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The Prize of Submission of Allah

Updated on November 1, 2017

We are living in a time where we are riddled with a lot of confusion. We have lots of questions all the time. We don't know much about our religion. We don't know how to use the book for own benefit, to our souls and our life. Any calamity on befalls us, and we are quick to blame and question justice of Allah altogether. This kind of crisis is what Satan needs to shake our faith in Islam. As a result, we stop making dua, stop offering prayers and slowly distant ourselves from Allah. When the rope of our relation with Allah loosens, Satan strengthens his.

This combined effect of our distance with our Lord and Satan's encouragement pushes us on the edge - the edge of Hell fire.

True believers believe that any calamity is nothing but their faith being put to test. Allah is still there as a protector, as a helper; although you do not get to see it in the beginning. All Allah is asking you is to trust Him. Trust Him in all situations. Its easier to believe in Allah when times are good. But harder times makes it harder to believe His Master Plan. Islam is faith that begins with the belief in the unseen. (2:2). Allah loves you more than you can possibly love yourself. What will Allah gain in punishing His own creation?

When you really want your situations to submit to you, you need to submit yourselves to Allah first.

The Power of Dua

Calibrating or thinking of dua itself, we find a common thing. Both in the Quran and in the teachings of Sunnah, we find that somewhere or the other we ask Allah to give us strength, guidance, to give us better ability, gratitude, etc. We always ask Allah to empower us to be grateful to Him and recognize His blessings.

Lets look at an analogy regarding this. Suppose you are struck in a storm in the sea. You could pray to Allah to either transport yourself to an island, to make the storm stop or to pray to give you strength to overcome this calamity. When he makes dua to be sent to an island and then asks for a helicopter, he/she waits for a helicopter when in fact Allah has already made his/her ship cross an island. But the short shortsightedness of mankind is that he didn't see a helicopter and then thinks Allah has never accepted his prayers.

The point here is we often think that our duas is to change the reality around us. But the fact of the matter is that we should be asking to empower us to face the reality around us with sincere faith in Allah's plan. Those who pray with the hope of changing the reality around them; it will not change and it is then these kind of people blame Allah for not answering their prayers. It is because they adopt reverse technique by empowering situations in them instead of asking to empower themselves. Allah does not owe you to show His plans of the unseen! And that is exactly where our faith is put to the test. When you really want your situations to submit to you, you need to submit yourselves to Allah first. You should not be among those believers who turn to Allah only in times of difficulties.

The worst of all loss is when a believer turns to disbelief when calamity strikes

Closeness With Allah

When everything in life is going good, you get everything you want - job, family, money and happiness, you tend to get distracted from Allah. When life is on downward spiral is when such people ask Allah - possibly even blaming Him for the bad times. Such people fail to understand that just as you need to pass any exam to get a degree, same way you have to pass tests of faith to attain Jannah.

Instant gratification has imbibed in our generation so much that if we don't get what we asked for, we start whining about everything under the sun. We take our prayers as though they are services offered on line - any delay and we are the first to give a negative rating!

Sincere Muslims are those who believe that all good things are nothing that they deserved - it only comes from the blessings of Allah. It is how we are grateful will elevate our ranks as believers.

The best of believers are always tested with the hardest of trials. Yakub AS, a prophet of Allah, was tested for 40 years before being united with his beloved son Yusuf (AS). The mother of Musa (AS) was tested with her motherly love by making her to depart away from her new born child in the river, which had no assurity that her son will reach any safe destination or not. They had nothing but the faith of Allah; and that is all what they needed. Yusuf (AS) was made the king and Musa (AS) was returned safely by the wife of Pharaoh. This is the mercy of Allah; the greatest of all planners.

House of Paradise

Allah has made a house in paradise for every human being born and died. But it is upto us if we are willing to strive for it or not. When some human beings do not achieve that house the believers who have succeeded will inherit those houses.

Let us be among those who enter paradise and inherit the beautiful houses of Jannah. Aameen.


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