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The Power Of The Spoken Word

Updated on November 24, 2009

Therewith bless we God,even the Father; and therewith curse we men which are made after the similitude of God. Out of the mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing.

The third chapter of James presents a veritable treatise on the subject of bridling or putting a leash, spiritually speaking on one’s tongue. Some, both Christians and non-christians fail to realize the power of the spoken word. God spoke the worlds into existence. (See Genesis 1) Our Lord Jesus Christ was God’s Word made flesh; he was the embodiment of the Word of God. (John 1:14) By his Word, many were healed, many delivered from the power of sin, many gained a clearer understanding of God through this same Word. Even in the times since Jesus’ ascension, the Word of God still heals, still transforms lives, still gives those who would accept it, a clearer understanding of the Father.

If we truly understood the power of words, we would chose our words wisely. Parents wouldn’t be so quick to curse and berate their children. It’s disheartening to watch a parent “cuss out” a two or three year old child. Man wouldn't be so quick to curse and deceive his neighbor; for the words that are spoken in time, comes back to the speaker.

From a Christian perspective, in fact, James was addressing the church on this subject, because obviously, there were some in the congregation that hadn’t mastered their tongue. I suppose the old World War II saying “Loose lips sink ships”, is appropriate here. Loose lips in the church can undermine God’s Plan for that congregation. James says that everything God has made can and has been tamed, but the tongue no man can tame. The tongue is deadly; it is full of evil, and deadly poison. The tongue can build up a life, or it can destroy a life -- in short, the power of life and death are in the tongue.

The irony of this situation is this same condition is not only conducive to the ancient church, but exists in our churches today. Too many times gossip has been spread about someone in the congregation, from the pulpit to the last seat in the pew. Too many times, there has been a tendency for a sister to get another sister “told”. Too many times, the opportunity has come up, and been seized that causes a Christian to “cuss out” his brother or sister in the Lord. But still, these same people are lifting holy hands, singing praises, psalms, and songs of adoration to the Lord, while at the same time, cursing not only the brethren, but all men, who are created in the image of God. To paraphrase the Apostle, it shouldn’t be this way.

We Christians must realize that we have a responsibility to God, to our brethren, and to the world. The Scripture says we must consider how Jesus endured the contradictions of sinners leveled against him, lest we become weak in our minds. (Hebrews 12:3) Jesus had every opportunity and the power of his word, to save himself from many a terrible situation, but chose not to, instead, yielding himself fully to God. Some of us haven’t begun to suffer one-tenth of what Jesus went through, but we are willing to curse our brethren when we are verbally attacked, spread malicious gossip, tattle, lie and deceive. The only words that should and must come from a Christian’s mouth should edify, praise, inspire, encourage, bless, instruct in righteousness. We would do well to heed God’s word, for every idle word spoken, we must give account of before the Lord Jesus. (Matthew 12:36)

The good news is if we are guilty, forgiveness from the Lord is only a prayer away.

I would like to thank all that have supported my hubs, praying that they inspire you to walk closer with the Lord. A special thanks to my fans, and to those who left encouraging comments. Thanks Hubpages for providing an outlet for my writings. It is the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, and you that keep me at the keyboard.


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