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The New Age Movement

Updated on October 3, 2012

Are You Tired With The New Age?

New Age - it’s a common term used when people talk about paranormal and the occult. But the truth is that the New Age movement have little in common with the real esoteric arts. These differences need to be pointed out, as the term “New Age” became charged with negative emotions.

And it is my opinion that New Age movement is dangerous for everyone, who wish to explore the subjects of spirituality and esoteric arts for real, and not as yet another market for useless books.

The Beginning of the New Age

New Age movement started along with the Hippie movement in the 60s, and at first, it was present only in United States. The growing amount of books related to the knowledge of Hindu traditions resulted in groups practicing the esoteric arts like yoga and meditation. This was the beginning. And everything would be quite OK, if people who were learning Yoga and meditation, decided to bring wise Yogis from India. But they did not, rather, they decided to learn everything on their own, and rewrite the knowledge into something fresh. That’s how the New Age started.

With more books, and more practitioners around United States, psychics and occultists figured out that it’s a great way of getting out of shadow and creating a community. New practices were born, and these new practices became closely related to New Age - filling the movement with theories of the end of the world, 2012 and so on. But the knowledge was foggy, as there were no experts in the movement - only the practitioners who thought they can become experts just by reading books.

Wicked theories resulted in thinking that the new age of Aquarius will soon begins. Of course, sufficient to say, that such theories were never approved by real astrologists. Professionals weren’t needed. New Age movement took different theories, different philosophies, different practices, and throw them all into a mixer, just to see what can they come up with. Today, the false knowledge is spreading all across the world - and the true professionals who decided to take less Hippie approach, and carefully study the ancient arts, are just laughing.

The Problem With The New Age

The problem with The New Age is quite simple - the whole movement, that doesn’t exist any more in reality, was based upon mixed knowledge, that was misunderstood. And because it seemed to be crazy - all that misunderstood esoteric practices and “peace and love” talk resulted in the modern approach to New Age - that is filled with negativity and laughs. If real, ancient esoteric arts are perceived as New Age, how can they regain the respect?

New Age movement that misunderstood the knowledge made current state of esoterics around the world miserable. And even if the things are changing each year, there are still people out there who are using the New Age phenomena - organising idiotic courses and publishing books about 2012 - well, when that year will finally pass, “New Agers” will give another punch into the face of real esoteric movement. That’s why personally, I fight each and every new ager I see.


Is New Age Dangerous For Real Esoteric Movement?

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How To Recognize New Age

In order to recognize dangerous New Age, you must first learn how to define New Age. So, New Age is:

  • A group of people who talk about esoteric stuff, like Yoga and meditation, or even psychic abilities, but is filling it with tons of love talk (like “oh I love the whole world... but you need to buy my book first if you want me to love you”).
  • A book or article that is presenting wicked theories, that cannot be traced to any real esoteric tradition, sprinkling it with a dose of love.
  • A practice that is rooted in ancient knowledge, but has been modified in such way, that you can’t trace its origin, traditional name or even the region of the world, from which it originates.
  • A mixture of the above, that talks about 2012, the end of the world, global consciousness, unity, utopia, paradise, or alternative world history, without care about historical proofs, ancient tradition and the words of wisdom spoken by professionals studying the esoteric arts.

So if you will encounter any of the above element, you might be dealing with New Age - say, a person or a book, or some practice, or some theory etc. I have to admit, often normal esoteric practices and knowledge can be mistaken with the guidelines above. But that’s why you should:

  • Ask for opinions - ask as many people as possible, for opinions about the person or content you’ve encountered. Let’s see what others are talking about. Especially seek opinions by experienced professionals in the field of esoteric.
  • Trace the roots - if you cannot trace the roots of specific theory or practice, it might be New Age. Here again, you need to take precaution because you might be dealing with a fake, or with new theory, that might prove to be quite OK later on.
  • Who is talking? - if it’s some “peace and love” person teaching about love, peace and meditation, then something might not be OK. Question everything - especially when person is quite young, like me :). Some people might share the knowledge, others might share the New Age.
  • Read and learn - finally, read books and articles, gather the knowledge on your own, search for answers on your own. Don’t accept anything as ultimate truth.

With these tips, you will be safe from New Age brainwash - that is harmful for everyone who wish to focus on self-improvement, or at least - psychic development if you prefer :).


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    • Hendrika profile image

      Hendrika 3 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

      It is now 2015 and "New Age" is still going strong! Amazing and dangerous

    • Nathan_U profile image

      Nathaniel 7 years ago from Poland

      Yep, one must study magick as serious stuff, not as fluffy love play :).

    • profile image

      Rylos 7 years ago

      I have to agree with you, what I despise about New Agers is how fluffy they are. Magic is dangerous and they're too blinded by "love" to realize it.