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The Power of Group Meditation

Updated on March 11, 2016
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Group Mind

Extreme sensitivity to initial conditions has no theoretical limit in chaos science. Thus, it extends down to the quantum domain underlying physical reality where events become indeterminate. So it acts as a sort of ladder by which quantum randomness climbs up into the macroscopic world to eventually create huge indeterminacies. So not only might a butterfly changing direction over Mongolia eventually trigger a hurricane in Florida, but a random quantum quirk in the butterflies nervous system might have contributed to the direction change in the first place. Peter Carroll; The Octavo

Why is a group of meditators more powerful that a single meditating individual?

Meditating alone always has positive results on physical, emotional and mental well-being, as confirmed by over 3000 scientific studies:

An increased capability to concentrate deeper and longer, better memory and expanded creativity, reduction of anxiety, stress and tensions, and a positive effect towards normalization of blood pressure as well as a beneficial influence on overall health, just to name a few.

These benefits are yours if you join in our meditation exercises, even if you consider it unlikely that the objective of the meditations, namely creating more peace, love and harmony in the war-stricken parts of the world, will materialize.Meditation in a group of like-minded people has effects which can even be far superior to those achieved by a single individual for multiple reasons.

Most people, particularly when they first begin to meditate regularly, have difficulties to keep their mind space empty of thoughts. Involuntarily, ideas pop up here and there, out of the blue, without any particular cause. Such thoughts might even be entirely trivial or unrelated to the object of meditation. This constant emergence of ideas is quite normal and must not be anxiously suppressed but rather indifferently accepted and allowed to pass by ("….like white clouds floating across an endless blue sky…") without surrendering the mind to become absorbed and cling to an extensive processing of any these thoughts.

Meditating groups usually consist of a mixture of more and less experienced meditators. Those more experienced participants reach a reduced or thoughtless state comparatively fast. Observation confirmed again and again that the participation of experienced meditators in a group would intensify the synchronization of the mental states of group members and help those less adept attendants to reach deeper states of contemplation faster.

The immersion of a gathering of meditators in a commonly held vision amplifies the convergence of minds, even more, leading to intensified entrancement and thus the effectiveness of the collective intent or the target of the meditation.

Whenever larger numbers of people congregate, such as in a political assembly, in a religious service, a rock concert or a chorus, quite often a phenomenon appears which can be called group mind. Those who experience it frequently report that they felt "carried away," in the sense that their individual self was, at varying degrees, replaced by a feeling of unity with the other like-minded individuals.

In such situations, without any prescribed agenda, spontaneous mass chanting and rhythmic movements by the group may arise, even more deepening the absorption of participants in the group awareness.

If a trivial event, such as a football game or other mass meetings, where attendants do not necessarily intend to join spirits with their peers, can evoke such a coalescence of minds, how much more synchronized is a dedicated group of people meditating on a collective target with an ethical connotation driven by emotion.

At a certain level of intensity of the groups contemplation, the group mind may accumulate enough spiritual energy so that the compound of concentration, volition and emotion may linger even after the end of the group session. Such an entity may develop an individual independence in facilitating the groups intentions and may be reenergized by repeated group sessions.

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Group Synchronicity

Like with all mental exercises, the potency of a group meditation depends on certain essentials.

An example of synchronicity is two pendulum clocks which are mounted in adjacency. Even when they start off unsynchronized, they will fall into lockstep with each other after a certain amount of time. Likewise, a group of meditators through a resonance effect often observed in such groups can influence each other in deepening their meditation.

It goes without saying that the operators of a group should share a common understanding of the methods, the purposes, and the theoretical basis of the group's workings. The master of ceremonies or whatever the group leader calls himself should always give an introduction to the group, its methods and targets and current affairs so that all participants start off on the same page. If the group meets in the physical some time should be allotted for the group members to meet and get to know each other. Personal sympathy among the group members is certainly quite helpful, but it is not an absolute requirement, and one can not prescribe it. Consensus about the general intention and methods of the group shall suffice; mutual personal respect is a matter of course, and personal sympathy will evolve sooner or later of its own accord. For the group's synchronicity, it is advantageous when the group reverts to one accordant method such as meditation, chanting, drumming, dancing, or a combination thereof.

One surefire way to invoke group synchronicity is the Silent Circle before meditation. Physical meeting of the group is, of course, the preferred modus operandi, but a meeting using Skype or any other web based means may work equally well. A silent circle may be conducted prior to a group meditation. Participants gather and are invited to share anything that comes to their minds. Anything means absolutely anything without any restrictions whatsoever (except physical and verbal violence, that is understood). Expressing oneself in such a way must not have a hidden agenda or any other objective than just to express oneself as verily and open as possible. Such expressions may or may not draw an answer or a comment from the group members, which should be equally free and unrestricted. Nobody is obliged to share, nobody is compelled to comment, but everybody is welcome to contribute. Faithfully following the impulse of the moment is the basis of all interaction. The answer to any expression of a group member might just be the silence of pure presence. Even if no member of the group feels the need to share anything, sitting in silence for some time automatically synchronizes biologic and spiritual rhythms. If you are interested in following this route to induce group synchronicity, take a look at Satsang Circles

Chanting together is another great method to invoke group synchronicity. It has the added advantage to instill coherent breathing cycles. Chanting the different chakra frequencies and syllables or simply humming to the tune of Chakra Chant records will create a deep feeling of connectedness.

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Altered States of Consciousness

The achievement of an Altered State of Consciousness is desirable or required in psychic workings of all cultures, denominations, and ages, from the Eleusinian Mysteries of old Greece through the Roman Bacchanalia. Even the Christian Mass refers to the use of psychoactive frankincense, stained glass windows with psychedelic images and awe-inspiring drones of large organs.

In almost all events involving masses of people, some sort of ritual is performed to create a particular state of receptivity or unified mood. Whether it is the ritual of boxers entering the ring site with their personal tunes and national anthems, or football games with cheerleaders performing and anthems being sung a capella, the reason is to sway people out of their ordinary, everyday consciousness and instill a sense of participating in something special, greater than themselves or sacred.

In religious and other spiritual ceremonies and rituals, such an altered state meant, at least, a temporary cessation of the ordinary mental chatter to prepare the disciples for the encounter with the numinous.

These particular mental conditions are evoked using many different methods with more or less desirable side effects. Of all such methods, dancing, drumming, Silent Circles, chanting and meditation have the advantage to be internal agents, free of absorption of chemicals with an unpleasant corollary. These natural methods also have a tendency to self-terminate if the meditator encounters any rare unpleasant experiences. Since the members of the group inevitably serve as a mirror for each other and as such mutually amplify the movements of the psyche, reaching states of consciousness which promote a deep meditation is easier in a group than just by oneself.

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Subject/Object Bonding

Subject/Object Bonding is another essential prerequisite for an efficient mental working and is also easier achieved in a group. Subject/Object Bonding means that the subject of the meditation, that is you or the meditator, holds a strong emotional connection toward the object of the meditation, which is whatever the goal or the target of the meditation is. Such a relationship can be the result of a long-time acquaintance, an in-depth familiarity or a personal relation to the object of the meditation. Like with all shared convictions, Subject/Object Bonding occurs easier when other members of the group share the same goal with a similar emotional energy. The Circle can conduct sessions which are targeted to increase the bond towards the group´s objectives, where each member contributes his history of how he/she got involved in the group's workings, using whatever means and media to intensify the group's experience.

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(c) umnola /

Emotional Charge

Emotional charge is to the efficiency of psychic operations what electric charge is to the lighting of a bulb. In all descriptions of psychic workings of all ages and all kinds a heightened emotional arousal has been found to facilitate the achievement of the workings objectives in a more reliable and expeditious manner.

You may have experienced this yourself. There are different kinds of wanting to have something. There is the wanting of some utility gadget, which is simply needed for a particular task or which is broken and needs to be replaced. Not a lot of excitement here, you know you need it, and you order it from Amazon, and that is the end.

Then there is a wanting of something with a tinge of desire, but not forceful enough to make an extraordinary effort to achieve, kind of a would-be-nice-if approach.

Another type is a desperate, anxious and tense wanting. A wanting that somehow "knows" that the goal is hard or impossible to achieve. Those last two approaches are seldom productive and if so, the yield of the wanting, if any, may dissolve into nothing sooner or later.

But there is a kind of wanting or desire which almost magically manifests what we intended. This wanting is at ease, relaxed, but extremely intense with the passion for achieving and likewise in the knowing that this is something one will definitely have or resolve. Objects of such wanting are issues and things the acquisition or achievement of which satisfies a rational, an emotional and spiritual need. Almost infallible, we will see such a passion fulfilled in the end, even if it takes work and time.

It can happen if that new Audi/Porsche/Mercedes is buzzing by your car and in an instant you know with your whole body and beyond any doubt that this is what you are going to get.

One such example is the objective of this hub. When I was browsing the web someday about political issues I came across an image of a little boy, maybe 5 or 6 years old, in the middle of the rubble of a destroyed building somewhere in the Gaza Strip. His father carried his limp body which was covered with what appeared to be concrete dust. The boys body did not seem to be hurt, but half of his rear head was missing. The face of the father was an epitome of desperation, pain, and bewilderment and when I looked at this picture I wanted to undo this situation so much that my entire body started to hurt. No father should ever have to see his little boy in such a situation, no matter what that would take. There is no justification in the world for this. I KNEW I was going to do something about it; it was just not clear how exactly I was to approach this. Over time, more pictures of wounded children from the turmoil in the Middle East just intensified the desire and knowledge that I would use whatever was at my command to help to bring an end to this shame. Shame which was initiated or contributed to by people we "elected", shame carried out or not prevented in our name, using our tax money, shame on behalf of democracy and freedom while the evidence of the workings of hell was staring in my face. What leaves me speechless however is that the intellectuals and the artists and the sensible people of the countries whose armies carry out these atrocities are silent. Why is there not an outcry of millions to terminate this shame of civilization? In the end, these are our "representatives" directly or indirectly pulling the trigger, they are using our votes to justify this disgrace. Therefore, it is our responsibility to make a statement which does not create more of the misery that we are trying to overcome.

I am aware that this a struggle against the Leviathan and it can not be waged using the Leviathan´s methods. But I have realized enough of my personal targets in life to know about the power of focused intent, and I have read enough scientific literature, citing thousands of positive experimental results, confirming that directed or conditioned consciousness can change the configurations of the material and immaterial domains.

In the context of the meditations suggested in these pages, if you need to boost your emotional charge to increase the effect of the meditations, go to Google Images and type "wounded children Syria/Gaza/Ukraine/Lybia" or wherever else an outright imperialistic assault or a color revolution or regime change with subsequent civil war has been contrived and is progressing. Obviously, a presentation of such images to a group of meditators before a meditation will cause emotional reverberations which multiply the charge. If those (Warning: GRAVE!!!) images do not leave you heartbroken, then you may require a stronger dose of the Leviathan´s "generous" gifts which will be dished out sooner or later and which will come ever closer if the shame is not stopped.

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Intentionless Intent

This case of conjoining contradictory terms is one of the essential requirements for the success of a mental working. One may describe it as follows:

The intensity to achieve the goal is required but that intensity is not an intensity of the rational mind´s will driven by the ego, but an egoless intent which is more a sure knowing of having achieved rather than the cramped effort which makes the forehead veins bulge.

Since it is usually easier to see the strained will in others than in oneself, a group may be useful in alleviating cases of clenched teeth volition. In its bivalent meaning, it bears a certain similarity to the core elements of the quantum domain which are waves and particles at the same time and reveal their individual properties depending on observation. A famous contextual quotation from the Bible is in Mark 11:24:

"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."

Practically it means that whenever a meditation focusing a particular objective was performed with all possible intensity, the objective should be laid to rest in the sure conviction that the arcane mechanisms which have been set in motion by the meditation will work at their own pace.

Attention should just turn to other issues, and the objective should best be forgotten.

It is the attitude which I take with this hub. I do not care if 10 or 100 people read it today or tomorrow. It is out there, and it will do the work because it must. The intelligence behind the miracle of existence did not allow roughly 4 billion years of the earth´s evolution to end up with a race that is using their brightest technical intellect and humongous resources to kill their own children and their own kind. Instead, they should direct these capacities towards creating a paradise on earth, which could only start with providing food, water and shelter to the millions starving from hunger. This whole current scenario is as rapacious and outdated as the dinosaurs, and it will come to an end, regardless if the Leviathan amasses even more money, power, and means of destruction. I have asked the Universal Mind to make me a tool of it´s unfolding, and if it is not me, somebody else will complete this.

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Belief in the Existence and Effectiveness of Psychic Capabilities

Have you ever tried to tell people something of which you were 100% sure is a fact of truth but which was not in line with common belief?

Usually, people then get a befuddled look in their eyes and switch themes, fall dead silent or simply walk away. Such is the power of belief; most people just can not even consider circumstances which are not part of their belief system and rather surrender to the convenience of their preoccupations.

Therefore, if you are new to the issue of psychic powers, it may not be easy to believe what I am trying to relate with these pages. Namely that it is possible, through the power of directed intent, amplified by an altered state of consciousness through meditation, to effect positive changes in the material world.

There are several steps which you need to take to adjust your belief system, if necessary:

- Acknowledge that there is a problem that needs fixing. If you are not sure whether there is a problem at all, go to Google Image Search, type "wounded children Syria" . You can replace Syria with Gaza, Ukraine, Lybia or any other place of an imperialistic danse macabre. If after that you still think no problem needs fixing, go back to sleep, you are in the wrong place here. You will indeed wake up when this seething brew of hell is lapping at your threshold.

- Acknowledge that the problem can not be solved by violent or nonviolent political means. If you are not sure about that, simply look at the state that the world is in after the elites and their opponents had 2000 years of time to live up to their responsibilities and claims.

- Acknowledge that there is only one way out, a power that is effective, non-confrontational, even ridiculed and capable of flying under the radar of the Leviathan´s guards.

- Acknowledge such power is the psychic power of consciousness. If you are not sure about that, start with any of the books mentioned in these pages.

- Acknowledge that the psychic power of a group grows with the number of group members and the strength of their belief. That´s simple arithmetic.

There are many other examples of the power of belief from the area of medicine. Placebos are medications which do not contain any active ingredient other than sugar. Patients who receive placebos are usually told that there is a great new and very efficient drug which they will receive. Countless studies and scientific papers document the surprising curative effect of placebos.

A famous Bible quote confirming the power of belief is in Mark 11:23

"Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them."

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Ours is a time of instant gratification and most people would like to see the reward of their efforts immediately, or even better, reward without any effort immediately. For the purpose of the Global Love Meditation, this is quite certainly the wrong approach.

There may be meditators which, if no immediate result is observable, falter in their efforts and simply give up. In a group, motivation will be held up more consistently through members who display confidence in the groups methods and targets.

Out of the certainty of following a noble and ethical goal should arise the relaxed notion that one can not suppress and prevent the good in the long term. Consider the might of the Roman Empire, a might based on pillage, violence, cruelty and oppression in the cloak of the Roman´s belief that they bring "civilization" to a barbarous world. Nobody at it´s time would have considered the Roman Empire to ever dissipate yet it withered under the decadence of its elites, its inner contradictions and the repeated onslaught of exactly those "barbarians" which Rome intended to "civilize", meaning to oppress, plunder and enslave. Similarities to current affairs are apparent.

The problem that we are trying to resolve with the methods laid out in these pages is significant enough to warrant the effort, even when we observe no immediate results. But consider this: The first post of this blog was published, and meditations started on January 31st, 2016 and three weeks later first talks about a ceasefire in Syria were commencing. Now you may say this is all coincidence, and the one does not have anything to do with the other, but I am telling you that in an entangled world such as ours, in one way or the other, everything has to do with everything.

Beautiful books showing how connected things are: "Synchronicity: The Art of Coincidence, Choice, and Unlocking Your Mind" by Kirby Surprise and Allan Combs or "Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle" by C. G. Jung and R. F.C. Hull

Examples how minimal input can cause improbable and massive effects are found in the following books: "Chaos: Making a New Science " by James Gleick and "Chaos: A Very Short Introduction" by Lenny and Leonard Smith.

To be persistent with the objective of making the world a better place using psychic power would mean to continue with our regular meditations without expecting a reward or result. I assure you that a reward and a positive outcome will emerge, eventually in quite unexpected ways.

The human mind tends to track through the latticework in the general direction of a physical frame or energy state imagined first. Thus, imagination even by a human mind may be thought of as an act of creation, tending to "cause" the realization of that which is first imagined

ME Franks: The Universe and Multiple Reality

© 2016

© 2016 All images not captioned are courtesy of


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      Eric Dierker 

      2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Very interesting and insightful.


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