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The Mystery Civilization of Lemuria Part 2

Updated on January 9, 2018
Jean Bakula profile image

Jean teaches astrology and metaphysical topics. She is an avid reader, published author, and lifetime member of the NJ Metaphysical Center.



Lemuria Was a Contemporary of Atlantis

The continent of Lemuria, or Mu, was older than, but contemporary with Atlantis, and they knew of each other. But they had large differences. The Atlanteans were technologically advanced, materially sophisticated, imperialist people, builders of cities and monuments. They cared about wealth, power, culture, and outward expansion, much like the Romans. The Lemurians shared only maritime skills with the Atlanteans. Those from Atlantis bartered with people in Europe and the Far East, and made warships to overpower their enemies. The Lemurians were a spiritually oriented people, and their purpose in travel was mostly to spread religious and spiritual truths. They had no military of any kind, but built large, ceremonial cities. They excelled at agriculture, because they lived in moderate climates with healthy soil. Botany and herbal skills attained heights never since seen.

The Lemurians formed a single, religious community under a single leader, believed to be the reincarnated soul of a saint, like the Buddha or Dalai Lama. This person was highly regarded by the whole population, as a living god. He gently exercised power, but not frequently, as the Lemurians got along well. Apparently many from Mu escaped to the remote mountainous area which is now Tibet. There was no state structure, Mu was ruled by its high ethics.

Where Lemuria Was Located

CC BY-SA 3.0,
CC BY-SA 3.0, | Source

Lemurians Came From Venus to Earth

Edgar Cayce believed that 16 billion years ago beings came from Venus to Earth on light waves. These beings evolved on Mars prior to this. The “Lords of the Flame” fanned divine sparks, and these Lords helped behind the scenes so the Lemurians could learn the esoteric teachings they needed to know. They lived in the great, secret city of Shambala, and gave the Lemurians honey, a natural antibiotic, and wheat, so they could have nourishment. Cayce also spoke of legends that humans came from the constellation of the Pleiades and got messages from crystals or singing stones. Melchizadek taught Abraham, the Patriarch of the Christian Bible, and came often with others, as a council, to teach Abraham what he needed to know to “seed” this new society he had been chosen to lead on Earth. He always brought groups of 12 whenever he met with Abraham, and we know today that 12 is a meaningful number in society.

It was also Cayce’s belief, and others, that Lemuria could have been the original Garden of Eden, as Adam and Eve are described after the Fall as “given skins,” insinuating that they were in fact astral beings, or just souls who communicated by telepathy, not humans with bodies yet. Depending on what version of the Bible you use, Genesis, Chapter 6, Verses 3-6, discuss a time when the “sons of God noticed the daughters of men, and found them to be beautiful”. It goes on to explain that these “sons of God” or giants called Nephilim, went on to mate with these daughters, perhaps to make up a new species of genetically engineered humans to replace their less knowledgeable ancestors. The Jewish Kaballah states that the human race began at the further planets and got closer and closer to the Sun.

Lemuria, The Motherland

How large and where was Lemuria? It has been located in various spots, but on average, it appears to have been about 6,000 miles E-W and 3,000 miles from N-S, stretching West of North America to the East Coast of Africa. Before the large deluge that completely sunk the largest area of land, Easter Island, Hawaii, the Mariannas, and the top of North America, to the bottom of South America, were the places the inhabitants fled. Large mountain ridges that sank in the Pacific can now be seen underwater on sonar. Mountains as we know them are fairly new, the product of movement of plate teutonics.

In The Lost Civilization of Lemuria, Frank Joseph discusses a trip to Peru, known as “the navel of the World”, the sacred city of eternal rebirth. He visited countless museums, tourist sites, and festivals while on this excursion. Joseph talks about the beauty and majesty of Machu Picchu, and the blond and red haired mummies he saw in the Herrera museum, obviously a pre-Incan people, who one day had ruled the Pacific Coast.

Later, he was invited to a university sponsored event, the entertainment a Chinese dance troupe in Chicago. He was stunned as he watched the dancers on the stage. The announcer described the dance number as one of the oldest ones known in China. But Joseph has seen this dance before, and it was in Peru. Who from China had long ago crossed the vast Pacific, from west to east, to show Peruvians native Chinese dance? On another occasion, Joseph, a newspaper reporter turned author, was covering a Cambodian New Year’s Eve celebration. One of the dance numbers was not at all Cambodian as Joseph understood it. He said it was exactly the same dance he had seen Polynesian women dancing in Hawaii. Did the Cambodians of ancient times venture that far into the Pacific Ocean to teach people from Hawaii this dance? Or did Polynesians bring their ceremonial rites to Cambodia?

Or was it coincidental that people so far from each other knew the same things, although their cultures differed so much? Frank Joseph ponders further that, “Rather than South American visitors in ancient China, or Cambodians in Polynesia, perhaps Pacific Islanders, Aymara Indians, Southeast Asians, and third millennium B.C. Chinese, were themselves culturally influenced by another, separate, outside source common to them all.” This was not a new idea to him, as during his research into the lost continent of Atlantis, Joseph often encountered information about the counterpart to Atlantis, Lemuria or Mu.

Is Mu The Garden of Eden?

Exposed, Uncovered and Declassified: Lost Civilizations and Secrets of the Past, by over a dozen authors, among them Erich von Daniken, Frank Joseph, Marie D. Jones, and William Bramely, supports the view of beings that visited Earth from other planets, and also supports the theory that Lemuria once existed. Many of these authors write in separate essays, that they believe Lemuria was one of the first civilizations on Earth, which arose and lasted for 52,000 years, and was destroyed in earthquakes generated from a pole shift around 26,000 years ago.

Across the Pacific and around its bordering continental shores of Australia, Asia, and America are scattered skeletal remains, remnants, and traditions of a lost Caucasian race. Lewis Spense has found genetic and cultural evidence that such an antediluvian people is abundant. This brings us back to the hypothesis that the Lemurians were a white race having an extremely ancient development within the Oceanic area. The Garden of Eden described in Genesis, although presented as fable by the Hebrew authors of the scriptures, is a mythic parallel of the human origins in the South Pacific, as traced by modern science. The evidence shows that these early humans were forced to migrate because of the rising waters of the last ice age. Waves of immigration spread East and their remains are shocking anthropologists. But many went to Southern Asia, where the Hmong form an anomalous group. This has recently been confirmed by DNA testing. The Hmong still call themselves “the Hmu.”

The same ancient farming technology appears in Ena, Japan as in Machu Picchu, in the Peruvian Andes. Japan’s prehistoric stone towers closely resemble Easter Island and South American counterparts, because all were once part of Lemuia, according to Professor Hobuhiro Yoshida.

Lemurians Lived in the Astral Plane

Metaphysicians teach that the Lemurians did not have bodies at first. They originally existed only in the astral plane in the beginning, and there were so many beings in civilization that they could flow into each other, souls with no bodies. This caused overpopulation. When life waves from Venus came in, Lemurians created a separation into male and female. It was a hedonistic society which shocked Cayce when he awakened from his trances and discovered this. Venereal disease came from the intermingling of people with animal species. Eventually the Lemurians did get bodies, and were no longer souls that could communicate by telepathy. Apparently they developed a language, and the word “Mu” is found in countries on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.

There are many fascinating and enlightening folklore tales, legends, and theories about the reality of a lost civilization of Lemuria. A great many people have studied this topic, and although their findings are compelling, there is still not enough hard evidence to prove that such a place ever really did exist. This neither proves nor disproves any other theories about the beginnings of life on Earth, though, as it seems some beings left messages all around the globe for a reason only they know. The Bible states that the universe is only about six thousand years old, but science proves that it is over five billion years old. Countless generations of beings have come and gone in the time since the beginnings of life, and with them, all the knowledge of the cultures of their times. This author believes there is much information yet left to be discovered and understood. This is only possible when all people from all cultures work together in peace, learn to share their knowledge instead of using it to compete with or destroy each other, and keep open minds.

© 2015 Jean Bakula


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    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      2 years ago from New Jersey

      Hello Charles,

      Thanks for pointing out my typo, the G, of course, should be capital. I suspect I took the quote from an interpretation of or of an Edgar Cayce book, instead of the Bible. I went back to the Bible to be sure. Thank you for reading and commenting on my work. Best Wishes.

    • Charles Eminizer profile image

      Psychic Shane 

      2 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      Yo Jean, which version of the Bible says "gods" in relation to Genesis 6:3-6 rather than "God"?

      i am writing a book entitled "i know G-d! Do you?" and i am giving a pre-historical account of how long we all, have actually existed. The existence of we children of G-d (we all are G-d's children & we all came into existence at the same time [except for Amilius, He came into existence 1st]).

      Otherwise i love Your article, a lot!!!!!~~

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      2 years ago from New Jersey

      Hello annejantz,

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my work. Cayce was certainly a fascinating man. Best Wishes.

    • annejantz profile image

      Anne Crary Jantz 

      2 years ago from Dearborn Heights, Michigan, U.S.A.

      Very interesting article, Jean. We spent a year in Newport News in Virginia and often went to the Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach. Awesome place!!!

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      2 years ago from New Jersey

      Hi rasta1,

      Nice to see you! I've read that people on both sides of the oceans have many of the same traits, even the same DNA. That's only possible if there was once land there. You never know. Take care.

    • rasta1 profile image

      Marvin Parke 

      2 years ago from Jamaica

      This is where an asteroid is believed to have crashed in the pacific ocean. Very informative.

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      2 years ago from New Jersey

      Me too, my hair is reddish! I think that the world has to agree to disagree, or realize most of the different religions share the same thoughts. I always wonder about these ancient "myths", because there is always some truth to them. Thanks for reading!

    • lovemychris profile image

      Cape Wind Girl 

      2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Love it! The peaceful people....hard to find in America. And, I always knew there was something special about those with red-hair.


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