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The Present is the only reality!

Updated on June 28, 2016

Past and Future!

The present and the Power of Now!

The “Present can be split into “Pre sent”. This implies that the “Present’ is really ‘pre sent’. Our own past deeds decided the present and hence it is correct to understand that the present is the outcome of the past. Hence, the present is not an accident. It is supposed to be like this one’ and none need to bother about the present. Many wise people have advised one and all to ‘focus only on present’, without bothering about the future or feeling guilty about the past.

“The Power of Now” is a beautiful book written by Eckert Tolly! It deals with the importance of “Now” in human life. By focusing on the Present, people can avoid unnecessary worries and anxieties about the future as well as the mistakes of the past. The Present is the only moment which is true and real. The so called ‘past’ and future are the derivations from the Present moment only. Nothing has ever happened in the “Past”, nor will it in the “future”. The truth is clearly explained in that book. “I AM” represents the Present. Hence God is termed with the word “I AM”. This is the reality! We all are using the term ‘I am’ to represent our body and the mind associated with it. When bodies are ‘ephemeral’, how this term could hold water? That the human life is short and an interval in time could be easily guessed by watching the births and deaths of many. None survived for more than 120 years. In the infinite time, the life of human being is just a point and miniscule.

Artifacts from history

History reflects only a minuscule part of creation!

History is replete with the events that happened from ancient time when records were retained about the various emperors and kings. The epics too contain the history of many kings and kingdom. But we are aware of only the recent past based on artifacts found on various parts of the globe! But archeologists around the globe have unearthed the bones of very ancient human beings which may date back to millions of years.

The very basis of creation lies in the “pre sent’ theory. Something has caused the creation. Without cause, no effect can be seen! Many scientists and anthropologists researched on the creation and varieties of living beings! They could only make guesswork on some probabilities of creation. The Big Bang theory is one such innovation and still many research is going on about creation and the elusive ‘god particle’ But the sages of the past could delve on the subject. They found that ‘creation is endless’ like the creator. The cycle of creation is clearly laid down in various epics of Hinduism. It is written that Brahma overseas creation and in one day of Brahma spans around one thousand Maha Yugas.

Periods of Yuga

Time as depicted in epics- courtesy Wikipedia!

Human time scale is different from that of Deva or demigods.

The cycle repeats itself, so altogether there are 1,000 cycles of Mahā-Yuga in one day of Brahma.

  • One cycle of the above four Yugas is one Mahā-Yuga (4.32 million solar years)
  • as is confirmed by the Gītā Śloka 8.17 (statement) "sahasra-yuga-paryantam ahar yad brahmaṇo viduḥ rātriṁ yuga-sahasrāntāṁ te 'ho-rātra-vido janāḥ", meaning, a day of brahma is of 1000 Mahā-Yuga. Thus a day of Brahma, Kalpa, is of duration: 4.32 billion solar years. Two Kalpas constitute a day and night (Adhi Sandhi) of Brahma.
  • A Manvantara consists of 71 Mahā-Yuga (306,720,000 solar years). Each Manvantara is ruled by a Manu.
  • After each Manvantara follows one Saṃdhi Kāla of the same duration as a Kṛta Yuga (1,728,000 = 4 Charaṇas). (It is said that during a Saṃdhi Kāla, the entire earth is submerged in water.)
  • A Kalpa consists of a period of 4.32 Billion solar years followed by 14 Manvataras and Saṃdhi Kalas.
  • A day of Brahma equals

(14 times 71 Mahā-Yuga) + (15 × 4 Charaṇas)

= 994 Mahā-Yuga + (15 * 4800)

= 994 Mahā-Yuga + (72,000 years)[deva years] / 6 = 12,000[deva years] viz. one maha yuga.

= 994 Mahā-Yuga + 6 Mahā-Yuga

= 1,000 Mahā-Yuga

The above facts are reproduced from Wikipedia! In arithmetic equivalent one Mahayuga is 43, 20,000 solar years and hence one day of Brahma is equivalent to 4320000 x 1000 solar years. Hence creation is mind blowing. Again we have to count one night of Brahma as equivalent to the above. In between the yugas, there is a contract period which vary for each yuga. The equivalent time between human and demigods is like this. One human year is one day for the demigod. It may be seen that solar years represent earth time which pertains to human beings.

We are in 51st year of Brahma!

Science invent only a period of creation!

Our scientists view the present universe and make certain theories of creation like Big Bang. In fact, many times, the Universe is created and finally annihilated. During such annihilation, the earth will be submerged under water for many thousands of years. Hence none can clearly say when the creation commenced?


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