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The ONE, who is pure unaffected witness of all and everything!

Updated on January 28, 2017

Atma defined ?

There is only ONE!

There is one, who is beyond time, space and causation. On the other hand, there is an illusory entity called ‘the mind’ which is the cause for the objective world. Naturally, time space and causation is the outcome of the mind which is like the magicians wand. Seemingly, many objects and living things come out of an empty hat of the magician! How the empty nothing ever contain seemingly different objects like a dove, hare, colorful decorative materials, flowers etc.? This is termed as magic, a sleight of hand or hoodwinking of the onlookers vision. We might have heard about ‘mass hypnotism’. Expert magicians world over are capable of this technique. They will lock a man or woman in a cubicle and insert many swords inside from all sides. The idea is to create suspense in the mind of audience. Ultimately, the magician will open the box with all the bolts and locks intact. Surprisingly, the man of women will come out unscathed! How on earth, it is possible? In another feat, the magician himself will get himself chained tightly, with handcuff and locking plates for the leg so that he cannot move an inch. He will be placed inside a box. Now his assistant will wave a magic wand over the locked box. From the audience side, the magician will enter the stage majestically to the surprise of all, while the box in the stage is untouched or unlocked! These magic feats come under the category of ‘mass hypnotism’ the mind is quiet capable of producing such magical effects on the entire humanity.

Thoughts of Vivekananda!

Object and reflection in mirror!

No doubt, the mind is essential element for leading our life on earth, though it is termed as ‘ephemeral life’ in scriptures and philosophy! Since our perceptions about the outer world are through the sensory outputs and sense organs, if we deeply examine, each organ of sense is capable of perceiving only one sensual perception! For instance, the eyes cannot hear nor the ears see! Hence we cannot take the senses as all knowing! Sometimes we are made to believe certain things! When you travel in deserts during summer, the reflection of sun’s rays on the sand surface with the hot gas particles create ‘water like mirage’. New travelers will take it as a lake and try to go near but the mirage is a reflective phenomenon and is not real. We also have mirrors everywhere! There are reflections when some object or person is reflected. Now, which is real? Object or reflection? Naturally, object is real and reflection is false. Hence the scriptures and sages points out that The ATMA or SELF are the ever existing principle behind this illusory reflection of the worldly phenomena. The mind acts as a mirror to the Atma and the world is reflected therein. A transparent glass quoted with phosphorous on the other side become a mirror. The world too will become null and void when self-realization is achieved. Once realization is achieved, we will be aware of our own Self. We won’t perceive the world. If there is no prosperous quoting, we will see only the outside world.

Nisargadfutta said thus!

The mind is mostly unsteady!

Those who are intent on realizing their self must focus on their inner self instead of visualizing the external world. The senses are of outgoing nature! Hence great effort is needed to prevent the mind and senses from outgoing! We need to practice ‘self-control by controlling the senses! Horses which are not controlled lead the rider to doom! Hence, it is revealed that the Intellect must become the charioteer and the reins are the mind. The intellect must whip the horses frequently to guide on the correct path! When we have the intellect in the driver seat, we will reach our destination without fail. If the mind is given the command, everything will turn tipsy turvy! But as long as we exist in this mundane world, mind is essential for the worldly requirements. But the same mind cannot help anyone in meditation on the supreme. Only when the mind is bypassed, meditation will become fruitful. Mind is the indicator of changing unsteady phenomena. We have not heard of steady mind in the normal sense. Only great intellectuals and hardworking researchers focus steadily on some mission or target. Normal worldly individuals flaunt a wavering mind which knows no rest. Their mind is agitated due to change of directions more often. The mind is compared to ‘aswatta tree’. Even when there is no wind, the leaves will be fluttering always. We have seen similar phenomena in [‘aswam’ which indicates a horse. Have anybody witnessed a static horse anywhere in the world? It will always move some parts of his body always. In this respect, the elephant is by far better for remaining static for a considerable part of time. Like the horse, the tree bearing a similar name to exhibit the unsteady leaves!

Many functions happen within human body!

A man may outwardly remain static and silent but many events takes place within his body like breathing, heartbeat, functions of kidneys and thinking process. Hence some sort of movements or actions takes place within the body. Hence the adage, ‘an idle mind is a devil’s workshop’. His body may remain static but the mind races in all direction. Hence, there is restlessness and agitations. Hence, the first priority is to keep the mind silent, without any thoughts whatsoever! Is it possible? We need to practice witnessing the thoughts that arise, standing apart from the position of thinker. A pure witness does not get affected by any events. Be an observer of the thoughts but never get involved. Do not get entangled in the thought process by judging them or forming opinions about them. Remain as a mute witness as though you are observing the street from a window of your house. We are not bothered what happens in the street, even if it is an accident! Involvement alone brings distress ultimately. Remain as a water globule on lotus leaf! Then your spiritual progress is assured and by practice one day, we can reach our ultimate goal of life.

Remain as a pure witness!

Is it possible to remain as a mute witness to all that happens around us?

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