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The Power of The Believers Authority

Updated on June 10, 2020
Jerry Hulse profile image

Jerry started in the trucking industry in 1978 and has spent most of his life on the open road as a Trucker Evangelist and Christian Author.


Know Your Authority

Let me start this hub on the Power of Authority with an illustration. Picture in your mind a policeman putting out his hand to stop traffic because of a situation that has happened. The policeman is no match for the 2,000 pound automobile headed his way. The vehicle could easily run over the man and keep going. The driver of the vehicle knows that the policeman represents the law. He has been sworn in as a civil servant and protector of the public at large in his jurisdiction. He has the badge giving him the authority to get help to control the situation. Now, let’s say he sees a crime being committed and calls up the mayor at 3 am and asks him what to do? How long do you think he would keep his job? What if he calls his police chief and asks him what to do? He has been provided top of the line police academy training to handle any given situation and he does not use the authority delegated to him. He has the authority to secure the situation and arrest the perpetrator committing the crime and he does not exercise that authority. What would his superiors do? I tell you that he would either be fired or sent back for more training.

When an individual is caught for doing something wrong, the police officer has the authority to let them go or arrest them. This power or authority was given to him by his Police Chief in the Head Office of the Police Department. Who gave the Police Chief the power? It is the President and the constitution of the United States that gave the Police Chief the power to arrest, issue a ticket or give a warning to the law breaker.

Let’s now look at the manager who has just hired and spent weeks training an employee. The employee has the delegated authority to do the job he has been hired to do. Let’s say the position calls for him to make some tough decisions. He has been specifically trained to make those decisions which could affect the future of the company. Instead of making those decisions, he calls up his supervisor and asks him what to do. He might get by with this a few times but soon his supervisor is going to start wondering if he hired the right person for the job and start making plans to fill that position with someone who will use the authority that has been delegated to the position. A manager has delegated authority as long as he holds the management position. If a manager resigns, he has no more authority. A policeman with uniform has authority as long as he is employed by the city government. When he is no longer employed as a policeman, he has no more authority.

Now, let me bring this valuable illustration down to unlocking the lock that is on the door of your home. You have the keys to fit the lock to the door allowing access into your home. The keys represent that you have the power to go in and out of my home at my leisure. The key unlocks the door and allows entrance into the home. Your wife may be asleep in another room but because you have the key to the door, you can enter the home without waking her up to let me in. The keys represent authority. The keys are proof that you have the authority to go in and out of the home because you have the authority to do so. The keys can also be used to keep unwanted guests out by locking the door.

Delegated Authority

Dear reader, Jesus is the doorway to God and Jesus had already defeated Satan. God’s church shares the same authority of Jesus. Colo. 1:18 And he is the head of the body, the church; who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.


21Far above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world but also in that which is to come.22 And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church, 23 Which is his body the fulness of him that filleth all in all.

We discover in the verses above that Jesus is the head of the body which is the church. We as the church of Jesus Christ are under the authority of Jesus. Because we have surrendered our life to the lordship of Jesus Christ, we are no longer under the authority or rule of Satan. Because we live a surrendered life, we are not under the control of superstitions, curses, or charms.

Satan is the god of this world but we are no longer under his authority or control. We find in verse 21 of Ephesians that all things are speaking of the various orders of angels, demons and powers. In verse 22, we can see clearly that he is not speaking of church affiliation.

Christ is the risen Head of the church, and its members are subject to him. In the name of Jesus, we can break Satan’s hold over us because we are under a new authority. We are under new management and leadership. We are under the Government and Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus has already defeated Satan.

Jesus has been delegated all authority over Satan and the kingdom of darkness. We as the church share the same delegated authority that Jesus has. We are the body of Christ and we follow the head. Ephesians 1st Chapter says that God hath given him (Jesus) to be the head over all things to the church which is his body. The body cannot go in one direction, and the head in another direction. God’s church is not defeated or powerless. There might be some unbelievers gathered in a local church body that are not members of the body of Christ but when Christ is speaking of his body on earth, he is referring to those born again believers that have accepted him as Lord and Savior. Paul in this setting is not talking about the local church or a denomination that we see today.

Remember; the key to have and exercise spiritual authority in our lives is not head knowledge but heart knowledge in understanding and knowing the word of God and the Authority of Christ

The Great I AM - a long song of praise and worship of God Almighty

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© 2012 Jerry W Hulse


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    • FSlovenec profile image

      Frank Slovenec 

      7 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      Jerry: I need to think of Luke 10:18 to 21...let us not fight a battle that has already been won..let live in the victory Jesus has given us ....thanks for the thoughtful hub!

    • celafoe profile image


      8 years ago from From Kingdom of God living on Planet earth in between the oceans

      Excellent article. and scriptural too . Good work

    • Jerry Hulse profile imageAUTHOR

      Jerry W Hulse 

      8 years ago from Kingsport, Tennessee

      Thanks Wba,

      We got to realize that we do not have to be concerned about winning the victory as if the battle depended on us for Crist has alreadt defeated Satan and we need to sit in the place of Victory and claim what has already been won.

    • profile image 

      8 years ago from upstate, NY

      Very well written Hub about our authority as believers! Your so right about the police officer, since he carries that badge, he has the authority of the government behind him. He doesn't have to threaten or yell all he has to do is calmly confront the perpetrator knowing he has the full backing of the government to do his job!

      Since we are members of Christ's body, our hands are His hands, our feet are His feet, we have the authority over to destroy the works of the Devil. And those works include disease, poverty, strife and hatred!

    • Jerry Hulse profile imageAUTHOR

      Jerry W Hulse 

      8 years ago from Kingsport, Tennessee

      Thanks Skye,

      I am just trying to be a voice to my generation that the Living God may leave his signature through. PS. My book on the Believers Authority is now in its final editing stages. It is titled "Disarming the Principalities" "Knowing Your Authority". Is is a special tribute to my late Father JR Hulse who had the mind of a genius but spent his entire life trying to help the common man.

    • skye2day profile image


      8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Jerry Rules I saw one of your comments to sparrow ministries and it was so endearing. Your writing is a huge Blessing indeed. I am touched with this and it is an awesome reminder of who we are in Christ Jesus. We have been given the armor. Praise to God HE has defeated Satan for us already at the Cross. God Bless you hope to read more of your works.

      Will check out your books as well!. Count me in as a new fan.

      In Christ. Your sista Skye. Keep going my bro. U will I am sure. Phil 4:13

    • Jerry Hulse profile imageAUTHOR

      Jerry W Hulse 

      8 years ago from Kingsport, Tennessee

      Thanks, these are excerpts from my new book on the Believers authority coming out soon.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      8 years ago

      Great hub topic and so inspiring! We do have great authority of the powers of darkness through Christ. Enjoyed the read! Voted way up and shared.


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