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The Power of Submission

Updated on July 10, 2017

This article is about few lessons I learnt from dealing with anxiety and stress in a workshop by a psychologist. I hope this may be helpful to people suffering from Anxiety disorder.

Most anxiety patients have a common trait. They are complaining. They are not happy the way things are going. They want to change. They wish they could make corrections. They wish they had control. They crave that things should have happened some other way. Their inability to do these causes frustration and so the anxious condition.

If you agree that your anxiety is also the result of your craving to control the outcomes of certain things, then the psychologist’s suggestion was just for you. She said that she usually gives such patients the advice that it is useless to wish for such control over your own life and the happenings. The truth is many things in our life happen without our having control over them. No matter how much we wish certain to happen to us, they don’t. There are inexplicable universal laws. The following is an example from a patient:

“ When I try to understand people, places and situations, I end feeling inferior and helpless. I end up finding faults in myself. I want things to get better but things are not in my hands.”

This is where you turn to the process of submission. Surrender yourself to the Greater power- God ( in other words Nature or universe). When you surrender, you let go your ego and you feel lighter. This is a technique to dump the annoying thoughts of your mind. Surrender your strengths and weakness to the superior power. Understand that money, material success is all useless before nature. There is a superior power guiding us through our journey of life. When there is no control over the major happenings of the world or even our life, why crib over small things. What you cant control just let go.

Surrender your power? Really? Do you even have any power in this world? You don’t have control on even your own thoughts. Drop all the negatives and worries that you carry around in you. understand that we are here to give to the world. If you are a giver, you always win, if you are a taker,then without your knowledge, you will always lose.

Lsit down things that bother you. Check what you can change and you cannot change. Prepare your mind to accept the things you cant change. Mark out the others that you can change. Make a plan to make necessary efforts to make the changes.

Submit. Surrender. Be Grateful.


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