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The "Possession" View of Electronic Harassment

Updated on March 11, 2011

The "Possession" View of Electronic Harassment

      I've told you about the "Madness Frequency" (ee-ee-ee!) and the Salvation frequency.  You never get one without the other when you are being "beamed", so there is always a natural way to save yourself in the face of "electronic possession".  Furthermore, learning to listen for this "Good Frequency" teaches your mind to automatically reach for it when you find yourself electronically-harassed.  Things have gotten so intense for me that in addition to my regimen of medications, I have had to listen for this "Salvation Code" in ANY social interaction (which is when I get "beamed" the hardest). 

     I've been studying the characteristics of both frequencies.  The fast one is what you hear when you WANT something, fear something or hate something.  When fixated on any primitive or instinctual activity, you usually lack the awareness that the "Madness Frequency" is running full-tilt.  You'll notice that you find yourself sneering at good things in a way that JUST ISN'T YOU.  See, this Madness Frequency is itself a trap to destroy the minds of people who tend to think emotionally.  It dictates your moods to be destructive so you can be led down the road to think/do something wrong.  By the New Psychic Laws, this means you get blasted with a ton of energy at this point.  This is where listening for what sounds like a chorus of Operatic voices will save your mind.

     There is a better way than just getting yourself in over your head to bail yourself out with the "Good Frequency".  I have a theory that this world is so planned, so organized, so controlled that any sinful act/thought is generally something being suggested to you.  If it involves OTHER PEOPLE, you will see that sinning is not only no fun, it only leads to madness and inner-death.  Sin or "wrongness" is actually being pumped into your mind whenever you aren't watching out for it.  You don't notice the external nature of it because it feels really good.  This includes all delusive passions for:  power, sex, material wealth.......anything your "primitive self" desires.  When you indulge these thoughts, you crack the door of your mind just enough to let in stuff so nasty it can shake the foundations of your sanity. 

     It's all about good or evil winning inside your head.  Evil makes you blind to your mental condition.  When immersed fully in my sins, I have no awareness of how un-intelligent I am at that moment.......then I get Beamed really hard.  Then I must listen to "The God Frequency" to save myself from madness.  You will discover that it REALLY HELPS to think of this "God Frequency" as the voice of God.  This is a FILTERING MECHANISM designed to destroy people who are "bad" and save people who are "good".  You'll find that by thinking good thoughts while being beamed that it really helps you stay up on that "higher plane" and safe from losing your mind. 

     It's good to spend several hours a day meditating upon this "Good Frequency".  It not only teaches you to "reach up" in times of dire need, but that it also increases your awareness about the present state of the world.  This Benevolent frequency is telling me that something is about to happen.......something that could result in the saving or loss of many lives.  When you put together your awareness that all sin is "fake" and designed to kill you inside with these kinds of predictions, it would make a great deal of sense to try and spend more time on "The God Channel" and LESS TIME chasing that which has become irrelevant in the face of so many inner-deaths/possessions.  I'm just like everyone else:  I like fun.  I'm pretty hard to "kill", so I can tell you that my repeated forays into sin have only led to great unhappiness and multiple Possession Attempts. 

     I know:  I believe that people should be able to do whatever they want to.  Think of it this way:  something has come to our world with an insatiable thirst for human minds.  It sets up traps using former victims and subliminally-implanted bad ideas.  The world is now a very dangerous place for emotional/ambitious/amorous people.  There aren't many of us left and whatever-this-is wants to consume your mind more than anything else.  In light of this DISASTER, getting simple pleasures just fades alongside this mess.  Think of trying to get laid during a bombing raid of your city.  It just doesn't make any sense right now.  And if you happen to find someone who ISN'T POSSESSED, your children will be subjected to this electronic harassment like you are right now! 

     This world needs to change before we do things to endanger ourselves/future progeny.  It FEELS like an invasion.  I myself have experienced what appeared to be a black, slimy, malevolent being try to enter my mind and take control.  I was unaware of the Salvation Code, so whoever runs this "Madness Frequency" was having a ball messing with my mind.  It DID feel as though if I lost this battle that this thing would run my body/mind instead of me.  Whether that is true or not, I cannot say because I survived.  Just when this thing was about to penetrate my consciousness, a door opened and light forced it away.  I was praying hard and it sure seemed that God saved me from this horrific fate. 

      In light of all this, it pays to listen for the SLOWER FREQUENCY, PRAY AND WORK ON OURSELVES.  I feel that I am becoming a deeper, more caring human being.  If you feel this INCREASED ELECTRONIC INTENSITY like I do..........maybe it's time to choose God's side.  If it helps, the "Dark Side" hates it when we: pray, listen to the Salvation Code, care about other people or flee from sin.  Standing up for what is right helps CORRECT WHAT HAS HAPPENED.  Your resonations of good are broadcast outwardly and many can sense your stand.  It seems to comfort un-possessed people nearby, so in doing this you may be "offering shelter to those in need".  You'll notice that we are constantly admonished to CHOOSE A SIDE.  If you hate the idea of innocent people/children being electronically-possessed, you are probably a "God-person" and don't even know it!



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