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The Plight Of Humanity - Unbearable Sadness

Updated on September 17, 2014

This Morning My Heart Was Crying...

I never wanted to write this article, but today is the day I must. Cruelty has reached epic proportions in this world of ours. We have come to a crossroads as human beings. We are facing the choice between darkness and light within ourselves. Those of us who really are making the effort to be kinder, more aware and more generous with each other are beginning to take up the hatred and disdain of the self-serving and greedy. It all seems for a good purpose, taking up the battle, but what it does instead is cause our youth to be conflicted and have feelings of hopelessness.

I recently read an interview with a woman who is the administrator for a teen homeless shelter. She said that in 2009, their center served just over 1000 teens. In 2010, she said the numbers had risen to over 8,000. She continued by saying that with the current rate of expansion, their facility alone would be attempting to benefit over 20,000 teens each year by 2013. She was asking for financial assistance. Their facility is underfunded and cannot keep up with the growing numbers of homeless teens coming to them for help. She said that the primary cause of the increase in cases is that many of the teens come from families who have lost their homes to foreclosure. Their parents have lost their jobs and have not been able to find another. The teens say they left the family group to try to relieve the pressure on their parents to take care of them. Sometimes there are younger family members who are unable to take care of themselves, sometimes it is just the stress of trying to adjust to dire poverty, but for whatever reason, these teens are now on their own, living in a world of people whose motto is "what's in it for me?"

The U.S. has already spent more than $550,000,000.00 in their involvement in Libya. Obama decided to pull out of that fight, more of less, but is being criticized by the military for doing so. I don't know if he has had a realization of sorts about this effort, or if he has become aware of the irony in spending so much money to help another country, while millions of his own people suffer. Honestly, anything I say would just be conjecture on my part.

There is a part of me that wants to chastise the evils of this world and judge what is in the hearts of my fellowman, but I already think that the level of sadness and angst among us is unbearable. It is challenging to stop the criticism of others when there is so much suffering in the world and I know from my own desire to shine the light on what I see as injustices, that it takes a monumental effort not to judge those who cause these things. But, by criticizing each other and fearing each other we are only adding more of the energy of dispair to the fire.

What is needed most right now is love, peace, compassion, generosity and joy. These are the emotions we must spread and share with each other. Turning our awareness to the light is the only thing that will change the world for the better. Again, I know the difficulty of putting down the sword in the 'good fight' against oppression, but what we fear, we resist and what we resist, we become.

I would like to propose a new day of world awareness. On April 15, 1965, a song sung by Jackie DeShannon, composed by Burt Bacharach and lyrics by Hal David was released. The name of that song was "What The World Needs Now Is Love". I am going to spend the next year promoting April 15th as International Day of Love and Awareness. That gives me a year to spread the word. It will be a day where I ask people to pause for a 24 hour period in their lives to support love between themselves and others. And, if possible, make the declaration to be happy in their own lives for all time. If you are willing to, please tell everyone you know that this next year on April 15th 2012 we will begin celebrating the first day of International Love and Awareness and then tell them what it means. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to anyone who will take up this cause. Start now to make it so in your own life.

Truly, if those of us who have everything we need, cannot find the strength to be happy, there is no chance for those struggling to survive, to ever find it.

I send you love and light,



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