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The Poltergeist Curse

Updated on April 13, 2011

Heather O’Rourke

Heather ORourke in her last production, Poltergeist III.
Heather ORourke in her last production, Poltergeist III.

The Poltergeist Curse

Urban myths have always haunted other major movie productions, including all three Poltergeist movies, which was written and produced by Steven Spielberg in the decade of the 1980’s. The myth claimed that the casts of all of the Poltergeist movies started when they put the real skeleton as a prop for the first movie. Jo Beth Williams has told the interviewer that she has been told that the skeleton in the swimming pool scene were real.

The story of the curse has been evolved when four of the star of Poltergeist movies as well as one Producer have suffers from a premature or mysterious deaths. Namely Dominique Dunne, Heather O’Rourke, Julian Beck, and Will Sampson as well as a director name Brian Gibson.

Dominique Dunne, who has been seen in the first Poltergeist movie, has been strangled by a jealous lover in 1982; Heather O’Rourke, a child actor who played the character Carol Anne Freeling in all three of the Poltergeist movies, died in 1988 after going septic shock; Julian Beck, who played the character “evil” Kane in Poltergeist 2, died from stomach cancer even thought doctor have diagnosed with it long before he was cast into the role of Poltergeist 2; and Will Sampson, who played the character the Medicine Man in Poltergeist 2, died from kidney failure. Last but not least; Brian Gibson, who directed Poltergeist 2 movie, died prematurely from Ewing’s Sarcoma in 2004.

There is another incident that is link with the Poltergeist trilogy occurred during a photo shoot featuring Zelda Rubenstein, who played the psychic in the Poltergeist movie. In one picture, her face is entirely obscured by the shining white light and the strangest part is that the picture was taken at the same time as her mother death a thousand miles away from where the picture was taken.

In the last few years, a television series that is title Poltergeist: the Legacy has been running for some time, and now they have been released on DVD. Only time will tell when the tragic heritage of the movie curse is finally over or it have cross over from the big screen to the cable networks.



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    • profile image

      Jacob Swanson 

      6 years ago

      I Haved Ben A Big Fan Of The Poltergeist Movies & They Are Truer My Favorite


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