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The Number 70, 9/11, Bible Prophecy

Updated on September 11, 2016

Wait! Before you just blow me off, listen! Decide! But most of all, wait and watch how the End Times unfold with one event after another- all fully explained by today's media. But think how the world seems to be becoming just more evil, weird, permissive, intolerant of others, and hateful actions dictate many actions. Many say it has always been this way, yes and no. Sure, one could point out the actions of Hitler in WW2, the turmoil in the sixties, the Iran-Iraq war. But, the world in general has been simply becoming Hell on earth. Certain parts are far worse, like the Middle East. America has become impotent despite the fact of its powerful military force because of the political leaders. The U.S. presidential election shows two pathetic leaders that will lead this nation under God into the abyss of indecision and lack of will as Russia, China, ISIS, Iran, fill the void. The distrust between the world leaders of the nations powerful military forces if immense. When an American ally calls the President of the USA, a "son of a bitch", like the Philippine president, your gut tells you there IS something worldwide going on. When North Korea and Iran are hell bent on getting the nuclear bomb, you know something nefarious, some evil thing, will result, someday.

In prophecy, Daniel was visited by the angel Gabriel with a prophecy and the number 70. God had told Jeremiah that the prophecies shown would occur in 70 years and 70 weeks. The prophecy called it "weeks of years", which has been misinterpreted and dismissed because it passed long ago. Some End of Times experts indicate that this timeframe is 70x70, or 490 years on the Hebrew calendar. Or, one week equals 70 years.

Now, that makes sense because none of the End Times is suppose to occur until after Israel became a nation, which was 1948. The various trumpets and signs of End Times occur during the last week. When is this date?

2018, is the end of the last week. Some feel that when 2018 arrives, it will start the final seven years of the Tribulations when Satan truly will cause havoc on the globe. Before this time, 2018, the Rapture will occur, where true believers will suddenly vanish as shown in recent movies on the topic. Others believe that this will occur after the first 3.5 years of the seven have past, just before the AntiChrist rises to power for the last 3.5 years, all ending in Armageddon. This will see nuclear exchanges and massive loss of life as Russia, Iran, and others, seek to destroy Israel, while the NATO group seeks to counter without America, who is impudent.

Now, consider, just how rapidly the world is in a whirlpool of horror in the Middle East. How Russia and Iran are partners, how Iran taunts the US Navy with over 300 incidents in the Persian Gulf to fire first, how Iran has received over 30 billion from the USA under suspicious events related to the farcical Iran nuclear deal, which will allow them to get a few nuclear bombs that they will no doubt use. North Korea already has them and will sell it to Iran, China refuses to act upon this. Why has God allowed ISIS to prevail? They are a evil force, yet, America is impotent to act.

It is all suppose to occur. One can say it is just the result of whatever reason you wish to state or have faith and know the End begins in 2018 and ends 2025. Even believers have a hard time grasping this. It is beyond human comprehension.


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    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 

      2 years ago from California

      Very interesting. I am well aquainted with this theory. I think history is just being repeated.

      They say that Jesus is the only way out and people scoff. I heard an analogy lately about being in a burning building. You are trapped when they get a ladder to your window, would you really say to the fireman, "There must be another way. I will wait here."


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