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The New Age Movement: The Same Thing in a Different Costume to Legalistic, Works vs. Faith Christianity

Updated on April 25, 2014

Name It and Claim It. The God of Intentional Abundance.

I have witnessed the push and process of the New Age movement for many years. I made a decision to erradicate that "push", that philosophy, as of this week. There is a cry for abundance and prosperity within the movement. I have seen so few people, yet, who have mastered that type of abundance. It drives me crazy! People talk the talk and maybe even walk the walk, but, from my perspective, the proof in the pudding is non-existant.

Though, I believe the Divine has always wanted humanity in its entirety to be joyful, manifestors---in other words, people who easily enter the Promised Land; I also, believe most people have no clue how to do this or be this. So there is banter that circulates through the New Age population that perpetuates rumors of how to be spiritually and materially successful.

I will admit, there are very successful New Agers such as Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Esther Hicks to name a few. But, there are a lot of succesful people in the world, period.

Oh, I see some evidence of ability and practice but then when it comes to most practitioners of New Age philosophy, at some point, I see things often fall to pieces.

What I do know is that there are lots of viable techniques from the movement. The most viable one being that if one changes his/her thoughts, his/her world WILL change. And I believe this wholeheartedly.

Nevertheless, then I refer to those things that will not change regardless of the effort and the almost perfect execution of the thought change. I, therefore, say not all situations can be overcome by this particular technique. Rather I believe that deeper more soul driven work is necessary. Perhaps even prayer and faith are required to produce the results desired. Moreover, sometimes acceptance of non-change must be absorbed.

There are soul contracts that sometimes have to be worked through or abolished. There is frequently karmic debt to repay which could look like a lesson learned or a life that remains "untouchable." There is belief work that must be overcome at times. And, really, there are infinite reasons why change sometimes does not occur in a human being's life.

What is Works vs. Faith?

Wikipedia defines works as as a person's exterior actions and deeds and faith as inner qualities related to God's grace.

Works vs. Faith is not only a Christian issue. It, also. exists within the New Age community. People just can't resist stepping into the role of Divinity. They have to put in the work and push aside faith in their Source. This is quite prevalent within both cultures.

In contrast, I have noticed a lot of pagans, wiccans and/or witches subscribe only to the Goddess. (Others incorporate the Divine Masculine God) I believe this is because magick is prolific in the realm of receptivity vs. action. Within feminity there is a natural sense of flow. The masculine pursues, conquers, and destroys by nature. The feminine creates and allows.

The God Spark-ism

We are all sparks of the Creator/the Source of All Things/the Universal Intelligence. Some define us as God because we are a "piece" of God.

I think I AM a legitimate part of the Source but I do not see myself as Source in its entirety. I subscribe to the Holographic universe theorem but there is just this aspect of me that sees the Creator as something outside of the Holographic universe. Who knows!?! I sure do not know. I claim to know only that which resonates with me and I am completely aware that THAT could change in the blink of an eye.

Because God is all powerful, all knowing, and all present, and I am an aspect/part of God, then some component of me can also harness these three functions. I believe this can be accessed through imagination and intention---through a shift in energetic awareness and purpose.

I believe this may also require some tremendous practice to capture the most "on" implementation. But not necessarily. We all come at this from different levels of soul evolution, growth and development. That gives us different comprehension and ability.

Divinity as Masculine vs. Divinity as Feminine

The world has been immersed in Patriarchal concepts, practices, and belief systems since antiquity. The Divine Feminine seemingly went by the wayside at that time. But guess what? The Divine Feminine is currently rebirthing itself. The Patriarchal way has to become balanced and cohesive to the Matriarchal way. There is no possible way for the earth to survive on its present course. Things must change and that change is being supported by the cosmological shift that occurred from 2011-2012 and all the subsequent shifts that occurred afterward.

Teal Scott does a nice job of defining these aspects in the two videos below.

Divine Feminine by Teal Scott

Divine Masculine

Legalism in Christianity as well as the New Age Movement: There is Little Difference

I was a Christian for 34 years. I hated legalism for most of that time; though, I subscribed to it out of obedience to the church I belonged to. God is LOVE. End of story. God executes compassion. Again, end of story. Legalism straps people to perfectionism. It offers self-condemnation and otherwise unworthiness. It shuts out grace. Christianity does the law before the love of God and that keeps the universal Church impotent and mired in pain. The New Age Movement is wearing a different costume but it is doing the exact same thing.

Words and thoughts castrate people's spiritual evolution daily. The piercing progression toward perfectionism of thought and language is murderous to the average person. People need encouragement to shift their thoughts, they do not need pressure---obsessive pressure. They need love and passionate support. Statements like, "Wow you said that most amazing thing just then. Can you imagine how positively that is going to affect you?" enable a person to hear positive feedback without feeling how wrong their thoughts and expressions are.

Some correction can be helpful but encouragement and support is so much more loving and kind to the human mind and spirit.

Legalism is no better in New Age worlds than in Christian worlds. At the end of the day, the law conquers the love.

Clarity of Purpose

Let me be clear, I believe in programming the conscious and subconscious mind to achieve optimal results toward reaching interpersonal goals and expectations. However, I believe in loving one's self first and foremost. I believing in exercising yoga-like compassion as all transformation comes down the pike. It can be brutal to constantly change one's self in word, thought or deed. It is better to exercise gentleness and to change in small doses while incorporating major doses of encouragement.

I am tired of the masculine approach to living. This is out of balance and must be brought into balance by blending the masculine with the feminine which is mightily reawakening!

Kindness, courage, patience and love are needed every moment...way more so than rigorous thought transformation.

Abundance is a natural byproduct of love, fun, and spiritual prosperity. This is the path I am shifting toward. I have grown very tired of the other two cultures of thought, philosophy and practice. I can---we can---do better than that!

© 2014 Joan Elizabeth


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