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The Price of Disobeying God

Updated on December 23, 2014

A Tale of disobedience By Sandy R. Mays

December 19, 2014

This is a tale of a woman we will just call Isabella. Her parents were both devout worshipers of Jesus Christ and when she was born her parents new God had something special for her life. Before her birth God gave her parents a vision of greatness which she was destined to fulfill. As a toddler Isabella was a normal child, very inquisitive and always getting into mischief as toddlers do. But as she got older she began to display traits of wisdom beyond her adolescence. She read the Word with her parents, attended Sunday school, Bible Class, and Sunday Worship, sang in the choir and participated in many Church functions as well as service in her community. At the beginning of her teenage years her parents told her how God had given them a vision and instructions to prepare her to carry out this assignment and they obeyed his instructions to the letter.

In high school Isabella excelled just as she had throughout her education just as her parents required her to do. But somewhere towards the third year she began to drift into the world of immoral social activities. Her parents tried to discourage this behavior but the temptation of satisfying the flesh was taking hold rapidly. This is where God intervened and communicated directly to her in the form of a dream. The dream laid out a path of righteousness and prosperity as long as she remained obedient not only to Him but to her parents as well. The dream also warned of the impending consequences for her if she chose to be disobedient.

Sad to say Isabella did not heed those warnings and her progression in life became slowed. She started gossiping with her new associates and these associations led to her becoming interested in experimenting with pleasures of the flesh. She began to dress for the sole purpose of attracting boys who because she was a very attractive young girl were always making advances. It wasn’t long afterwards that she became sexually active which led to a very promiscuous lifestyle, all the while in disobedience to her God and her parents. Before she finished school she became pregnant and against her parents wishes dropped out of school.

The disappointment of this turn of events deeply saddened her parents but, as loving parents they did what loving parents do, they were supportive all the while hoping and praying their daughter will return to the right path. After the child was born, a boy by the way, it was clear the father would have no presence in the child’s life because; due to her promiscuity she could not with any kind of certainty identify just who the father truly was. So it was left to her and her parents to care for the child.

Isabella was a loving and caring mother and at some point decided to find a job to support him even though her parents wanted her to finish her education. She found it tough to find a good paying job because she didn’t complete her education, she would eventually take a minimum wage job in a fast food restaurant. Even though she worked she still found it difficult to provide all the things she wanted for her and her child. Now Isabella never abandoned her promiscuity and working at a fast food place she had many opportunities to carry on this conduct. A year later she gave birth to another son. Isabella did not realize at this point how difficult her life would be all due to her disobedience.

This time the father of this second child had been established and they decided they would become a family. Isabella thought she would live a decent life with someone who appeared to be dedicated to helping her raise both children and though her parents expressed their concerns she decided to live with this young man which was a decision the parents disapproved of. They had good reason too for this young man also did not finish school because he chooses to live the life of the streets. His means of income was the narcotics trade which Isabella was aware of from the beginning. It was how he was able to make her believe she could always rely on him to satisfy her giving her the delusion this would make her happy. So not only was she being disobedient but now she is delusional.

Now she is living what she believes is the life she wanted. And after another son is born she chooses not to return to work, she becomes a stay at home mom with three children the oldest being seven. But by now the man she is living with has become a big time dealer and his time at home begins to diminish. Now; there were days when he would leave early and come home very late, sometimes he would be gone for days at a time. This is beginning to bring tension in their relationship and as the tension builds they begin to start distancing themselves from one another. Though her parents disagreed with her way of living they never turned their backs on their daughter and would do anything they could to help her and their grandchildren. Isabella doesn’t yet realize how blessed she is to have them.

Isabella starts to suspect the relationship she is in is not all that she believes it to be. She discovers her man has been sleeping around and; has fathered other children which explained why he would be gone for days at a time. But what could she do? She hadn’t worked in a while and she was solely dependant upon this man to take care of her and her three children. And of course after being confronted by her concerning his indiscretions he would tell her she was free to leave and take the kids for they all had become a hindrance to him and his lifestyle. Though she was crushed Isabella stayed. This was now her prisons, one which she helped build brick by brick.

A few years go by and things do not improve for Isabella. Though the man she has lived with for so long still supports her he has become less of a father figure which her now teenage son needs and even less a role model for all her children. She does not wish to concern her parents who are not fully aware of their daughter’s state of mind but it is obvious to them that she is not fully happy despite her efforts to conceal this fact. Then the unexpected happens, unexpected by her but to anyone who lives the type of life her children’s father did it was inevitable. He is caught and sent to prison for his illegal activities. During his trial Isabella discovers some disturbing things about this man whom she had children with. She discovers that not only had he had other children by other women he also had a child older than her oldest son and had carried on a relationship with the child’s mother before and after they started living together. Also he was not only being charged with drug trafficking but he was being charged with murder as well. In the end he was found guilty and sentenced to serve a very long prison sentence which meant he would spend the rest of his life there. Now she feared the worst because this was something she was not prepared for.

Because Isabella felt she could not turn to her parents for support she eventually returned to her promiscuity to ease her fears. It became just a matter of time before she started exchanging sex for favors. This led to a string of live in boyfriends and men on the side. Some of these indulged in drug use and it finally became an activity which she indulged in which led to her having multiple sex partners at the same time. She “dated” for money and or drugs all the while trying to give the appearance of being a responsible parent to her boys, the oldest being fourteen now.

The problems start to mount not just for her but for her teenage son as well. Isabella cannot understand why she can’t seem to get him to obey her anymore. His interest in school fades and he now is prone to hanging out with friends until very late. But because she doesn’t take the time to properly parent; because of her lifestyle; she begins to dismiss his behavior as part of growing up. Soon her other son who is a year behind the oldest begins to follow in his brother’s footsteps. Isabella’s problems will worsen before they get better.

It’s a sad thing for Isabella’s parents to endure. First realizing their daughter has strayed far from the path she had been born to travel and now the effects are trickling down to their grandchildren. They are willing to help but Isabella refuses to see there is a growing problem which leaves the parents in a helpless state. The boys sometimes stay out until the wee hours of the next morning, against their mother’s wishes and when they are home all they would do is play video games. She had by now lost all control of their lives.

Late one night Isabella gets a phone call, it is from the police station. They tell her she needs to come down because her sons had been arrested for armed robbery. She had been drugging and boozing and barely could walk. So she called her parents for help and for the very first time they choose to let her work out her problems on her own. They told her they loved her and they loved their grandchildren but the time has come for her to start being a parent before it is too late. In her present state of mind Isabella did not take this decision the way it was intended. She felt that since she had not asked for their help in the past they would be only too glad to come to the aid of their grandchildren. But they explained to her how they were always there for her in the past and she never reached out to them. Had she done so this might have been prevented so even though it might have seemed unfair to her they reminded her how this situation could have been much worse and she should count her blessings.

Eventually the boys were released but they now had criminal records, records they now would spend the rest of their teenage years building upon all due to disobedience.

It’s hard to fault the boys when they saw all the things their mother conducted in their own house and people on the street knew Isabella as well. Whenever she left the house it was to meet some man or buy drugs and liquor. Now her youngest son who she at least was trying to keep in school is starting to feel the pressures of the street life and, before long he had a juvenile record. He decided he was going to be like his older brothers against his mother’s wishes but they didn’t obey her so why should he. Things are about to take a dramatic and traumatic turn for Isabella and her sons.

Although Isabella’s lifestyle had changed she still maintained her personality. There is a saying that smart people sometimes do dumb things and in this case not being obedient was not the wise thing for her to do and the consequences were about to come about. She would on occasions ask God for help like the time when one of her many associates beat her because he discovered she had been sleeping around. She would endure many such incidents for various reasons. She truly believed in the All Mighty because she had been raised to do so. It was the fear of his wrath that somehow had escaped her.

Now in her mid forties she is beginning to reflect on what her life would have been like if she had not taken the path did. Her three sons all in their twenties come and go, all working the streets as drug dealers. All have spent some time in prison and never worked a job in their young lives. Because she knew they had never listened to her she would often pray and ask God to protect and watch over them, just as her parents often did for her and her children. Isabella was always considered to be a very bright and sensitive person and now her senses were beginning to almost warn her to make a change in her life. She wanted to but did not know how to.

One night while laying in bed recovering from another beating and heavily under the influence of drugs she cried out to God to show her a way out of this lifestyle. After she finally fell asleep she was suddenly awaken by a voice calling her by name. She looked around and no one was in the room in fact she was home alone but since she saw no one she just figured it was due to the excessive use of drugs and alcohol so she went back to sleep. The next day she happened upon an old associate of hers that she hadn’t seen in quite sometime and asked where he had been. He told her he had been to a rehabilitation center and was just passing through. This also happened to be one of her more caring associates and since he knew her situation he gave her a phone number to call whenever she decided to get help for herself. Little did she know this was God attempting to answer her prayer from the previous night. Isabella never did use the number, another case of disobedience. She is still struggling with her current lifestyle and every day it becomes harder and harder to find anything good about it.

One warm summer night Isabella receives a phone call. It’s from the CountyHospital; her youngest son was shot by police who were trying to arrest him for armed robbery because the victim identified him. Police did find the gun used in the robbery on him. When she arrived at the hospital she found her other sons there and they were crying, the boy had died from his wounds.

It took some time for Isabella to come to terms with his death but her parents provided comfort the only way they could; through prayer and providing assistance with the burial expenses. But the nightmare was only beginning. Not long after her young sons death the oldest boy is gunned down in a drive by shooting done by a rival gang and in the span of about five weeks Isabella had lost another child to street violence. Now she begins to ask God why, why take her children, she had done no more wrong than other parents whose sons and daughters worked the streets, what had she done to deserve such heartache? Isabella did not know it wasn’t what she had done it’s what she hadn’t done; obey.

Isabella continues to question God’s reasoning and in doing so she finds herself talking to God and telling Him her troubles which she knows He is aware of and asking for an end to them. She does this for many nights even when she is under the influence of drugs and alcohol. One night she hears her name being called and knowing she is all alone she comes to realize whose voice it is. So she asks for help in getting out of the style of life she was living. She doesn’t get a verbal response so she talks herself into thinking it’s only her mind playing tricks. A few days go by and she sees a friend from her childhood who is doing quite well. Her friend expresses her condolences and tells her she should come visit her church and let her pastor pray for her. Isabella thanks her but would not make any promises. She does not realize that God was trying to answer her prayers again. But our God promises redemption if we repent in the name of Jesus Christ and He still had a plan for Isabella even though she was still being disobedient.

It wasn’t long after running into her friend that Isabella received another afterhour’s phone call. Her remaining son was being held for the murder of the gang member who gunned down his older brother, and because she could not afford a good lawyer he received a life sentence. Isabella had asked her son to leave the matter alone and to find a way out of the gangs; he did not listen.

Isabella now feels there is no hope for her. Ten more years have passed and she is still in the same situation. One late night she can’t sleep so she turns the television on and there is this preacher talking about repentance. All we have to do he says is ask for forgiveness for our sins and God will forgive us. Now she has known this all her life and after she thought about it she realized that in all those moments when she had prayed for Gods help she never really asked for forgiveness. So that night she did just that. While she slept God revealed to her how he had tried to help her on the two occasions when she heard the voice from seemingly nowhere. And she did not receive his message to her. The two people who had offered her a way out were sent by Him and now she understands that. She makes a vow right then that if given another opportunity she will jump at it. She will obey.

Two weeks go by and Isabella prays every night, even though she still partakes in sinful activities she still prays for a way out. One day she gets a call from her mother, a relative of theirs wanted to help her get into the treatment program he had just left and if she was willing to do her part he could help. Remembering her vow she rushed to meet this relative who true to his word did help Isabella get into the treatment center. While there she had plenty of time to reflect back on her life and wonder what would have been had she obeyed God and her parents. As she began to recover she remembered how as a child she saw herself helping others and dreamed of doing so. She also remembered the dream where God had called upon her to carry out a task and because she did not obey Him she realizes why she has spent over forty years in a prison she had made. It made her sad to think of all those years she had wasted. It really made her sad to think of how her son’s lives had been wasted all because of her disobedience, that’s why they were so disobedient. She could clearly see how her sins became their sins.

Isabella’s parents never stopped loving their only child and two years after leaving the treatment center her mother passed away, five months later her father followed, but they did live long enough to see her get her GED, become a successful substance abuse counselor and enroll into one of the top schools for Theology in the state. And though she has lost a lot she does not dwell in the past. She is enjoying this next phase of her life and as if she needed more reasons to be joyful she has discovered that all three of her sons fathered children, four girls and one boy which she never new existed until her first visit to see her son in prison right after she was discharged from the treatment center. Next to being a mother this was the greatest blessing she felt God had bestowed upon her. Amen to that Isabella.

We don’t know for sure what God had planned for Isabella or any of us. What we do know is there are consequences for not obeying his wishes and anything He wishes us to do is never a bad thing and is generally intended to help others as well. Remember the story of Jonah, don’t wind up in the belly of society stuck, not making any progress in your life. We all fall down but when you do, ask for mercy and get back up. Because if you have the strength to first ask for help and then have the strength to pull yourself up you have the strength to overcome whatever it was that caused you to fall in the first place.


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