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The Presence

Updated on July 22, 2012

The Presence

©2009 Dorothy W. Parker All Rights Reserved

It is not easy being human; there are so many requirements to this position in creation. We have so much responsibility, and very little understanding of how capable we are of handling that responsibility. Nonetheless, we all feel a sense of belonging, a sense that we are here for a purpose. That purpose is bigger than we are, yet we are all capable of feeling it.

Then there is that deeper reality that seems to lie silently within us, wondering, what is all this for. Why are we here, what is the purpose and does it, all matter. Spiritual seekers have tried to answer these questions for us and many have come close to satisfying us. Nevertheless, we still sense there is a greater purpose than the answers we have settled for.

Religious traditions have become too complacent and stagnant and many of us are left chasing ancient teachings that we neither understand nor feel any real connection to. However, when we sit in silence that deep sense of reality is amplified, because the distractions are no longer there. We feel that deep connection pulling us, drawing us into its embrace. We long to know its reality, and the path forward, but when we seek direction, we are lost in the seeking. In seeking are we finding, in knocking is the door already open. Is our spiritual journey here a paradox, are we on a journey that is no journey at all.

When all the outward searching and reaching has ceased we are naked before the all-encompassing presence of life. We can neither hide, nor fool ourselves into thinking we have drummed up this presence, because it is always there, with us waiting, for the silence of the busyness of our lives.

We wonder about God and yet we are always in the presence of this ultimate reality, we can tap into the presence of life whenever we want, we can sense this presence constantly, many of us ignore it, because we are afraid of the closeness we sense from its presence. How can the giver of life be so close, so intimate, and so available to us? Yet we are so far and distant in our thinking from it.

Many of us ignore this awesome presence in our lives because it is overwhelmingly charged with an energy we cannot contain in our being. Our daily efforts are not in seeking but in avoiding, we are not lost we are truly found, we do not know, we know. We have chosen the path of avoidance because we are unfamiliar with how to deal with the presence of life.

Every individual has been in this awesome presence many times in their lives, however, we have substituted other activities to express through rather than acknowledging we are visited by the giver of life everyday of our lives. We invite distractions in our lives that fill the space but not the void. We run around working, talking, visiting, volunteering, singing, shouting, praying, and doing many wonderful activities, but nothing we do will ever erase that prevailing sense of presence in our lives. We will never be alone, even when we feel our deepest sense of loneliness.

I sense the presence of life daily; often I am unskilled at the right approach to use when I sit with it. Ultimate reality has many descriptions but we all know it as "God". Often God's presence is intense and sometimes it is just a vibration but it is never absent from us.

This presence does not desire obeisance in the religious sense that we must bow down and worship, or we must perform some type of ritual. We have this connection with life available in all of us naturally. Sometime we can have too many distractions in our lives that may cloud our ability to distinguish the presence of God, but sitting in silence will always intensify this connection.

I understand when you turn your attention towards the awesome presence of God that you want to do something, give something. Still, the idea that you have recognized its presence in your space and time will do more for you than you will be capable of doing for it. Life is that which gives and completes us. We are empowered by our ability to identify ultimate reality. We exchange abilities in the moment of recognition. When you identify the connection you have to the life source, you recognize the source from which you come.

You are truly never alone, that is the ultimate power and grace we have as human beings. It is the responsibility we all share, that we are forever possessed by God. The answer to our purpose lies in our attention to the presence of life. The answer to life's big questions can only be answered individually. As we unfold individually, we discover the beauty of diversity and creativity. We can pretend that we do not know why we are here but we are here and that alone can tell us many things.


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