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The Paradox of Existence

Updated on June 19, 2013

I think therefore I am...... I am therefore I exist

Some scientists, with astro-physicists leading the way, have gone out on a limb to say flatly that the formation of the universe had nothing to do with God (or any such Supernatural Being). Rather, via the simplest mechanics of quantum physics, sub-atomic particles (photons, electrons, neutrons and their elemental structure called quarks) interacted in some ways to produce what we now perceive as the cosmos. They further aver that a Unified Theory (M theory) could potentially encompass all the known (and yet unknown) laws of physics that rule the inner/outer workings of the universe, thus inferring that the universe was not any grand design by an intelligent being. If so, what does that mean for our existence? Are we then just the happenstance formation of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and some other minor elements, that over millions of years evolved into sentient, volitional. creative beings whose existence may not mean much?

If the creation of the cosmos, and the subsequent formation and evolution of life on earth (or any other planets out there that might be located in what scientists call the Goldilock zone of a solar system much like ours) was just a random event, why even produce a specie (Homo Sapiens) that evolved with a brain that has allowed him to ask the when and the how, but most importantly the why of existence. Therein lies the stunning paradox.

Stunning as well, is the reality, now being proposed by the scientific community, of not one but million other universes (multiverse). The potential for intelleigent life on other solar/planetary systems is mutiplied by a factor too unimaginable to contemplate. It seems that humans, in their earthly corner located in a distant arm of the Milky Way galaxy holds no claim to being the center of his universe.... or any other universe for that matter.

Very early on in their history, humans thought that they were at the center of the universe. Until Galileo came along, rare was the human who did not look at his existence in an egocentric manner. Man's ego has been bruised enough by the realization that he is not even the center of this solar system, and now to be told that his formation was never an intentional event, but rather the result of cascading events that in all its multiplicity and complexity had randomness written all over them is just too stunning to comprehend. Events starting with the Big Bang down to the formation of galaxies and the star systems that form those galaxies, to the initiation of intelligent life on a small planet humans call home, now seemed all too paradoxical in what scientist now propose as the non-utility and futility of it all.

Yes "The Big Bang", but was that what really intiated the creation of our universe? Several scientists, with astrophysicists leading the way have started to lay the foundation of a quite different scenario. What they are now proposing is that "The Big Bang" is actually just "a Big Bounce"... some kind of "FLUCTUATION" in space-time continuum. As they conceptualized it, space consists of "discreet units called loops and that its microscopic structure could FLUCTUATE among multiple simultaneous states....and via loop quantum gravity, the BIg Bang would really have been just a "big bounce" from an earlier collapsing universe".

Interesting concept, "Fluctuation" . Stunning too to realize that it was the very same word that Dr Eben Alexander, in his book "The Proof Of Heaven" used to indicate the particular knowledge imparted to him by a Divine presence as the initiating event that created our own universe, during his near-death-experience.

The above discussion seems to lead to the ideal conclusion that the spiritual and the scientific could in fact complement and supplement each other, thus are not mutually exclusive.


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    • A.Villarasa profile image

      Alexander A. Villarasa 5 years ago from Palm Springs

      Hello Mr. Martin:

      It's nice to hear from you again... I hope the Philippines continues to treat you well.

      The same Stephen Hawking who now claims that gravity initiated the creation of the cosmos, wrote in an article done for Time magazine on the occasion of it naming Albert Einstein the Man of the Century several years ago, posited that gravity is but the manifestation (the effect) of a curved space-time continuum and any material object within that continuum exerts its gravitational pull (or push) because of the displacement it exerts on the curvature of time-space. I must have missed the transition of gravity being just an effect to the actual effector i.e creator. The human brain occupying such a small space inside the calvarium, it must not have been such a difficult task for Hawking's brain to connect then transition the importance of gravity in the grand scheme of things.

    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Beautiful, AV!

      What's curious about that "scientific" stance is that they don't ask where the photons, electrons, neutrons and their elemental structure called quarks came from.

      Hawking supposedly said that the existence of reality can be explained by gravity; we don't need a supernatural being. But where did gravity come from. And where did the time and space in which gravity exists come from?

      Somehow, I think scientists are getting a little lazy in their thinking. Or perhaps a bit too narrowly focused on physical phenomena to see that there is an outside to their "box."

      Some of my own spiritual experiences knock the stuffing out of the "accidental" universe paradigm.

      That man had the stuffing knocked out of his "ego," was a good thing. That ego is not being puffed up again, because science thinks it has it all figured out and that there is no "god" to look up to, counts as several steps backwards.

      Selfishness is the antithesis of civilization. Action-reaction continuity also works against civilization. With the creative force (discontinuous in nature; i.e. outside the realm of science), we could not overcome the action-reaction destructiveness of victim-perpetrator. Without the creative nature of forgiveness and inspiration, Homo sapiens would've been doomed to perpetual primitiveness.

      God is not 1's and 0's in a physical machine called "universe." He is source of all sources -- ultimate source. And it isn't God-Devil dichotomy. God is above all dichotomies -- the perfection of love. He is the "one-sided coin" of "paramita" (perfect) love untainted with even the smallest spot of hate.

      That's why scientists, using the imperfect paradigm of doubt biased skepticism will never understand "Faith," because this perfection of confidence has not even the smallest shred of doubt in it. Faith is not part of a dichotomy. It exists above all dichotomies. It is confidence untainted by doubt, just as Peter felt for a few seconds before his doubt returned and he could no longer stand on the unsettled Sea of Galilee.

      The universe exists, therefore God IS.

    • A.Villarasa profile image

      Alexander A. Villarasa 5 years ago from Palm Springs

      Hello Mike:

      Thanks for dropping by and adding some very interesting thoughts on what and how it means to be able to tap into the spiritual side of existence. Your life's journey has been quite restless and turbulent, to say the least, and I hope you will find the love and peace that you have so hungered for. My life has been relatively sedate, and I have to thank my parents for grounding me early on in the imperative of assuming full responsibility for every decisions (big or small) I make in my life.

    • Mike Marks profile image

      Mike Marks 5 years ago

      Computers demonstrate that binary code, 1's and 0's, is all that is needed to build vast information... man has also demonstrtaed that computers can be built on as few as eight atoms, differentiation in the atoms representing binary code... hence all the atoms in the universe can work together in a system of stored information... information that can build forms and process ideas... I don't think God, defined as the BIGGEST and/or OLDEST sentinent Being in existence necessarily came before the stuff that made him, but it seems clear to me that such a sentient Being singularity may exist, have access to all experience in existence, hence all-knowledge and thereupon a concluding summary that Love is best, along with power to move and shape all existence... binary code is just another form of dualism, as in yin and yang, darkness and light, God and the Devil... so what was the stuff that came before God? The thought that NOTHINGness is I'Mpossible, therefore Eternity is, and within Eternity the first conscious thought built out of 0-Oblivion and 1-the awareness of self-Presence within Oblivion, in the beginning of consciousawakening was the first startling Word wwwww...