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The Perception Of Being

Updated on March 30, 2013

The Desire to Die

The Joy of Wonder

The Perception of Being

From The Darkness which I came

(& have dwelt, kept cold & alone in Lucifer's Shadow

- blinded & confused by God's Holy Light),

To The Darkness I shall return

A Victim & A Victor

wearing the scars of a Lost Destiny -

Bloodied & Embattled

adorned in medals handed out by unseen accusers

made of paper & rotted wood

Trophies of Triumph

Forged in the shape of a noose

Who am I to ask for Forgiveness?

(when I cant even ask that of myself)

I have neither served nor knelt

before The Glory & Grace of God

I have neither confessed nor begged

to have mercy shone on my sins

This cross is much too heavy to carry

& too shameful to bear.

To say I am Nothing is saying I am more than I am.

Let all those who oppose my well-intentioned though Lustful Heart

stand up now & make all your grievances felt

There is no escape for me here.

So pull back your bows & aim your arrows

I will not move


Release all your Hatred & Disgust

Let it rain down on me the way Jesus' Blood rained down on Us

The Piercing of my Flesh

The Force of your Contempt

will Not knock me over

The Creation of God?

The Spawn of Satan?

Infinite in my Infancy

I deny both a piece of my soul

My Love is Not for sale

My Love is Eternal

though I do confess & confess only this

- Even Eternity Ends

(even eternity ends)

From The Darkness which I came

- to The Darkness I shall return

Ah men


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