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The Present is Omnipresent, focus only on the Present moment!

Updated on April 2, 2017

To ensure good future!

Do not worry about the Past or worry about the future!

The past cannot be retrieved, the future we are not sure and the only opportunity for everyone in this world is “to live in the Present”. How many of us utilize the Present moment fully and focus only on the moment? Not even 0.000001% of people fully live in the Present! Why? Our mind is habituated to worry over the split milk! We are always feeling guilty for not acting wisely in the past, for the moments of anger which spoiled many a relationships, the anguish and sorrow we experienced by worrying over the bleak future! This is the fundamental mistake we commit very often. We either become ‘morose’ for the past negligence or unduly concerned with our future! We might have read umpteen books on the above topics, heard many lectures or browsed the net elaborately on ‘remaining focused only on the Present moment”. Until we practice this great gift of wisdom, we will be worrying forever, spoiling our precious health or sliding into ‘depression’ very often!

Dale Carnegie quotes.

Do you want Peace or not?

Do you want to remain in Peace forever? Then ‘Focus on the Present moment only”. I have worked both in Office as well as in ‘field’ as a part of my assignment as a ‘civil engineer’. I was a ‘procrastinating type! Readers may very well imagine the pending works that accumulate on my table! But they cannot be allowed to remain there for long. Some of the issues are ‘catch fire categories’. Hence I was forced to forgo my sleep and rest in order to survive in my post. Due to my good fortune, I came across beautiful books by “Dale Carnegie” like “How to stop worrying and start living? “How to win friends and influence people? Once, Dale Carnegie suffered anxiety and stress in his career as ‘Salesman”. He used to hesitate several minutes before pressing the calling bells of houses; he intended to visit to promote his products! Most of the time, the housewife after opening the door a little, and yell at him in a most disrespected fashion! After getting rebuff from several houses, his confidence dwindled and he thought that ‘salesmanship’ is the most unsuitable career for his nature! But Dale had one fine habit. Though he failed miserably, he used to write his experiences every day in full sheets of paper. He will go through them and take a vow ‘not to repeat the same mistake once again”. He persisted on his failing venture but adhered to his vow of not repeating the same mistake once again! He aptly named his file as “Foolish things I have done”! Today, Carnegie Foundation coaches many people all over the world in the art of “Public speaking and other techniques essential for ‘entrepreneurs of today”. His books are bestselling ones and translated in all the major languages of the world! How could he achieve it. Initially he lacked the confidence to even tap the door or press the calling bells of houses! Subsequently he had no time even to move out to sell his products. He learned very important lessons on human psychology and successfully applied it on his subsequent errands. He was the best salesman, most sought after in every household. His file was his guide and he stuck to the motto, not to repeat the same mistake ever again!

Buddha said...

Dale Carnegie and his popular theory!

In one full chapter of his famous book “How to stop worrying and start living”, he focused on the single point of “Living in water tight compartments”. He says, ‘tackle one task at a time, never worry about other pending works at hand! He has practiced this philosophy throughout his life and earned immortal name in the business circles around the world! He was utterly honest, never cheated any client. When he enters a house, he will never talk about his product but appreciate the fine features or some rare qualities of the inmates he notice without any exaggeration. He knew that everyone is preoccupied with their own work and problems and it is indecent to promote the products. His conversations will catch the hearts of everyone since he was dead honest! Instead of him introducing his products, the inmates seek ‘whatever he has brought! This was the secret of his rare success in the busy competitive world. He loved everyone, he was kind at heart and he wanted to help others in the best way he could!

Stay focused!

The power of now as taught by Eckert Tolle!

The next name that comes to my mind is “Eckert Tolle”, for his popular book, “The Power of Now”. When we go through his books, we will be absorbed in it for the message, the book conveys! He is considered as a ‘spiritual master’ to many suffering people around the globe! He has emphasized in most practical terms, the importance of ‘remaining in the Present moment” in all the pages of the books. After going through it, everyone will feel ‘how much they have missed in this precious life”? If we just reflect, how much time we have wasted on mundane pursuits, we will feel much guilty! Remaining in the Present is the most beneficial for the entire humanity.

Few words about the confusing and illusory mind. The mind is incapable of focusing on the Present! Flies will sit both on the sweets as well as on the offal. If you drive them anywhere near the fire, the fly will flee. Similarly, the Present moment is anathema for the mind. It will dwell on the past distressing and guilty thoughts. It will dream about the future or worry endlessly about it but it will never dwell on the Present moment. Hence if we train the mind to dwell on the Present, it will vanish forever. Yogis, sages and saints preach us to annihilate thee mind! Why not we practice this wise way?

Worrying about the past or dreaming about future is futile!

Do you ever remain focused on the Present aone?

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