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The Power Behind Your Spoken Words

Updated on June 18, 2018

Your Words are Powerful!

You can't help but have an internal dialogue with yourself when you are in a waking state, you are always thinking something, it's just naturally the way we work.

It has been said that we not only visualize our lives, but that we speak our lives into reality. There are many people that can attest to this.

Now, if you're a person who leads towards negative thinking, don't worry! You can change your thoughts to be more positive, all it takes is practice.

Negative and Positive Thoughts

"A man becomes what he thinks about all day long." ` James Allen

It is estimated that human beings think approximately 60,000 thoughts per day. Yes, 60,000! How many of those thoughts are positive, and more importantly, how many of those thoughts might have a negative spin on them? I wonder.

I think most people have stresses and worries. I have had many worries in my life, too, and before I read "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, I realized that I leaned a lot more towards negative thinking than positive. This worried me at first, lol!

However, I also learned that having a mind that leans more towards negativity can be helped because it's been proven that a positive thought is far more powerful than a negative thought. This alleviated some of my fears.

It's not the easiest thing to stop the negative chatter in our minds, but it can be done.

If you find that you are saying things to yourself like, "I am so clumsy," "why would I get that job out of all the people that applied?", "I am never going to be able to afford that house," "nothing good ever happens to me," I have no luck," then these are negative thoughts that you can change if you want to.

And more importantly, you have the power within yourself to change. You just have to want to.

It's my belief and the belief of many that you speak your reality into existence. I know this may sound far-fetched to you at first, but please read on if you are interested in learning more about this fascinating subject.

When you may find yourself in a negative mood and putting yourself down, here is a simple affirmation that you can say...

What to do When You Feel Like You're Lying to Yourself

Try to catch yourself in the process of having the negative thought, or speaking the negative word, and when you find yourself in that frame of mind or perhaps or muttering under your breath negatively about something that's bothering you, just try to take that thought and turn it around into a positive one.

An example might be if you want to lose weight, but every time you weigh yourself you start beating yourself up by saying, "I am SO FAT!".

To make a positive statement out of that, you could say:

"I love how great I look and feel now that I have achieved my goal, I wear beautiful clothing that makes me feel wonderful and confident. I enjoy delicious and nutritious foods and I am able to enjoy many acitivities now that I am at a perfect healthy weight."

So even though you may feel like you're being dishonest with yourself when you start, your subconcious mind has no choice but to become conditioned to do all the things you need to do to get to that goal.

It will become more automatic for you to do those things over time and stay the course.

If it doesn't feel "normal" to say things that you know aren't true in the present moment, you can start by disarming a thought with a statement like the ones pictured in the photos below.

Everything is Energy, Even Your Words

Words are thoughts expressed, therefore they are considered to have vibratory power over thoughts

In other words as powerful as your thoughts are, your words are far more powerful.

Remember, what we say often gets embedded into our subconscious mind. So, with this in mind, try to start saying positive things about yourself TO yourself.

Even if you have what can be considered as a negative mind set, and think that things never go your way so to speak, you can turn this around by using the spoken word.

It may not be easy at first because you are conditioned into a negative way of thinking, but with practice and time, you can turn your negative thoughts into positive ones.

You can just as easily memorize a positive mantra (like the one in the picture below) and say it internally to yourself out of habit as you can a negative statement.

The two most powerful words should always be followed by a positive thought or statement out loud...


You Can Start By Trying To Change the Way You Think From Negative to Positive

Here's a great affirmation to begin with...

Speak Prosperity, Wealth and Abundance Into Your Life!

It has been said that for every 15 minutes of reading or listening to prosperity and abundance videos, that one should speak 5 minutes of prosperity statements in order to gain any traction with this method of creating a wonderful future.

Watch the video below and listen to Catherine Ponder explain this in great detail.

Constantly say to yourself "I must have what I need, it is my right, and I am going to have it"...

Learning How to Use Affirmations May Feel "Funny" at First

Saying affirmations about prosperity by declaring things out loud to yourself, such as "I am financially abundant" when you don't have much money in your bank account to back it up may make you feel like you are lying to yourself at first. It's okay.

The more you say your affirmations out loud, the easier it will be. Remember, your subconcious mind, the part of your mind that beats your heart and grows your hair, can be compared to the rowers in a large boat, with you being the captain. They are below the surface and really have no choice but to listen to the captain and do what he/she says.

You give it commands, and it has to listen to you. It may not feel true at first, and you most likely will not see immediate results, but if you stay consistent, and perservere you will manifest your desires eventually.

You can memorize a different affirmation and say each one for a week, and see what happens. Here is a good affirmation to start you off...

Your Word Is Your Wand
Your Word Is Your Wand

"Just to read this book once through is helping me see / know / feel that I have much more power than I allow myself. Too, as I - right now as I write - head toward a possible parting from my relationship, I am already healed from the negativity of it by simply reading Shinn's words." - Regina, June 19, 2016


words have power

Your Subconscious Mind and Its Amazing Power

The subconcious mind takes every thought you think and every word you say literally, it has no sense of humor. It is this part of our mind that forms our beliefs and habits. And it is also this part of our mind that eventually forms the reality we experience in our day to day lives.

Take the following example to perhaps help you understand how powerful the thoughts you have are.

So perhaps you're thinking as a test to try to disprove the above theory I am laying out for you:

1) You decide you want to take an outlandish thought that probably won't happen and you start with something like "I would like to see an elephant in my living room" and so then in your mind you will picture an elephant in your living room.

2) The elephant doesn't appear instantly, of course. So at that point you might say, "See it doesn't work" either out loud to someone or to yourself.

3) You then start to "believe" it doesn't work because obviously how can you materialize an elephant in your living room anyway, right? Your beliefs start to bring your reality into existence which is not seeing an elephant in your living room.

4) Remember it takes a while for your current thoughts and words to actually manifest in physical form. Nothing is instantaneous except the actual thought and visual picture.


How To Use Affirmations

After a while when you feel more positive by disarming the negative thoughts you can move on to more even more positive statements that may not be true currently but that you want to see happen.

If you keep doing this it will become a habit, and a good one at that. Who doesn't need a GOOD habit after all?

Dr. Emoto's 'Rice-Water' Experiment

Dr. Masuro Emoto is a Japanese scientist who conducted some fascinating experiments using water. He showed that water reacts to words spoken to it. Yes, you read that correctly, lol!

In one of his famous experiments, Dr. Emoto used rice and water. He set aside three containers of cooked rice and water.

On labeled the first container of rice with the words, "Thank you".

On the second container, the words "You're an Idiot!"

The third container was labeled with nothing and used as the control for the experiment.

For a month he spoke the words labeled on each of the first two containers to the actual container, and ignored the third.

At the end of the month, the third container of rice and water that was ignored had started to rot and created a mold.

The second container that had the negative statement, "You're an Idiot!" spoken to it gave off a very unpleasant odor and turned very black.

And the first container of the rice and water mixture that had been thanked hadn't changed much from its original color and when opened, it gave off a pleasant aroma. Pretty amazing if you ask me!

This experiment has since been replicated by many people. Below is a link to watch a video about this experiment if you are interested in learning more.

Bless your water with words of gratitude before you drink it down...



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    • profile image


      12 months ago

      A wonderful reminder; and inspirational article. I am not totally sold on this law but Dr. Emoto's experiment makes you wonder. Words on the page or in conversation can incite or soothe. Speaking to myself and becoming a good friend unto myself is a working progress. Cheers for a great morning kickstarter!


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