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The Power of Wishing

Updated on January 17, 2012

Empower Your Wishes

(c) 2011 Teri Helton

Long spoken as an after thought or as a ritual performed under the light of the first star of the evening or as a thought before extinguishing the candles on a celebratory cake, wishes and/or wishing is often associated with the acts of children. Yet wishing is one power that should be encouraged in all. It should be nurtured in all children and adults. It is a wise individual who empowers their golden years with wishing. All would do well to carry on the practice of wishing throughout their lives.

Wishing strengthens and further empowers belief. To wish from the heart, with love, for that which one deeply desires, is to offer belief in manifestation of the desire. A wish is an act of faith. It is an act of believing. In what do you believe? Is it Godde, the angels, yourself, your higher power? Whatever you put your belief in is your Source. If you have faith in your Source, you believe.

When you speak your wish from your heart, from love, you enhance it with the most powerful energy in the Universe. Love. It is the magick behind wishing. Wishes are love, spoken from the heart.

The Ethics of Wishing For Others

It is always wisest to respect the free-will of others. If you are of a mind to help another in a positive manner, you must seek their permission. Your wishes will be heard and addressed for the highest good of all concerned and never to bring harm or negativity in any form to anyone or anything.

Wishes that are ego based or aimed at bringing harm, injury or any negative circumstances or experiences to others, are immediately mirrored back to the sender. The Universal Law of Attraction guarantees it; that which you send out is what you will receive. So when wishing something for another, you are opening yourself to receiving the same, whether you include wording to the contrary or not. A negative thought sent out as a wish directed at another will bring equal negativity back to you. With such power available why would anyone choose to waste it in such a negative manner? All beings are granted free will. If you wish negativity on another, their free-will will protect them from your wish, like a barrier, and your wish will come home to you.

It is far better to use your wishes for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned. Wishing from the heart, from love, is your guarantee that only good will come from your wish.

Benefits of Wishing
Wishing opens the doors of prosperity, abundance, healing, joy, peace, happiness, and all blessings. By wishing you further open yourself to receiving these blessed benefits. Wishing aligns one's thinking to the positive. It brings a positive focus into your being.
Wishing reminds one to keep a positive focus for wishes are heard and addressed by Godde and the Angels so you want to be sure that they hear your happiest wishes only!

Empowering Your Wishes With Your Feelings
It is important to moniter your feelings when you prepare to work with the power of wishing. Wishes vibrate at a very high spiritual frequency. They vibrate at the same frequency as joy, happiness and exhiliration. You must resonate in this same level of vibration by being happy and joyful. In other words, you must feel as you would when your wish manifests or 'comes true'. Focus your awareness of the love in your heart and you will feel joy. Stay in joy this way.

To Speak Your Wish
The most powerful wishes are those which are spoken. It has long been a superstition that to speak a wish is to insure that it will not come true. However, Archangel Michael informs us that by speaking your wish you empower it with sound and breath. Sound is vibration which is energy. When you use sound with words spoken from the heart, you send a vibration out into the universe, much like chanting. The vibration is felt in your body and is released in the sound of the words and in your breath to radiate through your aura and outward. The techiques of wishing will teach you how to empower your wishes this way.

Techniques of Wishing
Your heart and lungs work together to bring oxygen to your blood and to all the cells in your body. With this in mind you can see how the breath can be empowered by the desires of the heart and how those desires or intentions can further empower the spoken wish. This is how you wish from the heart, with love.

The Power of Three Method
Put your wish into a sentence. Preferably one you can speak in one exhale of breath.
Focus upon your heart.
First Breath(Mind)--Breathe in as you think of your wish, then exhale.

Second Breath(Body)--Breathe in and feel your wish in your heart filling it with love, then exhale (though your lungs are empty, your wish is now flowing into them).

Third Breath(Spirit)--Breathe in then, as you exhale, speak your wish, exhaling at the same time. It is done.
Give thanks.

The Single Breath Method
Put your wish into a single sentence. Preferably one you can speak in one exhale of breath.
Focus upon your heart. Think of your wish.
Send your wish to your heart by feeling your joy in having it come true.
Let the joy, and love for what you wish for make your heart swell with love and happiness. Now,
Breathe in. As you do visualize you wish fillling your lungs. When you are ready, speak your wish as you are exhaling, sending it out to the Universe.
It is done.
Give thanks.

Where you are when you make your wish will obviously have a direct affect upon the loudness of your voice. Best case scenario would be to shout your wish in a booming voice from the rooftops or at the edge of the sea. This is not always possible. Remember, it is the depth of the intention that measures the power of the wish along with your level of joy.

Happy Wishing!


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    • Teri Helton profile image

      Teri Helton Ott 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Thanks for your comment! It's a reminder that wishing isn't just for kids. I was a big fan of Disney's Jiminy Cricket version of the 'When you wish upon a star..' song.

    • Teri Helton profile image

      Teri Helton Ott 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      I didn't get a chance to get back to you on this one. Thanks for your comment. I like this one too.

    • mljdgulley354 profile image

      mljdgulley354 6 years ago

      I love how you describe the way to make a wish and that what you wish for will come back so be careful. Great hub up and awesome

    • instantlyfamily profile image

      instantlyfamily 6 years ago

      I love this hub!