officer who came to examine his car. He asked the officer to let him know if they found anything out but he never heard from them again. Initially, no official documentation could be found of the reports of the incident and it took a further 16 years before records of the incident were made available to UFO researchers.

Disclosure Australia Project's team spent a great deal of effort looking for documents about the Westall incident and searched the archives of the Air Force, the Air Board within the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Civil Aviation, Air Safety Bureau, CSRO, ACIO and many more but found nothing even remotely related to the Westall incident. Despite the overwhelming amount of eyewitnesses (numbering in the hundreds) and the death of one young man there was no evidence of anything ever being reported within the government files.

Later, during investigation and campaigning for witnesses, another witness, Kevin Hurley, came forward. Kevin had witnessed circles which had been left on the ground after the incident and had gone back the next day for another look. Kevin claims that when he arrived at the paddock there were a load of Army and Air Force officers present who refused them access to the area without reason. He also claims that he saw them with what appeared to be geiger counters.

When he went back to take a look the next day, Kevin found that the grass had been cut and the area where the (crop) circles had been had been burned, destroying all evidence.

Professor James McDonald of the University of Arizona searched for statistical data and his research took him to Australia one year after the incident. Independent investigators managed to obtain his research from the university. Amongst the papers was a DVD of a presentation featuring a talk by one of the teachers from the school, which uncovered overwhelming details and corroborating evidence of how the incident was suppressed by the authorities.

Upon contacting him, the teacher (Andrew Greenwood) claimed that he had received a visit from two officers who threatened him under the official secrets act. They told him that he couldn't have seen a flying saucer because they don't exist and threatened to spread rumours of him being an alcoholic, even though he wasn't.

Professor James McDonald went on to predict that high altitude aircraft would cause damage to the O-zone layer and increase the risk of skin cancer. Despite being invited to address the US congress he was ridiculed by a congressman who was present, who ridiculed McDonald for believing in flying saucers and little green men.

Due to trying to bring about open scientific study of the UFO phenomenon and ending up being humiliated and ridiculed, Professor James McDonald tragically took his own life.

Ariel School 1994

In September 1994 a UFO was sighted in the skies of South Africa by multiple witnesses and two days later an extraordinary incident happened at Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe. As many as 62 school children, all attendees of Ariel School, witnessed a UFO land and watched strange beings emerge from the craft.

Highly reputable child psychiatrist, the late Dr. John E. Mack, investigated the incident, as did the highly respected UFO researcher, the late Cynthia Hind. Dr. Mack interviewed each and every child separately and confirmed that there was no evidence that any of the children had fabricated the story or had experienced any kind of mass delusion or hallucination.

Dr. Mack also asked each child to independently draw pictures of what they had seen. All 62 of them drew images which were virtually identical. The children were aged between six to twelve years old at the time and none of them had been exposed to media exposure on the topic of UFO's, it was not a familiar subject to them.

One child claimed that whilst they were observing the alien entities, one of them noticed them and turned to look and seemed surprised to see them. She claims that she then received telepathic communication from the alien entity who told her that he was concerned about the welfare of our planet and the damage we are doing to it.

The research that was carried out by Cynthia Hind and Dr. Mack was filmed, including the children's testimonies and the drawings that they made. The footage features as part of a documentary entitled Experiencers, whereby Dr. Mack also spent 10 years studying the alien abduction phenomenon with 200 people who had been experiencing alien abductions.

Dr. Mack died in 2004, some say under suspicious circumstances, after being run over by a drunk driver. Many years later, the John E. Mack Institute located and contacted the children, now adults, who had witnessed the incident and all of them who could be contacted (everyone except two people) confirmed that what they saw that day was a very real incident and was not a fabrication or hoax.

The John E. Mack Institute are now in the process of making a new and up-to-date documentary featuring new witness testimony, some of which was taken just after the incident occurred but has never been released. New witness testimony from the children, now adults, has also been filmed, some of which features in the video alongside.

Ariel School Research

Contains Real Footage

Varginha, Brazil 1996

In January 1996 an unidentified object was detected by the US military coming into Earth's atmosphere from space and heading towards the Varginha area in Brazil. The US then contacted the Brazilian military in order to notify them of the incoming object.

Many of the locals in the area then witnessed several unidentified flying objects in the area and unbelievable video evidence of the incident was even recorded by locals, some of which features at the beginning of the video alongside. The video also features Nick Pope, formerly of UK's MoD (Ministry of Defense), back before he started coming clean, trying to potentially debunk the incident. Rather unusually, he later admits that an extraterrestrial presence is undoubtedly and unequivocally engaging the human race.

It was also reported that one of the unidentified objects crashed in a field in Varginha and the Brazilian military soon arrived at the scene. Rumours started to circulate that alien bodies had been recovered from the crash by the military and it was suggested that as many as six live aliens may have been captured.

In total, there were over 100 eyewitnesses who all claimed they had seen beings or creatures at the crash site and all of their descriptions were identical. According to eyewitness testimony, one of the creatures was wrapped in some kind of net and placed inside a wooden crate before being handed over to the military.

There was also allegedly an extremely strong smell of ammonia at the crash site which caused some witnesses difficulty breathing and the creatures were described as being between 3-4 ft. tall, very ugly with huge red eyes, three fingers and very long nails with three horns on their head - not literally horns but there were three bumps on their heads that were raised and looked like horns. Some witnesses believed the creatures were aliens, some believed they were some kind of genetic experiment and others who had seen one of the creatures even believed it was the devil's son.

Later, many of the military officials who were involved in the incident came forward to provide first-hand eyewitness testimony that the bodies of strange beings had indeed been recovered from the crash - the very people from the Brazilian military who had retrieved the bodies and placed them in the crates. One soldier was telephone interviewed for the video alongside and claimed that he escorted one of the creatures to the hospital.

The soldier claims he guarded one of the creatures at the hospital while doctors were examining the creature. He also claims that there was a strong smell of ammonia which he said was "disgusting" and that his superiors were extremely worried that there was a risk of catching disease from the creature. According to his testimony the creature died in hospital.

Just seven hours later, three girls came forward claiming that they had seen an unusual creature. Their descriptions fitted that of the creatures that had been seen at the crash site. They also said that they could sense that the creature was suffering. One girl claimed that she saw "the devil". Later, an English lawyer also came forward who had witnessed what happened at the crash site. She claimed that she had heard an explosion and that the military had arrived at the scene within between five to six minutes.

A few weeks later a soldier that had been at the crash site at the time of the incident died from unknown toxic poisoning, possibly from contact with one of the creatures. The doctors claimed that an autopsy was not necessary and ordered that the body be buried immediately but medical records which were eventually obtained showed that the soldier's blood contained 8% unknown toxic substances. One of the firefighters who had been involved in the incident also died from toxic poisoning.

All materials from the crash site were flown out of the country within a few days in an unmarked transport plane. A few weeks later, once again, one of the unusual creatures was sighted at a zoo in Varginha by an old age pensioner. Her description of the creature matched the description of the witnesses of the Varginha crash site. She explained that the creature seemed to be emanating some kind of red light from it's eyes which is what allowed her to be able to see it in the dark.

* Book by this author in progress: Secrets Behind The UFO Disclosure Movement

By Sparkster

© 2013 Sparkster Publishing


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    • DarkMysteries profile image

      Dark Mysteries 7 months ago from Brighton

      Very good article :) for me, the Travis Walton case impresses me. Not because of the sighting, but the fact that not one of the witnesses have come forward to say the whole thing was a hoax. It is not like they were all close, because they were not.

      Skeptics have said that the reason why they made all this up, was because they were falling behind on schedule, and knew they could not finish the job. This does not make sense because that was down to Mike Rodgers and not the others.

      It is a very compelling case.

    • Brian Langston profile image

      Brian Langston 2 years ago from Languedoc Roussillon

      A fascinating hub although I was a little puzzled at the Leicester reference to the Cahill case which I believed took place in Australia.

    • lolontka profile image

      Lolontka 2 years ago from Buckinghamshire, UK

      I love the detail in this hub. It's fascinating and totally inspiring to think aliens are interacting with us. It's also very scary as we are dealing with the unknown. The sooner we humans mature spiritually and accept, even welcome positive alien intervention, the better. I can see history books in the far future referring back to the days/weeks when the earth leapt forward dramatically into an Age of Enlightenment. The alien races could of course make themselves much more known to the people of this world but are holding back. It can't be for fear of our weapons so what is keeping them? I would like to think that there is benign intent, watching, protecting even nurturing to a degree. It has to be so otherwise we would have either been destroyed or more likely destroyed ourselves by now.

    • sparkster profile image

      Sparkster Publishing 3 years ago from United Kingdom

      I believe most of it was documented by scientist Bill Chalker (as with the Peter Khoury incident) and Disclosure Project Australia. Official medical records of the witnesses were also corrorborated. Australia seem to be much more open about these incidents than the US or UK.

    • profile image

      nsurround 3 years ago

      In regards to the Kelly Cahill case it would be nice to know who documented the corroborative witnesses evidence and details. Where is the report on this? Otherwise it is just a Kelly Cahill story with no publicly known and documented corroborative evidence.Can anyone shed some light on this?

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 3 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      How could I possibly explain all the information I currently possess with a person that has a limited narrow minded paradigm. After all I came by this information slowly over the course of fifty years and so was able to assimilate it into my thinking gradually. Although I did have an epiphany about five years ago, which literally rocked me to my core, I almost instantly became aware that I couldn't share it with anyone because no one would believe me.

      The only way anyone on this planet will ever change their belief system or have a spiritual awakening is to discover the information on their own. But because cognitive dissonance (contempt prior to investigation) has been conditioned into the human psyche for so long, it is rare to find humans willing to do this without a life altering experience to initiate it.

      This is what I find to be the most frustrating aspect of being the kind of writers we are. Talking to you Sparkster is like 'preaching to the choir' because I don't have to explain myself, it is incredibly refreshing and inspiring.

      Personally I feel that the reason behind so many UFOs being seen around water is that 1.) they don't have to cloak themselves, just fly beneath the waves and 2.) their main base is Hollow Earth and many tunnels that lead directly to Hollow Earth come out on the ocean floor and vice versa. 3.) what better place to remain unobserved than on the ocean floor or in water where humans rarely go.

      What most people don't recognize is that Aliens are waiting/hoping for and trying to educate the majority of Earth citizens to develop the spiritual awakening necessary for them to accept the Alien presence without freaking out.

      They have nothing to prove it is the people of Earth that have something to prove!

      When will we wake up and realize it is time to throw off the yoke of ignorance that enslaves us?

    • sparkster profile image

      Sparkster Publishing 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Excellent comment, thank you, you seem healthily skeptical but also open-minded, which is good. Personally I don't think faster than light travel is necessary - with our current understanding of astrophysics 40-lightyears can be done in six months. Purple Mountain Observatory in China claim to have observed ET craft traveling at 80% the speed of light. That's not to say that you wouldn't be splattered to death from the inertia if you did manage to accomplish that kind of speed but there are other factors which need to come into play such as the way these craft manipulate the gravity surrounding them allowing for stable environment inside of the craft.

      Alternatively, the craft might not have necessarily needed high speed, they could have been on a journey for tens of thousands of years through space allowing for vast distances. Of course, this would require a major operation on-board but it's certainly possible.

      I came out fairly recently about my UFO/alien experiences, so I don't really have any option to believe - for me, it's not a choice. For others, I completely understand that it's difficult to accept, I was highly skeptical for many many years.

    • adh071185 profile image

      Aaron 4 years ago from Southern United States

      Very interesting hub with some neat facts and evidence. I have a real reputation as a doubting Thomas when it comes to things like this.

      While the law of probability would state that in an infinite universe there are undoubtedly thousands of sentient species I am dubious that the human race has made any sort of contact with them.

      I would imagine that a race intelligent enough to develop faster than light travel would be so far above us intellectually that it would be the equivalent of a men talking to single cell organisms.

      Do human scientists study such organisms? Absolutely but as a rule they do not communicate with them in any measureable way.

      I heard an interesting theory that while as I mentioned above the laws of probability would indicate the existence of intelligent space faring species their interest in the earth would be more of a inter-galactic pit stop for resources.

      This would make sense seeing that the instances of planets with conditions favoring sentient life would be few and far between relatively speaking.

      This whole argument of course depends on whether faster than light travel is even possible. This is a matter of debate especially when you consider scientific principles such as conservation of mass, time dilation, and inertia.

      I would never say that these events are impossible that would be arrogant and ignorant all rolled into a near package. However I think I'll remain dubious until I can reach out and touch one for myself.

      Thanks for the hub it was very good reading.

    • profile image

      JoBo42 4 years ago

      that is some weird and creepy stuff.