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The Nephilim, The Offspring of The Fallen Sons of God

Updated on December 6, 2014

The First Estate Abandoned by Gods Sons

The Nephilim, The Fallen Sons of God, Who Abandon Their First Estate

Well all souls belong to God even Satan and his “First Lieutenants or Band of Merry Men.”
These also would be the ones pulled from Heaven by the Dragons Tale and not his tail .
The Good Book and the Story agree that there is a second and possibly a third influx of these fallen Sons of God. Heavenly speaking these are all beings in their original God given bodies. and not of flesh bodies or reborn of woman.

These Fallen Angels or Sons of God were influenced by Satan as he was before his Fall and a Great Angel of Light or a Cherubim. One of the upper echelon of Gods Governmental body. Not only was Eve beguiled or wholly seduced , but these Sons of God were as well. Before the Fall. I believe by Lucifer and I believe the story agrees it is Lucifer who was the Cherubim. Who also possessed the Serpent who put the desire of Godhood into Eve. Which lead her to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil who on both accounts is Satan in his Spirit body and as a spirit that possessed the Serpent.

Remember although the Serpent was the beguiler he had only the seed after his own kind and could not bare fruit of the woman called Eve. But the Tree of Both Good and Evil was known to be Satan . As the Tree of Life is known to be the Son of God or the Word of God made Flesh . As Satan did, his followers from the fall and later some after the Great Flood of waters upon the earth wanted. And did also, that which Satan did and that is to lie with the daughters of men.

But this is not what Satan did, he laid with a newly created being that God had made and none known how, for even Adam was a sleep when the task was preformed and done. Satan and all the Angels of Heaven at the making of Adam were also in awe and were sore afraid of The Adam at his creation, an until his fall. This is why the Help Mate was made also, but it is not so. I like some think that the word is MEET and not mate as in a partner for one . Also Consider the word in the Midst of the Garden were the Trees of Knowledge of both Good and Evil and the Tree of LIFE.The Seed that EVE the Mother of All Living at the time of that statement was, for She was the Mother of the Two innocents. One of a fallen Cherubim and One of a Just then falling Man .

Cain was birth first and Able second. The lord that giveth Eve a Child, was indeed the LORD that gives all Life, but is not the one who caused the fathering of either the son of man or of the devil. For one was a repeating Transgressor and the other one beguiled into following him self and his wants of the same transgression that so afflicted the other. Yes these two were twins, who bore the same womb.Yet they did not share the same parental father.

So of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of both Good and Evil what was it? It was the fruit of the womb. In deed it was sex the Wedding Dance, the first threesome and the defiling of the First Marriage . Always remember that Satan seeks your Hurt. Satan he wishes you dead, as he does all flesh. For Flesh became only after he inherited the earth for his transgressions and was cast from the Heavens by the other two thirds of Heaven . Remember Satan and those who followed him lost the great war, the war that will end all wars.

In latter Days even hinting to such claims could and often did bring imprisonment and/or death. Today we openly curse God and these claims for we are mockers and scoffers and unbelievers . I have so stated that I believe we are in the season of the end times , but yet which Generation will God use to end its run. The generation of Adam or of Man or of the Exodus? Only God knows! It could be the Generation of a Cherubim for all we truly know. For God a lone knows. Not Angel or Man or even the Word Made Flesh, knows the hour and the day until the two witnesses fall. The Almighty's Timing is His Own and he so states this. The Word Made Flesh is the Christ our Lord Jesus, Emanuel, which is to say God with Us or God among us.

Remember I, like some. Believe that these were not in the earth we now know, but were indeed in the rejuvenated Heaven or part of Heaven that these Fallen fell from . And when Adam was Driven from the Garden so were all of these. That, what we are experiencing Is the call of repentance for the man and the sentencing of these Fallen and the call to repentance for all that will of the 1/3 of the stars that he drew with him. When he Satan and his followers were cast from the other 2/3 of Heaven.

Satan is not of the flesh, nor would he summit himself or his followers to be born of woman. These did cause the Second Fall on this earth known as the Great Flood. By doing to all men except the eight what their Prince did do to those in the Garden. What they thought he did remember, Adam did eat of the same tree also! Take that as you will if you are to know you shall if not, let it go, but do consider it. Then remember that because of these that fell this was occurring again, for if they were not driven from Heaven by the other 2/3's not a single Angel would have survived either.

There is nothing new under this Sun or our SON OF GOD there is nothing new here, nothing at all! These Fallen defiled flesh in every evil way, as they hoped to turn Gods Mercy against the newly created man. Who was a new Living Soul at that Time. The Time that God put in effect the Great Correction that these fallen caused and refused to repent from. The War to End All War!

At what Time is Satan sentenced? Well this is of some debate, I myself and no other that I know believe it was after Satan tempted Christ for the last time here and in his spirit body. I believe Satan was sentenced there and then when, Christ told him to get thee behind Me Satan. I believe that was his final call to repentance others say when Jesus cried out his last upon the cross!

Note: I feel it is important in this Season of the End Times that No truth be withheld, especially by those who wholly believe that they have any. The Christ also told us that many should prophecy and dream, dreams during this time. Everything must be taken with a grain of salt and always check out what ever it is that you have be told or come to believe. For Satan is the WORLDS greatest Lair, Murder, and Thief . And he and his followers, children, and angels have and continue to deceive men as they once did Angels or Sons of God. Never trust any one! Not me or any other! With out checking your heart, your beliefs, and the Good Book and Scriptures. And when in DOUBT Pray and Pray exceedingly hard and earnestly with fasting if need be.

Thank you for your time and any comment that you may have Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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    • profile image

      Florence 3 years ago

      Your posting really strieghtaned me out. Thanks!

    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 3 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      joedolphin88 Thanks for the read and comment I don't know about Grammatical Excellence though. I am not much of a writer when it comes to the correctness of the technical stuff, but I will go and correct Mistakes if they are pointed out to me. I make many when trying to communicated the words of Our Lord and His Story and Ours. But I feel the need to try and get what I got out to others seeking and knocking. Sinbad

    • joedolphin88 profile image

      Joe 3 years ago from north miami FL

      Very interesting and well presented piece. You have written this hub with such grammatical excellence, I commend you.

    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 6 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      Thank you blackreign2012, For the one up, the read and comment.

      Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

      We can only spout off that which we believe, for still today many have not yet, heard any truth, to the words of Jesus

      Or of the Good Book. Satan and Men merely profit from that which they imagine to be the truth or that which they know is not!

    • blackreign2012 profile image

      blackreign2012 6 years ago

      This hub was excellent Rate up for sure!!! ~Hugs~