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The Problem With Society

Updated on April 4, 2013

"Homelessness, poverty, racism, sexism, institutionalized greed: injustice. Our world is broken."

- Marc Cortez

The problem with society. Is there really one? Yes, of course there is. The people who live their ordinary lives see things everyday which should not be happening in a peaceful and humane world.

Some of the things that are wrong, have been done a certain way for so long that a typical person would assume that they are of the norm. Yet, things need to change.


Why does war exist? War exists because of an argument over greed, religion, property, or materialistic things.

War is one thing which ruins society. It creates a different look on life, depending on where a person lives. If a person lives in Canada, they will most likely grow accustomed to not being threatened, having enough, not fearing for their lives because of a country-related issue, or so forth. A person living in the Middle East however, living close to the religious wars, could grow accustomed to living with the threat of a bomb destroying everything they have, and killing everyone they know while they sleep at night.

No person should be either as falsely convinced of safety, nor should a person have to fear for their life on a daily basis. The human race deserves to live in peace with one another, to not be at war, so settle arguments fluently and to be properly taught on the different cultures.


I believe, if everyone in the world were properly educated on the different religions, cultures, ethnic groups, and so forth, a person could learn to not necessarily love, but to tolerate everyone around them. This, I believe, would stamp out many wars to come.

Imagine for a second, if Adolf Hitler had been educated in elementary school, before children could possibly think about hate towards a certain race, about how all people are equal, and had learned about their religions, practices and other things they do. Would he not have thought twice, or perhaps not at all killed innocent people? If he had learned to respect every different person in the world, would he have not, hopefully, taken something to heart about how they are just as human as he was?


In this society, children have grown into parents, an yet are still children themselves. Not all, but many parents have become extremely loose on the laws of any given country and do not abide by it in front of their own children.

Each and every parent knows how they were raised; by their parents, who grew up during times of war, change, and Elvis Presley. Parents during that age learned discipline because their parents had to be strict. Parents now, try to defy what their parents said, trying to live by themselves and not be entirely that strict. Their parents grew up in a different time, and yet are thought to be out dated. But, their ways are not. Are we not still reading Shakespeare to our children? He died hundreds of years ago you know.

Parents of today, mostly, have decided that the law is a guide line. And, as in some cases, it is; it is still the Law. A law is made to protect people, to form good habits, to be rightful, and to be just.

Take alcohol consumption for an example. In one country, the age limit may be 12, where as in another, it may be 18. If the Law says the age limit is 18, or 12, or 16 or what so ever, as a parent, they are to follow the laws and set a good example for their children. But, by offering their child alcohol while the child is under age because they are 'at home' or 'having friends over' or even on a special occasion, a parent is teaching their child that drinking alcohol under age is okay. And by that, they subconsciously teach their child that not all laws are meant to be followed.

So, in that case, the parent who gives their child alcohol under age, for example; 15, while the limit is 18, is teaching their child that they can now go out and party because they had parental approval.

Now, if that child were to get caught at say, 16, at a wild party with all of their friends whose parents also gave them the stamp of approval, how would the law treat that? The law would charge all of them, for something they learned from their parents. Something, which makes society look like a piece of trash.


It was said that 1% of the world's population has 99% of the wealth. This is supposed to explain why people are dying in Africa, children are starving in India, and orphans don't know where to go in Russia.

Although it is clear that given enough money, the homeless could get settled, the starving could be fed, and the orphans could be taken care of; it does not help human greed.

Humans are greedy, and when given enough money, as to make all of the world equal in wealth, we would destroy ourselves.

I know, you have just been shocked, because you never realized that giving to the poor could possibly destroy humanity. But, that is not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that the world cannot be fixed simply by evening out the wealth.

Let's compare the continent of Africa and The United States of America. Africa, is full of many starving people which you hear about all of the time on the news. America has starving people too. Africa has a very high rate of STD's floating around because people are having unprotected sex and either being raped, or needing to have more children so that the children can work to provide money. America has a high rate of STD's because the lack of STD awareness is repulsive. Most are convinced, "it won't happen to me" and then it does, without them even knowing it.

I do believe that giving to the poor could help solve many problems they have, but to even out the wealth could cause a continent such as Africa to turn into the United States, which would inevitably change the big question, Where do we throw our trash? The moon?

How Does This Make Sense?

Nothing makes sense in this world, and you can quote me on that. The circle of how things are operated needs to change, right down from our teaching kids in school to respect every human being in the world, to teaching them to respect themselves, to less war, and less poverty. Changing the way that we look at life will give us a new look on life, and in that, change our society.

One by one it goes; where it stops, nobody knows.

What are your Thoughts?

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