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The Open Door & The Keys To The Kingdom

Updated on February 2, 2017

The KEY of David

What is the Key of David? What does the Keys to the Kingdom mean? What do the Key of David do? Who can receive the Keys to the Kingdom? Who hands out the Keys to the Kingdom?

The key of David can be found in both Isaiah and Revelation.

Revelation 3:7 "To the angel of the church in Philadelphia write: These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open."

A key means AUTHORITY and CONTROL. The Key of David would give a person the control and authority of David’s domain which is the 'City of David-Jerusalem-The Kingdom of Israel. We know that Jesus holds this key and that Jesus in fact is the ruler of New Jerusalem. He is the fulfillment.

The key is given to all those by FAITH and faith alone. It is just that simple!

A Delightful Find

Dec 31, 2015


Matthew 16:19 "And I will give to you the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."

This morning I was in the garage searching for a pair of long, elegant gloves to wear out for the evening. No I wasn't going to a 'Presidents Ball" but a New Years Eve party. My husband's birthday is January 1st and I have never had a day off from work on his birthday to be able to bring in the New Years nor celebrate his birthday. I thought it would be fun to dress up and be silly. Strangely, while I was out in the garage I found something that made me think about the keys to the kingdom that I had just been reading about.

I shoved my hand into this box which was stuffed with old gloves and women's scarves but strangely my hand hit something cold and steel instead. Whaaaa? If someone would have told me to guess what I would have pulled out from that box this morning....nope...I never would guess it....not in a million years.

I stood for a minute just staring at them in shock, my heart pounding from what was going on in my thoughts! I was astounded by this very old cast iron set of 3 keys on a ring. I ran to my husband to show him what I had found in the box and inquired of where they had come from. He said he really didn't know and that he had saw them in the garage over ten months ago. He had no idea what they were for and just assumed that they were his deceased mothers but clueless to why she would even have them. I requested to keep them and he said yes. :) Pretty cool!


Needless to say that the evening was very enjoyable! The funniest? The strangers had no idea that I was just being humorous in my planned outfit to be a 'queen for the night for my birthday guy.' We both laughed our heads off over it. They all stared at my 'outfit' and whispered to each other. Who is that? Why is she dressed like that? They actually thought I was serious.

But really...who doesn't go to a New Years Eve party in a long exotic dress with a crown on her head, over the elbow elegant gloves and a multitude of jewels on her fingers and wrists?

Testimony Upon a Mirror


August 11, 2015

My writings of my visions which were written on a handful of white paper were gathered together and 'stuck' to a mirror. The mirror was hanging on a wall in a huge public building and strangers, many strangers were there in this building looking at them. I was standing far back from them and wondering why my journal writings were hung on this mirror out in this public place. Nobody could see me standing there and it was as if I was invisible to all of them.

There was one woman who stood out strongly in my vision. One particular Caucasian, older female stranger was hanging around the mirror, but standing off a bit back from the others. She was peering at the writings and her biggest concern was that she did not wanting anybody acknowledging that she was looking at them. She was very concerned of how others would view her. She was a guilty party of something she had done to me and she was well aware of her guilt but unrepentant of what she'd done. The wisdom was given that this was the reason of why she stood afar and why she was going to great lengths to hide it from others. She was aware that those around her were not aware of the truth of what she'd done.

She stood off to the side and continued to stare at them. She had the ability to only read the first page of one of my visions which was openly readable from where she was standing. The Lord was giving me the wisdom that she so strongly desired to flip the top paper and read through the rest of the visions but she was terribly frightened by my writings. She was also more awkwardly concerned to let anyone see her reading the ones underneath. As I watched her, I knew exactly what she was thinking and feeling. She was so deeply concerned of being exposed of what she'd done, and though her desire was great to flip the top of my writing to read them, her fear was greater of her deeds being found by others. She had no repentance.


Cuenca, Ecuador 4/14/2015


We were staying in a beautiful downstairs suite in Cuenca and we were the only visitors and renters of a place that was being refurbished. The outside 8 foot gates were pulled shut each night by us and locked with a four inch lock with a key. No one was permitted inside these gates and nobody but the owner and us had the keys. This particular evening we had retired late and my husband had locked and checked the outside gate. It was locked.

Inside our suite was a door that had a lock that you could lock from the inside and outside. Being inside for the rest of the evening, we had placed the keys in the door and locked our suite from the inside, leaving the keys dangling inside just in case of an emergency and we needed to get out. I took the handle and shook it down making sure the door was locked and secure. The door seemed to be on a spring, when it was unlocked and the handle was hit it would spring open about five inches and stop.

It began to rain outside and I lay in bed alongside my sleeping husband praying. I prayed to the Lord asking him to show my husband more of His amazing supernatural works because often it is very difficult for my husband to understand what has happened and is happening to me. This has kept a wedge in between us being that he does not understand the 'spiritual' connection that I need with him. I apparently fell off to sleep praying when I was awoken by my husband.

He was slamming the door to our suite. He yelled out "The door was wide open when I woke up to use the bathroom!"

Message to the Church in Philadelphia

"And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write: He who is holy, who is true, who has the key of David, who opens and no one will shut, and who shuts and no one opens, says this:

I know your deeds. Behold, I have put before you an open door which no one can shut, because you have a little power, and have kept My word, and have not denied My name.

Behold, I will cause those of the synagogue of Satan, who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie. I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and make them know that I have loved you."


I was elated, clapping and bouncing up and down with delight! I began telling him what I had been praying before I had gone to sleep. Awesome! We both went outside to check that the outside gate was locked! Yes! As well as all of the other empty apartment suites and office doors being locked and secure! He was baffled and he knew that I had secured the door right in front of his very eyes that evening.

I said to my husband, "It is amazing that I was praying that the Lord show you more supernatural works of His power and he actually used words that I always say to you. Please Lord, open a door for me...for us."

I was seriously laughing in delight over this every time I thought of it the next day! My husband has very linear thinking and processing so this supernatural happening just about blew his mind. He had no answer except that God really did open that door on that rainy night after my prayers.

God really will open a door that no man can shut! I know this by His word and also by the door that He opened that night! I can fully understand and accept the words of the Holy Bible when we read of cell doors opening and chains being broken and captives set free.

Yeshua can do all things that man can not and I am blessed to see so many of the things he does! I see it with my very eyes and I am of sound mind, as well as my husband! Jesus is awesome and amazing! My husband continues to see these things and I giggle and praise Jesus because I know that eventually we will have the spiritual connection in full very soon! Thank you Yeshua for always hearing my prayers!


VISION ON 6/13/2015

In the vision a door was opened for me! As soon as I saw the door opened I knew it was Jesus who opened it and in a quick glance I could see the other side of the door and it was beautiful! I thanked Jesus for opening a door for me again. One door was literally unlocked in the physical and this time...The Lord opened it in the spiritual!

2X in the law of prophecy is awesome news!


These three photographs taken in sepia on my cell phone were of the second blood moon. I was in Grapevine, Texas when I took these photographs. As I looked at the photographs intermittently as I was snapping these photographs of the Blood Moon...I noticed something.

I zoomed up and cropped this photograph (The 3rd in the sequence.) When I saw it I was jumping around in pure awe and delight, as well as Mz Daisey. Though many could not see anything of what we saw. Do you see what we are seeing in the photograph?

It is a clear picture of the "Lamb of God" peeking out into the world from that blood moon! Amazing sign and wonder!

I believe in Jesus because I have seen. People say that this is a very strange statement to make but I don't think so. Though I have never seen His face, I feel His presence and I know it is Him. I have seen His mighty works in so many different ways, each one spectacular and none ever the same. I know it is Him showing Himself.

When I think about this scripture below it makes me want to sob knowing that there are so many people who believe on Jesus without ever seeing the things that I have seen. God bless you all. You surely are blessed.

Thomas answered and said to Him, "My Lord and my God!" Jesus said to him, "Because you have seen Me, have you believed? Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed."

I snapped this photograph of my husband only to have both of us completely shocked by it. He took it and enlarged it on his computer and he was overwhelmed. The Holy Spirit was on him, his head and even going into his mouth. There was more though. There is a wooden cross in the photograph over his head on the wall. In real life there is no cross on our wall, as this is the actual wall below it. We see these as amazing signs and wonders!

I heard a man named Mark say these words in a recent video. "Hell exists." I have watched this man for years and I have never heard him say such a thing, though I do know that he knows that hell is real. He mentioned that people have said to him that this is not the way to get a person to acknowledge Jesus by "scaring them into Heaven." His reply?

"If I can scare a person to Heaven, then that is fine by me." :)

This is so true. When the doors of Heaven and Hell opened up on me, "It scared me to Heaven." I believe now that without me actually seeing these things and experiencing these things in the tremendous ways which I did, I would have surely not changed my ways nor believed.

The next photograph was taken in Trophy Club, Texas from another cell phone. I had placed my hand out and snapped the photograph and I was stunned to see the cross on my forehead. I took many more photographs after that and realized that it was not a reflection of anything in my car or outside. None of the other photographs in the very same position showed the cross on my head. Only this one. The cross is actually darker than my hair. What else struck me as so amazing? This photograph was taken in 2013 on Resurrection Friday Night! Amazing sign and wonder. I did not ask but He showed me anyways!
If you do not see anything but black, tip your computer screen forward just a bit and you will see it.

The next photograph was taken in Billings, Montana. A clear purple seven was up in the sky over the apartment house we were renting from. It was taken by my my own personal camera. The number seven is perfection! Completion! And purple is royalty! Our King is royalty! Amazing signs and wonders!

Mark 16:17-18, Jesus said to the Apostles, "And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover."

I believe these words above because I have experienced them personally. I believe because I have seen. Yes, I have cast out devils, I have spoke in new tongues, I have been poisoned and I did not die, and I have seen complete miraculous healing of others.

"Truly the signs of an apostle were wrought among you in all patience, in signs, and wonders, and mighty deeds."

I was speaking through an email to a new friend named Jeane and she unknowingly had inspired me to share a few of these signs and wonders that I, as well as others close to me have seen. I did not ask for these signs and wonders nor did I need to see these signs and wonders to believe in Jesus. I already believed when Jesus showed me these amazing things. Jesus is really alive!


The beginning of the dream started out horrible. Everywhere I went people were purposely giving me a really difficult time, as if this was their purpose to do this to me. My stomach began to ache terribly and I headed to the bathroom because I thought that I would become sick. Everything was beyond my control and as I stepped into the bathroom with my cell phone in my hand, my boss yelled at me "You don't want to work-you just want to sit on your phone."

Now I was upset beyond belief because AGAIN this was not true and the things that were being done and said to me were not true about me! It was only the 'choice and belief" of others but surely not the truth of me and who I am as a person. What was transpiring in my prophetic dream had nothing to do with God's truth. I was so very frustrated and righteously angry. I stepped out of the room I was in and walked out the door. I began to walk across a field with bushes and trees.


I was shocked to see a friend who I hadn't seen in twenty-five years ago. She said something very nasty to me and I had had enough. I raised my right hand out towards her and rebuked her in the name of Jesus. Just as I had said those words, her body was lifted up and flung into a thorn bush. I could hear her screaming out and to be honest...I was happy. She got what she deserved for her hatred and lies against me. I looked again at the ruckus going on in the bush and quickly had my attention taken away from her by loud angry voices I heard coming closer towards me.

It was a mob of people coming at me from all directions. A lynch mob! Angry, hateful and headed towards me in a very fast pace. I took both of my arms and flung them out to the sides of me. My palms were up and I said some type of prayer. This prayer and the actions of my body somehow forced this amazing power to come from my hands. Like rocket force shooting from my body and out of my hands, this power took me up in the air away from all of these wicked people who were seeking to do me harm.

I flew high up as the top of a telephone wire, and I looked down at them. They were looking up at me very fearful and yelling out in panic. I was amazed and when I acknowledged that I was out of harms way, my attention was taken from these bullies and I flew higher and higher! I was moving very fast high up in the sky. I became so overwhelmed at the feelings of this euphoric feeling that I sadly woke up.

The Most Amazing Sign & Wonder That I Recently Experienced!


February 19, 2016

My husband and I went to see 'Risen' tonight. As we were leaving the the movie theater, I threw my poncho over my head and pulled my long hair out from underneath. I was shocked. A huge spot of my long hair on the right side of my head, up in front near my face was slicked down and very wet with OIL! I kid you not!

I was shocked beyond belief and I didn't know what it was at first. I could feel an abundance of it wet and clumped in my hair. It was very slippery in my fingers, no smell and it felt like oil! I thought I was losing my mind! I must have sounded panicked and said, "Honey my hair is really wet with something. What is it?" As my husband and I stepped out of the semi-darkened theater and into the well lit lobby, I asked my husband to look at what was wet in my hair. We stepped to the side of the people walking in the crowd, as he touched my hair and rubbed his fingers together.

He said that it was wet and slippery. I thought "OIL" of Yeshua! That thought was in my mind strongly though I felt strange saying it to my husband in public. There was no other explanation for this! When we got home it was completely gone! My mind could not stop thinking about this.

My husband said that when he felt my hair, the very first thing he thought was Yeshua and the oil. He had not confided in me, nor me him until we lay in bed and spoke about it. I began to tell him about the writing I had written about all the "OIL" and I began to explain to him about Mary Magdalene and how she anointed his head, and then his feet with her tears and hair preparing Him for death. I stopped abruptly and I yelled out, "Oh my gosh! Her hair! Her hair!" Both my husband and I were amazed that we both had not thought about Mary and her hair! Amazing. Crazy amazing signs and wonders! I had tears in my eyes in the dark thinking of this happening to my hair. Surreal yet real. Yeshua is amazing!


I am aware that these experiences that I share are unbelievable but they are so true! They excite me in a way that I so badly want to share with others! I wish you could see through my eyes and see the amazing things that He shows me. My faith is so great because of these things. It takes all of my fear away and it makes me so happy to know that Jesus is really alive and for those who believe on Him...we have nothing to fear. We have everything to look forward to with great joy!

I hope that my visions and especially these awesome signs and wonders that I have shared encouraged you to have great faith in Yeshua. The key is FAITH. The Kingdom is for all who believe on Him and have FAITH!

Shalom, JG


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  • JG Hemlock profile imageAUTHOR

    JG Hemlock 

    22 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    This was quite interesting. I have to re-read this again when I am fresh and awake. There are many meanings in here.

  • profile image


    22 months ago

    Forgot to mention a dream, speaking of keys.

    I was in a room and this white man in his late twenties/early thirties came in and said something I do not recall to me. He had heavy eye-makeup on, an odd punk style haircut-very dark hair similar to a mohawk style and dark eyes. There were these turquoise/cyan colored tattoo patterns all along the edges of the shaved part of his head. He had punk style clothing as well. He also had a cloth around the bottom of his chin that went all the way around his neck and down into his clothes (an older black man I was friends with as a child had been badly burned and had material like this covering his entire body to protect it. I grew up in a very racist community but was blind to racism myself until my eyes were opened after seeing Him-his house was burned down by racists while he was sleeping and he did not always look that way in my knowing him).

    I asked why he was there and he said he came to see my neighbor because they were in a group together. (During this time I was thinking that how he appeared was full of things God hates-then the words UNRIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT).

    I asked what group an Internet group? Then I thought "I bet he will like me and want to be around me"...then the words SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS.

    He also wore two earings in his right ear. They were keys, one horizonal and the tip facing away from him and the other, almost crossing vertical with the tip facing down. I asked him about them and he said he likes them but they are not real ones (I thought models of real ones). (Upon reflection the horizontal key represented death like laying in a coffin and the vertical one pointing down represented hades).

    I say he is an interesting fellow and he replies 'everybody seems to think so'.

    Then he changed into an older black man 60's or so with a hand that looked wooden and spoke to me; again not recalling what he said and I looked at him and said "You have a wooden hand just like that black guy in Happy Gilmore". He drew me near and tells me it was deformed and has me shake it to see it is not wooden but flesh. He rebukes me for a lack of compassion and consideration and says I must repent. I cried and felt emotional pain. He then said, This is not genuine; you must go deeper. (After he said this it was like he was showing me what the purest form I should have of compassion and consideration was-very hard to put into words...let's say it was a filling of knowing-each and every word and moment matter and must not be taken lightly). I dropped like a rock to my belly and all these deep pleadings were coming out of me...far beyond emotion. Like the darkest moments you have felt in your life that go so deep they almost tear you apart...ripping you deep within.

    Then all these children were surrounding me trying to comfort me all while I keep thinking about my unworthiness. I loved how kind the children were and thought about the times I was not so kind and considerate to children (rather leaning more on the stern side).

    Then I woke up in real life to the sound of my phone receiving an e-mail of which at the bottom of it my friend had put 'Above all, maintain constant love for one another, for love covers a multitude of sins'. I was in awe and tears. How great is our God! Truly ♡

  • profile image


    22 months ago

    Some photos you put up resonate with this servant's experiences. Walking, I hit my head on some sort of sign which caused much bleeding down my face and onto my shirt. As a scab it was in the shape of a cross just above and slightly to the right of in between my eyes. This happened not long before I physically died. My friend thought I did it to myself...definitely not my style. Now that it has healed it looks like a 7. This happened sometime in November 2010.

    This servant also has an amazing photo from the sky but does not wish to share publicly due to feeling as though it would disgrace the image to splatter all over the internet. Only a handful have seen it and I would like to share it with you with the hope that you would keep it among only those you believe are genuinely walking with Him.

  • JG Hemlock profile imageAUTHOR

    JG Hemlock 

    2 years ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Hey Co...your message couldn't have come at a better time. I have been away doing some writing and waiting on the "Great One." It is coming! 10 of my prophetic visions are running in the news headlines as we speak. I have been busy. Thanks for the kind words. It is good to see someone who is actually a REAL follower of Yeshua instead of the pos for Christ out there. As for the gift of is Jesus! He is speaking! I just write it down! Watch for it...expect them all because they will come and so is HE! :) YAY! I can't wait to get out of this world.

  • profile image


    2 years ago

    Around March, I think it was, you posted a whole slew of these posts and I have kept them around on my email reading list. They are very encouraging regarding what Yahweh and Yeshua is currently doing. I'd like to see more posts. I'm not sure where you've gone since, but I would encourage you to come back.

    I follow a lot of prophetic accounts, being prophetic myself, but few exhibit the genuine gift the way you do.

  • JG Hemlock profile imageAUTHOR

    JG Hemlock 

    2 years ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS


    As soon as I read this I wondered if that is why I felt so strongly to place them inside my writing. I kept thinking of you! ha! That's great! You can ask me anything, question me of anything and it would never invade my privacy. Sometimes I would prefer to answer it in private but I am certainly not offended by anything people want to ask or inquire. I despise those who don't ask and make their very false judgments and presumptions instead! :) Have a great night happy heart!

  • jeannefentress profile image


    2 years ago from Washington State

    JG: You know I was hoping you would share that amazing picture of your husband with the Holy Spirit....but I couldn't ask because I didn't want to invade your privacy. Thank you so very much for sharing. Again you made my heart "happy". :)


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