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The Most Important Journey You'll Ever Take

Updated on January 5, 2018

It is said that the longest journey you will ever take is from your head to your heart, and I concur. I come from a society that is disconnected at its core, where the people are more concerned about how they look than the welfare of their loved ones or with the world in general. I come from a society where the majority of people don't live up to their full potential; where the children are taught from a young age what to think, not how to think. I come from a society that is of a sociopathic mindset; one that lacks empathy, not only for others but first and foremost for themselves.

I come from a society where it is frowned upon to show your true emotions. Instead, we are taught that no one cares how we feel, and that it is best for us to bury them deep inside so we don't upset the ones around us. And then a day comes when we can no longer function in our disconnected society. And when that day comes when the walls of our psyche finally start to unravel, we are prescribed a little blue pill that numbs us even further from the pain of the fact that something deep down inside of us is very wrong.

This society is currently at war with their president, who in every form represents what we really are; a society of emotionally disconnected narcissists.

Just like any group of people, it is not our fault for how we are. We all started off as infants, new to the world with new eyes to see; a fresh new perspective and a wide-open heart. But then life happened, and we were quickly brought up to believe that our country was the world's most powerful country. We learned to praise our authorities and to believe the promising words we were told. We were taught that our status quo and all the materialistic items would bring us happiness. But none of that is true.

What my society lacks is knowledge of self. We have learned to shut ourselves off, and build very sturdy walls around our hearts so we do not get hurt. That wall, unfortunately, also blocks us from our own understanding of ourselves. We are unable to sit with the storm inside of ourselves when things in our lives are sour, and we search for any meaningless way we can find to distract ourselves from our unwanted feelings. Because we do not thoroughly deal with the emotions inside of ourselves, we pass our pain onto the next person. Thus we continue the branching of unnecessary pain, almost unconsciously encouraging others to close their hearts down as well. As the saying goes, "hurt people hurt people."

I was very much like the rest of my society, giving little to no thought of how my actions affected others. But in the past few years I have really taken the time to know myself on a subconscious level. I have used powerful medicine plants to gain access to what was going on deep inside of my battered heart. From first-hand experience, I can tell you that this is not easy work. Sometimes the hardest task you can take on is facing yourself. I had no options to run from my emotions, and that's when the healing in my life took place.

It was astounding to me how disconnected I had been from my own emotions. For instance, I had no idea that my father, who abandoned the family when I was 5-years-old, had affected how I reacted to certain situations twenty-two years after the matter. I had no idea how afraid I was of abandonment. I kicked many people out of my life prematurely, and I have broken the hearts of many people because of this pain I had left uncared for.

In learning how to face and understand my emotions, I learned how to love myself. The little violent voice inside of my head that used to tell me I was worthless and unwanted became soft spoken, patient and kind. I went from a place of anger and sadness to a place of love and understanding. I had never experienced love like this before, and ironically it was not coming from another person; it was manufactured from my own heart.

The society I come from is broken in so many ways. Many of us are unable to love because we never sat with ourselves long enough to know how to love unconditionally. But the best thing we can do for cultures such as the one I grew up in is realizing that the most privileged of us are the most disconnected, thus they are the ones who need to be shown love the most. Because what is the point of being privileged if you are not humble enough to share your gifts and your wealth with others?

I believe it is our duty to take that journey from our heads to our hearts. In doing so, we help to not only heal ourselves, but the ones around us. And that is how we make a difference in our world.


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