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The Power Of Collective Consciousness

Updated on March 26, 2011

The Mind The Science The Energy

Thought is very real. You may not be able to see it, touch it or even understand it but the results are all around you. Everything you see in this physical reality comes from a thought or an idea. If you had to sit back and think about it and look at some things that man has accomplished from technology advancing so quickly to other evidence you would know that the mind is very powerful.

Science has actually been able to measure thought frequency. The study of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics has proven to us that at the smallest level beyond the atom itself there is energy or "light". This study has also given us the Entanglement Theory as it is called which proves that in all of the universe in one form or another we are all connected!

The power of the mind is phenomenal in that man could begin to even study the power of the mind. Millions of people know worldwide in religions and in their faith without a scientist telling them that we are all connected and that focusing upon a thought or idea produces powerful results. The power of the mind and its thoughts can be summed up in one word. "Prayer"

For centuries entire civilizations have come together to pray for rain, good crops, health of a village and protection. There have been reports of prayers going up to both create and to destroy with great results either way. Can we really put a handle on it and say this is how it works or do we trust what human beings have known since the beginning of time? That the mind produces results when focused on a goal.

Collective Consciousness

Now that we know that the mind can produce with just a thought or a prayer results, what would happen if as the Body of Christ we all had the exact same thought? What could be achieved at your church, in the community you live in and around the world if we all had the same mindset?

Philippians Chapter 2 verses 1-5 clearly states several times that we should have the mindset of Christ. The scripture is clear in saying "like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind". You will also see in verse 5 "in your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus".

That is a very powerful statement to make. Think of it if we all had the same mindset at Jesus Christ what could we accomplish?

In Matthew 18: 19- 20 Jesus tells his disciples " Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. 20 For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them"

Here we are being told clearly about the power of collective consciousness and how when we gather together in like mindedness we cannot be denied what we ask for!

Let us put that into perspective of the church. So many of us are seeing slow or no results in our churches and our walk daily. We do not see souls being won, lives being changed or evidence that God is making a difference in our communities.

Since we are all connected might I suggest that we take on the challenge of Philippians 2 and have the like mindedness of Christ. We should not look highly upon our selves but seek out the opportunity to be servants to one another as Jesus did to us.

We should be radical in our faith to see change in our community and our lives and that of others by touching and agreeing with two or more people of like mindedness. In this truth the power of collective consciousness cannot be denied.

The power of one is awesome but the power of many thinking and believing and existing for the same goal can be like a powerful stream of energy that goes on for years and generations.

So What Happens Now?

So you have the basic premise of the power of The Entanglement Theory or the power of two or three with like mindedness.

Now begin the process of agreeing and praying and believing for results.Begin with these steps to see results that you should honestly take note of for testimonies no one would believe.

  1. Ask - The first thing after your group has agreed to have that like mindedness, is to focus on one goal or many. Really doesn't matter how many as long as everyone is in agreement on the prayer or requests. You must then as a group with like mindedness begin to pray and ask for what you want.
  2. Believe- The second act that your group must do is believe that the thing you are seeking or praying or asking about will come to pass. This can be the most difficult thing to do for many. The suggestion is to let it go once the request has been made and let God do the rest. Your job and that of your group is to remain steadfast that the goal is being answered. It is not your responsibility to try and figure out what, when, where or how the prayer is answered. You are only to believe and know that it is already done. That may seem almost ridiculous however; think only of how good it feels knowing its done and live in that moment even though you don't see it. KNOW THAT IT IS THERE and live in that existence only.
  3. Receive - In the moment of receiving there is nothing wrong with beginning to rejoice for the answered thought or prayer or goal. Again the best thing to do is in this receiving mode is to know it is already done. You and your group can begin acting in the manner that would prove it has been received. Live in the existence of your dreams for your organization or your church. Touch it, feel it, hear it, see the souls saved, the hungry fed and other needs being met. Eventually it will show up.

You will be surprised at how fast as a group you will see the results begin to manifest themselves. Again it would be best to write them down and keep up with the requests and the results.

The Best Part

It is clear that we must walk in like mindedness as the church, as a people seeking out to serve one another and our communities. So many people are being tossed and lost in the business of church.

We clearly understand that business must be done. Sadly however many things are being lost along the way that can help people build their faith, live new lives and have missions to help those in need both locally and internationally.

As the body of believers we should be willing to put aside our egos and focus on what we are instructed in the Word to do; to be of like mindedness, to share in the goal of the church. We must remove our own vanity and selfishness from the picture and regain the trust of the many people who have chosen not to return to any church because we can't seem to get it together.

The best part about the power of prayer and having like minds is the power to change this mindset, the power to uplift and encourage, the power to feed and clothe. All of this can be done when we all realize we are all entangled together and we must keep our focus on being more like Christ and less like ourselves.

With that NOTHING CAN BE KEPT FROM US! How radical is that, how revolutionary is that? I would say VERY!

Remember "The Power of Collective Consciousness Can Never Be Denied"

Now lets get out there and change the world one thought at a time.


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