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The Mystery School of Christ Jesus

Updated on April 2, 2014
Image of Christ Jesus as the baby.
Image of Christ Jesus as the baby. | Source

Hub Author's Intention

Let me be clear. I am a practitioner of One Love. I am a follower and initiate of Jesus Christ. I am not a Christian. I was born into Christianity and lived as a confirmed Christian for a total of 34 years---well as a confirmed Christian, for almost 30 years.

I am a self-proclaimed bridge between Christianity and One Love. When I write, I generally write with an understanding that all life paths are valid within the Illusion. Beyond the Illusion, there is only Love---perfect, unconditional, Divine Love.

When I was a practicing Christian, I became a missionary and a Protestant Bible teacher. I am pretty well-versed in the practice and theology of Protestant Christianity. So I write from this perspective.

My intention in this Hub is to share information which goes far beyond Protestantism. Christ is way bigger than Christendom/Christianity. He is not religion of any kind. He is pure Love. People often say that God's ways are a mystery. Not really. Not when one is initiated and consecrated in the truths about Divine Love.

I am not a New Ager. I am syncretic which means I blend belief systems to get the most impactful spiritual experience I can have. I practice magick. Catholicism and its most direct off-shoots (Lutheranism, Episcopalianism, Anglican) all practice formal magick through their ceremonies, their liturgy, and their sacraments. Protestants who have watered down their faithful practices are not as consciously connected to magick but they all have elements of it still remaining. The magick is purposeful in nature. One example of such remaining magicks is worship (whether from a hymnal or from an overhead projector), another is communion (whether grape juice or wine).

Scenes from the movie The Passion of Christ

Dale Allen Hoffman: Opening the Cosmic Heart

Matter and Spirit

Jesus Christ was born to remerge spirit with matter on the earth plane. Does that mean human beings were without spirit before Jesus Christ walked the earth? No. Humans are energetic beings with prana/chi running through the human energy field. This is spirit and it connects to us through our physical, mental, emotional and energetic natures. But Christ came (re-emerged) to activate the ascension code in humanity's collective field.

Christ did this through his total God soul. He was born as that 100% loving light (Spirit) body into matter as a human being. Yet it is more involved than that. He came as the Magus to initiate humanity in God's Divine nature---to show humanity how to fully individuate as God Sparks while how to be all loving, or unconditional pure Love.

Christianity attempts over and over to accomplish this Amazing Grace. It fails every time. The reason for this is that it fails to realize we are all completely human living through our inherent Divinity. Notice, I did not say Divine nature. I said Divinity. We are the Love of God first, last and always even if our human nature contradicts its greater Truth.

Nothing and no one can take this away from any one of us. Not even ourselves. This is what unconditional Love IS.

The Mystery School called Love

I opened this Hub by stating that I am an initiate of Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus is the greatest mystery school that exists. But ironically, one does not have to be an initiate to get Jesus. Jesus was born, lived, died, resurrected and ascended. It is just that plain and straight forward. But love, on the other hand has baffled humanity throughout the history of time and space. And so...that is what makes Jesus so mysterious: LOVE.

And the mystery of love is planet-wide. But other religions and belief systems, even Atheists and Agnostics have love as a part of them. Love, truly, makes the world go 'round. Love (true LOVE) is the highest frequency vibration on the earth plane. It is that vibration that heals. What does it heal? Our separation from our Creator or Source. Some people call this God. Some people do not. Some call It a Big Bang or Intelligence. It doesn't matter. It is what it IS regardless of what we think about it, feel about it or perceive it as.

Forms of Initiation

Initiation and Consecration defines Initiation and Consecration as:



noun1.formal admission or acceptance into an organization or club, adult status in one's community or society, etc.

2.the ceremonies or rites of admission. Compare rite of passage.

3.the act of initiating.

4.the fact of being initiated.



noun1.the act of consecrating; dedication to the service and worship of a deity.

2.the act of giving the sacramental character to the Eucharistic elements of bread and wine, especiallyin the Roman Catholic Church.

3.ordination to a sacred office, especially to the episcopate.

Initiations Permeate the World's Culture

Initiations permeate the world. Why? How is the phenomena so universal?

I have had a few different initiations throughout my lifetime so I understand the process of them very well. And I can state emphatically that Christendom/Christianity has multiple initiation ceremonies embedded in it. It depends on what type of Christendom you belong to. But beyond the individual practices, there is a greater initiation occurring on the spiritual level---as a human experience; and, that is the initiation of the pilgrimage of Jesus. Within this, there are higher degrees of initiation: discipleship and/or consecration and/or rebirth and/or ascension.

Not everybody initiates as these higher degrees and they are not necessarily linear in order. There are choices all along the path. Initiation happens purposefully and with intention.

Initiations generally follow a learning experience of some significance. What I known at this point in my spiritual journey, is that there is something in effect called, "As Above. So Below." I believe this statement originated with the Egyptians but I am not entirely certain about that. What it means, however, is that the macrocosm and microcosm are infastructurely the same. So the initiations in all their forms are a reflection of a greater Initiation.

This is where the mysteries of God begin to dissolve/disappear. A logic, a sacred geometry, a mathematical perfection begin to show themselves everywhere. As a Christian, I used to call this Divine Order. Suddenly, everything that used to be an implausible mystery becomes absolute experience.

Initiation: The Consecrated Path of the Christian

I believe all paths are valid in Source's Illusion called the human experience. I have experienced reincarnation on more than a dozen or more tangible levels. Therefore, I trust that all things---whether perceived as good, bad, indifferent, horrific or divine---work together for the good of all people in the long run.

And, I cannot speak to many initiations outside my own. Though I know many exist.

But, I can speak about Christianity and Christendom's initiation process and the varying degrees that can be attained as a Christian.

I was speaking to a woman today about the Christian experience. She relayed to me that her path had been difficult. I relayed to her that I believe all consecrated Christians experience difficulty in their journey. It is an inherent part of the walk the path of Jesus.

No, not literally, necessisarily (and most of the time not at all). But there is a process to Christianity and it involves dying to the ego (or self) and being reborn with the very Spirit of the Christ. It involves a period of step by step commitment or PASSION. But the steps can often be more like a dance than a walk forward in linear execution.

This passion involves an actual dying experience---whether physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually or all of the above. And it involves a rebirth of some sort. Charismatics call this being Born Again and they, generally, believe Spiritual (of the Holy Spirit of Jesus) gifts accompany the new life. Some denominations believe a very specific gifting of a prayer language called tongues has to accompany a rebirth. Finally, it involves an Ascension to be with the Father---the Holy Creator. Most believe death is required for this or even the return of Jesus is required.

I can state plainly, that one need not die NOR have the return of Jesus as stated in the Book of Revelation to experience Ascension. Ascension occurs through connecting with one's Inner Divine Self or Highest Self. Again, the vast majority of Christians believe this can only be attained via their Holy Spirit during a kind of spiritual epiphany. The truth is that all people have access to their Inner Divine Self. They may not have an awareness of it. It doesn't matter who you are or what you believe; but if you are a major Atheist, you might have some challenges connecting to it and maintaining the connection from a conscious level. It may show itself as inspiration.

The Illusiionary earth plane [meaning it seems solid and "real" but it is actually condensed vibration making it appear "real"] is on the 3rd dimension of perception. It is fast transitioning to the 4th dimension.

There are many, many dimensions of perception and experience. Psychics and energy/spiritual healers tap dimensions where they connect to "extra sensory perceptions" like claircognizance, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairgustience. I am prepared to believe there are an infinite number of perceptions in existence as we are all God Sparks and we exist in eternity in a very multidimensional capacity. The earth feels "real." It is a highly strong and persistent illusion. But, it is actually quite malleable as any adept magician or quantum physicist can attest to and explain in great detail.

Most Christians have no inclusive perspective in regard to the rest of the world. On a greater spiritual level, this is the part that dies exactly like the Christ. They carry their spiritual cross and they are crucified. Because God is 100% unconditional, perfect, and pure LOVE as demonstrated by the perfect human embodiment of Jesus.

When I grew up as a Christian, the gnostics were equaled to the Pharisees and the Saduccees. The gnostics never talked about the physical body---according to my denominational experiences. No, but they did talk about the psychic body. In truth, so much dogma has been written and rewritten. There are holes throughout every piece of Christian doctrine. It does not matter. If you are consecrated a Christian---and the means in word and deed, you get initiated in the path of Jesus Christ. To what level, depends on your soul's purpose. That is why most Christians live at the legalistic, sinner-concept level. They cannot imagine a bodily ascension. They require heaven away from earth. They are steeped in antiquated doctrine that paints old and outdated pictures of the Christ. Would they be that dogmatic about not updating their computer operating system? No.

But God must be a static experience rather than a dynamic, fluid Spirit and energy frequency! No, God is as malleable--even more so---than the earth plane.

Christ Consciousness: Consecrated in the path of Jesus vs. Another path

Christ Consciousness is available to all people. However, people consecrated in the path of Christ have a very different exposure and experience to the Christ. Jesus is all-inclusive. Let me be clear about that. But an initiate is privy to a depth---that involves the Passion of Christ. It comes with the territory.

I left Christianity and Christendom because it no longer served me. But my passion involves the very love of Christ that I was endocrinated to at many degrees. I became a missionary. From a reincarnation standpoint, I have been many nuns and priests (and undoubtedly many martyrs) as well as mystics. Christ breathes through me daily. He is an intricate part of me.

Nevertheless, I now know myself as a syncretic with many deep roots into Egypt and other pagan lifes. Some part of me is a star child but I am engrossed in the earth plane so I have yet to really explore that aspect of conceptualization and living. Let me be clear, again, that these other experiences are as tangible and as valid as the Christ.

I have had 12 years of psychic development. I am an energy worker as well as a magician. My experiences allow me to see Christendom from a very different perspective. Because when the 3rd dimension no longer holds you captive, the universe changes dramatically. It becomes a living, breathing part of the Divine: An organism very much like human beings. And to engage a little Carl Jung and Quantum becomes us, our inner landscape and consciousness manifest as the physical experience.

© 2014 Joan Elizabeth


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