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The Ouija Board Superstitions, History, and Safety Tips

Updated on July 23, 2016

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When people talk about Ouija Boards, it is usually surrounds superstitions that the board is evil. TV shows and movies glorify the board as hosting malevolent spirits, showing what could go wrong when using the board. Famous movies like the Ouija Board experiment has spread like wildfire, showing teenagers or young adults getting killed one by one by spirits or demons who they had released in the world. There is even a warning on some movies to not buy an Ouija board because it is unknown what trouble might be unreleased by curious people who really didn’t understand what they were messing with.

The negative opinion the board has spreads far from just the media through. Many families ban the use of even possessing the board in the household. Maybe it is due to the urban legends that have been passed down from generation to generation. Most everybody I talked to has a story where a relative or friend played with the game only for the planchette to move by itself, catch on fire, or levitate. Yet, with all the technology we possess, there is not one picture has proof of these occurrences.

It doesn’t even stop there. Even official paranormal teams refuse to allow its use during investigations, and if they see anybody with the board, they are kicked out. The Ouija board is feared by so many due to the black power that it possesses. Everybody knows of the dangers but does anybody know when the first Ouija board was made and why?

In this article, there are two things that are important enough to discuss. The first is the history, so people will understand why the Ouija board was invented and then discuss some safety tips for those who want to try to communicate.

Elijah Bond

Picture of Elijah and his headstone
Picture of Elijah and his headstone | Source


Although many are in doubt about the who first the Ouija board, it was patented by Elijah Bond on February 10, 1891. Many people believe that Ouija was describing somebody who Elijah lost but actually Elijah claimed that spirits told him to name it Ouija because it was Egyptian for ‘Good Luck.’ For the first year it also was known as the Egyptian Lucks Boards and was sold for the price of $1.50.

There is no definite reason for Elijah making the board, it doesn’t state in any article or news story of if he lost a love one or a family member, or if he was just curious to see if the afterlife was real. Perhaps the reasoning for him trying to communicate with the dead will never be known. What is known is the Ouija board was tested at the patent office and the planchette spelled out the patent attorney’s name leading to the patent of the Ouija Board.

Elijah was only in business for a year after the first round of Ouija boards were sold and gave it to his work partner, William Fuld the company. Fuld ran the company and it was so successful that the Ouija board told him to make a new factory which during construction in 1927 died in a freak accident working on factory. What followed is Fuld’s family holding the rights to the board until 1960’s when they sold it to Parker Brothers.

Now, since the 1960’s, a lot of research has been focused on how the Ouija board works, and atlas, people are still confused rather or not it is real or not. Experiments have been done to see if its mass hysteria, tired hands that just relax letting the planchette move, or rather it is supernatural. One experiment, had robots in another room move the planchette while the person is in the same room with the Ouija board, and found that when not in control, people answered more multiple choice questions correctly using the board than when asked verbally without the use of the boards. Researchers also believe that it might be our brains that causes this jump in correct answers and may point out diseases before the person is aware they have a disease (1). That is all the history that is known.

Any salt will do, all you need is a pinch of salt and water. Its really simple
Any salt will do, all you need is a pinch of salt and water. Its really simple | Source
When you get ready to begin, always start with hello
When you get ready to begin, always start with hello | Source
Always end in goodbye
Always end in goodbye | Source

How to use it

If you still want to play the Ouija board, here is a guide to be completely safe and have the best chances of communicating with a spirit.

1) Must play with more than one player. I tried to play with myself many times and it never did anything. The planchette didn’t move, the candles didn’t change, I heard no weird noises. It just doen’t work. Most people believe that if you play by yourself, you are easier to possess. I don’t worry about possession but I never got it to work by myself. So if you believe in possession, don’t play alone. If not and you get it to work, let me know. I’m jealous.

2) The room has to be dark, it is best to play between the hours of midnight and three a.m. because it takes time for spirits to get their energy strong enough to move the planchette.

3) You don’t need this but having candles by your board will help you see the board better. If it is still too dark to see the letters and numbers, turn a light on in the corner of the room, don’t turn on your ceiling lights because it may be too bright.

4) Mix salt with water and wash your board with it. The salt will help trigger the doorway to the other side to be open and the water and the water cleanses the board of any spirit that was attached previously. Note: you want to rinse it again and dry it because the salt can make moving the planchette really tough.

5) If you play with more than two players, ask one to just sit back and record all communication from the session. Its gets tricky keeping track of what is getting spelled out on the boards so having somebody who keeps track, will help you when going back and seeing everything that happened during the session

6) Start by opening the door to the other side and welcoming anybody who wants to speak to you.

7) Always ask if something is there with you for the first question

8) If the planchette tries to leave the board or do a figure eight, immediately move the planchette to goodbye and close the session. The spirit is trying to leave the board

9) If the planchette goes down the alphabet or numbers in order, say goodbye, the spirit is not a nice spirit.

10) Never ask how you are going to die. It does nothing but mess with your head.

11) If you ask the spirit’s age and he doesn’t answer or goes to a ridiculous number like 444, then it is a demon and not a spirit. If you get a demon, don’t egg it on or be disrespectful. You will regret it.

12) Time passes very quickly while playing, keep a clock or better yet a timer going to see how long you are playing. There’s been a case where time escapes people and they end up still playing for eight hours. I was once playing with a friend for three hours and it felt like fifteen minutes had passed only. So time flies by.

13) If you hear a strange noise, a candle does something weird (like the flame is sideways instead of up, happened to me once), don’t panic and don’t leave the game. There’s a reason for this which I will get to shortly.

14) The most important, when it’s time to close the session, say thank you to the spirit, and close the board by bringing the planchette to the goodbye. Afterwards, close the doorway by saying that the doorway is now closed and nothing else can get through it. It is very important you both say goodbye and close the doorway. If not, you leave the possibility of a spirit escaping.

Those are the fourteen rules that I can think of. Most importantly, be open minded and have fun with your friends. If any of your friends get spooked and wants to quit, then say goodbye and end the session. Everybody is different and everybody has a different threshold of fear. Don't call your friends a baby, just accept that they no longer want to play during this session.


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My Response

3 stars for Ouija Board

My Lesson

That’s pretty much it. Do I recommend playing? Yes and no. I have two Ouija boards, one is from Target and the other is an authentic one that hangs on my wall. I play with both. The same entity always seems to answer with the initials of T.M.I. Since I have been playing, I have been hearing weird knocking sounds and a male’s voice saying my name every night. I been waking up at 2:45-2:55 every morning and I haven’t found any reason for it. I heard footsteps in my hallway and my cats have been acting very strangely. Today, while cleaning, I discovered one wheel of my sister's wheelchair was spinning even through it hadn't been used in two weeks. I'm not saying that its paranormal based but its enough to make me question sometimes rather or not there is more to the Ouija board than just fun.

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In conclusion

So if you want to play, be smart and be careful. Be respectful, and have fun. Remember this is a game that entitles a lot of supernatural aspects and urban legends. Who knows if you are really communicating with the dead or not and what happens when you invite the dead to you. I hope the history was interesting and the tips will help anybody who does want to play the game. It’s a very special and unique game that will always be dazzled in myths


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    • poppyr profile image

      Poppy 13 months ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Interesting article. I always thought that 'Ouija' was putting the French word and the German word for 'yes' ('oui' and 'ja') together. I don't think I would ever play with one of those. Isn't worth it if demons enter your life. Thank you for sharing your experiences.