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The Perfect Life You Can Have It Too

Updated on September 3, 2013

What Is The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To You?

Before you read to far, I am going to ask you to stop and think for a few minutes. This is not a test, there are no right or wrong answers, and you will never be asked to discuss what you feel was the worse thing that has ever happened to you.

For some it may be their childhood, poverty, sexual, family, or even something like war.

Dont read any further, really stop and think about the worst thing that has happened to you ever. If you are thinking of two things, one of them was more horrible in your eyes then the other... Trust me for a minute and find the one thing that haunts you the most in your life.

As you read on, please know that some of this will be very graphic in nature, as I have lived a very colorful life as my mother puts it, but we both know that God has a reason for it.

But there is hope through all this darkness, I promise you that.

How Much Worse Can It Get

Sold Into Slavery

As a teenager, Joesph was sold into slavery and if you asked him at that moment in time, if that was the worst thing that could have happened to him I am sure he would have said yes. Think about this for a minute, you are 17, your own brothers sell you to foreigners to do with you as they wish.

You had a dream not long ago about this great life you are suppose to lead, your brothers are suppose to serve you, and you are currently held prisoner by men of a far off land. The probably speak a language you do not understand. And your brothers by this time are laughing and mocking you.

How much worse can it get??

We All Have A Dark Past

My earliest memory of life that is clear is a tug of war match between my mother and father, my littlest brother Tom was being used as a rope. My father in a drunken stupor and my mother leaving with us four kids in tow. I remember a lot of yelling and screaming, and finally being in the car. The next thing I remember is mom starting to back out of the driveway and dad reaching in and throwing the car in park. For some reason I remember a yellow color station wagon.

From there my life headed down hill, it would be a dark and lonely road that made me the man I am today. I want to make one thing clear God and only God deserves the glory of my story. Many times along the way I seen Him and I turned away.

Much like Joesph what I seen as the worst day of my life was only the start of what would be a very dark future with little hope for grace from the pain and suffering.

Tell Me The Truth

Have You Ever Felt That God Left You Alone When You Needed Him The Most During Your Deepest Darkest Pain And Suffering ???

See results

Where Is God Through All Of This

Now at the beginning of this page I asked a tough question for many of us to answer, not because we dont know what it is, but because we fear that someone may learn what our dark secret is.

I know for me the first question I always like to ask is where is God when I need him most. What did I do that I deserved this much pain, why does God allow all this to happen to me. God is real but to busy to be worried about me. Why me God?

I am sure you have asked yourself many of the same questions, or something along these lines. I am just as sure that, Joesph asked him self the same questions, Try to put yourself in his place... Alone, scared, and feeling like his life was over.

I know I have looked to the heavens and screamed WHERE ARE YOU GOD?

Many times in my life, I would turn towards God, and try to be a good Christian like all the preachers tell you, accept Jesus into your heart and He will save you. As a Christian we know these words are true, yeah here it comes


It doesnt feel like that when you are suffering. You want the pain and hurt to go away, you want what you want. You want to be god and direct the outcome of your life. You want what ever is hurting to go away.

To live the perfect life, you need to stop trying to play God, and allow the sovereignty of the Lord be in control, You have to start believing that God has a perfect plan and that we do not see everything that is in His plan.


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