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Ghost Hunting Epuipment: The P-SB7 Spirit Box

Updated on January 15, 2013
SB7 Spirit Box upclose.
SB7 Spirit Box upclose. | Source
Very helpful to have a portable speaker with the SB7 Spirit Box to enhance the sound significantly.
Very helpful to have a portable speaker with the SB7 Spirit Box to enhance the sound significantly. | Source

ITC Research Device

As seen on Ghost Adventures, the P-SB7 Spirit Box is the hot new device on the market of the paranormal community. Designed by Gary Galka of DAS, It’s an amazing piece of equipment sweeping through radio frequencies delivering continuous amounts of white noise.

Why is this product starting to get so popular you ask? Like I was saying, it delivers continuous amounts of white noise by sweeping through radio frequencies quickly. What this does, is that it allows spirits to communicate with the living in real time. If you think about it, it’s just like an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) with a big up side to it.

Everyone in the paranormal world is very familiar with an EVP. EVP’s are disembodied (separated from existence) voices that are caught at a lower frequency than normal human hearing can detect. They are a vital piece of evidence to determine if a spirit or spirits are present. White noise operates on a lower frequency and that’s why spirits are able to communicate to the living. It takes a good amount of energy for a spirit to communicate, so I believe that having a source of white noise would be a spirits preference.

EVP’s are most of the time captured on a digital recorder. There is a huge down side however to capturing evidence on a digital recorder. I think everyone knows what I’m going to mention. You have to listen to the recording. It could be 5 minutes long, 30 minutes, an hour, etc. You have to have good ears to because you might miss something. I don’t know any ghost hunter that enjoys the process of sitting down and listening for audio evidence for a long time. The reward of capturing evidence is worth it though.

The other down side is if you have other people in the room or area that you’re doing your EVP session in, no one can make a noise. Not a sound. When there are more people around in your EVP session, people can possibly subconsciously talk out loud and not even know it. Basically, everyone has to stay still and be quiet. A good technique to use for this problem is to take note of the noise. If somebody coughs or somebody else talks, state it in the recording.

These problems don’t occur with a P-SB7 spirit box. An EVP is captured in real time and saves an abundance of time for a paranormal investigator.

AM/FM Frequencies and Speeds

The P-SB7 Spirit box has both AM and FM frequencies. They can sweep forwards or backwards. Does it matter which frequency or which way to sweep? Honestly with my personal experience with it, it works either way. I love the device. I would suggest the AM frequency as it doesn’t make as much noise as the FM frequency. You can also hear the voices that are coming through much better. As far as a speed to have on your sweeping frequencies, the faster the better.

The Problem

The only problem with P-SB7 box is the sound. You can put the volume all the way up, but still wouldn’t be able to hear it very well. This problem can be fixed with a portable speaker. I would recommend the Altec portable speaker. It picks up sound very well. Other than that, The spirit box is truly a great and unique device.

Buy One Today!

The Spirit Box has been flying of the shelves as of lately. It would be wise to buy one now to avoid any long backorders. I had to wait over a month for mine. Order a spirit box now!

Me Using the Spirit Box


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