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The Paranormal Haunted New Orleans

Updated on September 19, 2016
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I am a photographer, published artist and writer. I am a makeup artist student, and studying herbs. I love to write and share my view points


~I had seen becoming a vampire in two lights: The first light was simply enchantment... But the other light was my wish for self-destruction.~

~Anne Rice~

New Orleans-Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana nick named "The Big Easy" is the largest city in Louisiana with a population of 384,320 according to the 2014 Census report. It is a town that is located at the mouth of the Mississippi-Missouri river system, bordered by Lake Pontchartrian and the Gulf of Mexico. New Orleans was founded in 1718 by Sieur de Bienville.

Not only is this huge city known for its Goth culture and vampires, but also for the Saint Louis Cathedral, The French Quarter, Jackson Square and the St. Louis Cemetery No.1; just to name a few things.

Let's not forget the famous Anne Rice who is the author of Interview with the Vampire, The Queen of the Damned, The Vampire Lestat and the Vampire Armand.


~I think that it is very good for people to talk about their paranormal experiences and share stories about things that they cannot explain.~

~Rosemary Ellen Guiley~

True Hauntings Part One

The Castle Inn located on Fourth Street-New Orleans has had reports from several of their staff people that they seen a male apparition standing by a window in Room #11 and also other areas of the Inn. Some guest, as well as staff members have reported of objects moving by themselves, electric lights and appliances turning on and off by their self. Strange sounds, footsteps and water faucets turning on and off in empty bathrooms.

The Lafitte Guest House located on Bourbon Street in New Orleans Was built in 1848-1849 is said to be haunted. There is a story that speaks of a mother and her children died in room #21. One of the children died of yellow fever and the other hung herself in the room. The mother grieved for the rest of her life and died of a broken heart years later. Both guest and staff members claim to hear someone crying with intense feeling of despair. It is also said that outside the room, one of the daughters appears in the mirror. There have also been reports of the lights going on and off by them self.

True Hauntings Part Two

Pat O'Brien's located on Peter Street, New Orleans has a story all of its own. Employees have reported during times when the old building was empty of customers that strange cold spots could be felt and footsteps could be heard from the piano bar area. Others have reported feeling cold spots and felt as if they were being pushed when no one else was around them.

Lafitte's Blacksmith's Shop located on Bourbon Street, New Orleans is said to be haunted by a pirate named Jean Lafitte. It is said that by the fireplace grate was the last resting place for his treasure that he swore to protect for eternity. Staff members have reported seeing red eyes beaming through the grate of the fireplace and have felt chilled unwholesome feelings surrounding it. Some guest have reported that they had been touched by him as well. Staff members and guest have reported seeing Jean Lafitte and claim as soon as he is noticed he vanished leaving behind a strong smell of tobacco.

Upstairs there is a mirror which is haunted by Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau.

True Hauntings Part Three

The Bourbon Pub located on Bourbon Street has had several different accounts of paranormal activity. Staff member and guest have encountered cold spots, disembodied voices and a ghost of a Creole slave lady that the staff started calling Mam. She is seen wearing an old cotton dress, with a bandana on her head and carrying a wooden spoon. Mam will walk around talking to herself and is known to stop in front of the staff members and stare at them before vanishing. Often when a place goes through a renovation, for some reason it stirs up paranormal activity. It is said that the Bourbon Pub recently when through renovation and since that time cups have moved across the bar by there self, footsteps can be heard on the second floor and one of the bartenders claims each night he sees a bands walk across the dance floor. Some people believe that perhaps the ghost do not like the changes being made and that is why paranormal activity becomes so active.

Cafe Lafitte in Exile claims it is haunted by the ghost of Truman Capotes. He was a novelist and playwright who was born in New Orleans. His ghost as been seen numerous times on the small stairwell that leads to the second floor. It is said his ghost has been captured on video and film. **PLEASE NOTE: I TRIED TO LOCATE ONE OF THESE VIDEOS AND COULD NOT FIND THEM. ** I am not saying this is not true, just that I could not find any evidence. They say that many orbs have been seen along with strange mist in some photos. Upstairs on the balcony there had been sightings of ghost. It is said that people on the street will be waving to the people on the balcony at Cafe Lafitte and all of a sudden people will vanish in thin air. As with many haunting's in New Orleans you usually hear about Maire Laveau being seen near or at the Cafe Lafitte.

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Vampire Tours New Orleans

© 2015 Eva Thomas

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