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The Next World

Updated on February 27, 2017

My Beliefs

Personally, my beliefs are basically that all, or at least most of, what we read in our Bible is fact. However, over the years it has developed a kind of, Chinese whisper, whereby certain aspects may have changed slightly. I believe in God. I believe in our lady. I believe in Jesus. What I don’t believe is that to pray to God I need to go to a church on Sunday. Now, don’t get me wrong I do visit church when I can or for occasions such as weddings etc, and i do realise that the church is always there for me, I just don’t believe that it is essential to do so. I pray when I can and ask for help and guidance with life. I pray for the protection of my wife and children and for their health and safety. I don’t pray because I have to, I pray because I want to, and to me that is important.

Different Religions

My religion is in me and no one can take that away. The same can be said for anyone, of any race or religion. I have spent time with people in the Middle East where the predominant religion is Muslim. I have learned a little about their Religion and Culture and have a lot of respect for the way they announce their faith to their God. In Christianity we have God and the Bible. In the Muslim faith they have Ala and the Quran. Having questioned a number of people regarding the Quran there would seem to be an awful lot of similarities with the Bible. This brings me back to where the Chinese whispers come in.

Recording events

Before people could read or write everything was word of mouth and obviously with word of mouth each time a story was told it either gained or lost something. So by the time it came around to putting these happenings on paper there were differing views by the people writing them down. Hence, we have a Bible and a Quran which both are definitions of their respective religions. Again, this is simply an account of how things were viewed at the time, This, in itself is only and opinion which I have without any evidence.


So having said that I have my opinion on religion and the similarities between some particular religions I suppose. From my opinions on religion I have also managed to develop further opinions regarding life generally. When I say that religions are similar, one thing that has stood out for me is the Spirituality of all religion and in some ways this is something that combines us all. So what is our Spirit and our Spirituality. Our Spirit, our soul, is who and what we are. It makes us who we are. Our body is simply a vessel to carry our Spirit. Therefore when we say it is what is inside us that counts or beauty is only skin deep, it is actually very true. And so in my opinion it is our body that dies at the end of our life and not our Spirit, as is the belief of many religions.


The obvious next question is what happens to our spirit? Well, as per popular belief within religious circles, it goes up to heaven. Here lies an even bigger dilemma, where exactly is heaven and why can’t we see it? Well we kind of can in some ways because its all around us every day in everything we do. Have you ever thought about someone close to you who has passed and felt the hairs on your neck stand up? Have you ever swore you saw someone when there is no one there? Have you ever been hit with a strange thought out of nowhere? These are simple things that we take for granted in everyday life but these, some say, are our loved ones, in spirit, showing us that they are still with us.

Whats Next

I have had people tell me things that only certain people would know, through the spirit world. I do believe that ghosts exist but not in the conventional way we see on television. I believe that our spirit will, someday, leave our body and be reunited with friends and family gone before. It is natural to fear death or at least to fear the unknown, but realistically there is no fear, only love, joy and happiness when we do cross to the other side. This may be the first world we are born into, who knows, but it is definately not the last.

Being Real

At the end of the day, not one of us will realistically be able to tell, on this earth, what exactly comes next. When our time comes, it comes, that is for certain. In fact the second we are born only one thing is for sure, we will pass over. The bit in the middle is made up of the choices we make and is but the blink of an eye, As our time here is short we should enjoy every second and live the life we want to live.


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