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The Present moment is Omnipresent!

Updated on April 2, 2014

The Present moment!

The Present moment is only TRUE!

The reality of this life is the precious ‘present’. “Is” alone is valid here and not ‘was or will be’. The present moment when viewed later is called ‘past’. The future is only illusion which we are not sure of. But many people are concerned only with the past or future. They do not appreciate the real value of the present. People who are wise will always focus on the present moment. Worries and grief won’t affect them since they are not concerned with the past or the uncertain future. Thus they avoid the ‘guilty feeling of the past as well as the anxieties of the future! Mind has a peculiar habit of dwelling only on the past or planning about the uncertain future. In his beautiful book, “How to stop worrying and start living”, Dale Carnegie has emphasized about living in the present moment. He has practically proved through several examples that most of our worries are unfounded and are the imagination of the wavery mind. Also “Eckart Tolle, the great author of “the importance of Now’ has beautifully explained the value of now in every body’s life.

He has pointed out that ‘whatever has happened has happened only in the present moment. Nothing can ever happen in the past nor can happen in the future. Only the present moment is truth and wisdom. All others are imaginations of the past. Those who are successful in life are always concerned about the present tasks at hand. Even if we have number of problems to tackle, there will be some important and urgent one to deal on priority. Even in office procedures, certain documents have been classified as ‘very urgent’. Those documents or files will be dealt on priority by all. After disposing such urgent files, other ordinary matters can be dealt at leisure. Present can never be tense, though it is termed as presentence. In fact, the past or future indicates tense moments. We can focus on the task at hand but need not bother about the outcome or the future one. Work culture too demands one task at a time so that it can be done perfectly. When your mind is clouded with many tasks at hand, you cannot proceed in any direction. Hence the ideas of doing one work at a time.

There is a slogan in Indian Railways. “Less luggage, more comfort, make travel a pleasure”. These suits to the luggage we carry on our mind. The various worries and anxieties, we always carry is akin to the luggage, we carry during travel. Moreover, there is one more suggestion. When we board a train, it is not prudent to keep the luggage on the head. There is a small story. One villager, who was travelling for the first time in a train, boarded a train with the luggage on his head. When the co-passengers asked him to keep the luggage on the planks above, the villager replied, “why the poor train should carry his luggage? I will carry it on my head. He is not aware that the entire load of passengers and luggage are carried by the train. We unnecessarily carry all the burdens on our head. Simply hand it over to God. He is ready to carry the burden of the entire cosmos and creation. Your worries will not add up to his cares. Hence, the scriptures say, “surrender your burdens to god; he will carry them for you”. These assurances are reflected in Bible and Quran also. Jesus has promised the people “those who are burdened with cares and anxieties, ‘come to me, I will give you rest. In every religious scripture, we can find such assurances. Hence unburden yourself at the feet of Almighty God.

Now, let us examine why god is termed as “Omnipresent”? He is Present always everywhere. Hence, it is correct to focus only on the present and we need not bother about the future, which is uncertain. The so called ‘past’ has gone and we can never retrieve it. Hence the wise one always focuses on the present!


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