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The Passing Clouds!

Updated on December 1, 2015

Passing clouds!

Cosmos, a grand illusion!

“Cloud” has become a focal point in computer field. But I am not competent enough to discuss the cloud phenomena in computer field. Rather I would discuss about the ‘clouds’ in the sky. We often hear about the term ‘passing clouds”. Why people use this combination? It is not stationary and it won’t be the same, the next moment. Everyone has great knowledge about the clouds in the sky, how they are formed, how they move briskly across the sky etc. Also, the clouds are found all around the sky. It is the only phenomena which plays hide and seek with the sky. At times, the cloud has the audacity to hide the very Sun, which is the primal cause for formation of the cloud. Sun’s rays heat the sea surface and the water evaporated reaches the sky and form as ‘clouds’. Once it interacts with the cool wind, rain pours on earth. The rain water thus collected in small ponds become rivulets and reaches the lower surfaces. Many such rivulets join together become a stream of river. When the rainfall is copious and continuous, floods starts speeding up the river flow. Ultimately, the rivers reach the oceans or sea adjacent to this.

In a similar line, we all have parted from Brahman and we have to reach back Brahman which is our primary source. Our parting is due to the effect of the illusory mind principle. Those who follow the non-dual, advaita philosophy asserts that there is ‘no parting at all and we are always one with god. But we all have to accept that we are all living in great illusions which bring grief and pain along with it. How this has happened is really a mystery. Our inner realm resembles a deep and dark cave without any light for several incarnations on earth due to the onslaught of desires, lust, anger, pride and passion. Though every individual possess a streak of light in the form of self, it is veiled by the thick coats of all that is dark like ego, selfishness, greed etc. Only those souls who have purified their conscious and got rid of the evil propensities can become a fully realized soul.

We are embodiments of Divine Light like the Sun god. But even the Sun god, who is effulgence and warmth is hidden by small clouds for a moment. When the sky is overcast during rainy season, we don’t see the Sun for days. Only when the sky has become clear of the clouds, we see the sun and enjoy the light and warmth. Can we say that there is no sun when it is hidden behind the clouds? No! The Sun always shine and it never takes a moment of rest. Huge atomic reactions take place in the sun which generates million watts of power each second. Hence the Sun is able to give light and heat to the entire globe and all beings on earth enjoy sunshine during the day time. Now a great doubt may arise in the mind of readers. Since Advaita philosophy completely rules out the existence of a cosmos or world, how the earth and sun and all living beings are valid? This tricky question could be answered in two ways. During dream, a man dreams about many things and undergo myriads of experiences as though in a waking state. He feels that every experience during the dream is real. Once he wakes up, he find that he has not stirred out from his bed and the entire dream is ‘mind’s creation’. When the mind is capable of creating a ‘night dream,’ why it could not fabricate a day dream too (waking state)?

Hence, the mind is quiet capable of creating any number of illusions during the day time waking state also. As the magician brings many things from an empty hat, so too the trickster mind creates many things out of nothing! Hence this is a case of ‘hoodwinking’ and nothing else. Hence Swami Vivekananda, a famous saint and Advaitin exhorts the ignorant people to “Arise, Awake, Stop Not till the goal is reached. Evidently, we are in deep slumber. We need somebody who is a realized one to wake us up from this ignorance and sleep. He says, “Awake” which indicates that we have to wake up in the Self which is nothing but consciousness. When we wake up in conscious self, the dream and waking state naturally fall apart since they have no inherent validity. Hence all the pain and grief, all the torture we undergo are creation of the mind and it is never real. Be aware of this cosmic Truth!

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