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The Process of Manifestation

Updated on March 15, 2016

The darkness in which humans live in is nothing but an illusion until one open’s their eyes and sees the world for how it truly is in relation to themselves. Every human has their own life path, their own perspective, and their own way of reaching salvation. From birth, a person soaks in what is given to them. That is their reality; what they see, what they hear, and what society teaches them from the very moment they enter this world.

The moment a person starts to step out of their comfort zone that has been prearranged by society they begin to experience a whole new reality—their reality. That is the beautiful thing of the nature of reality; it is ever-changing.

We Evolve. In turn--- what we manifest evolves as well. If it no longer serves us--- it fades away. It disappears. However, that is not how the universe works. Everything is created from something and energy that no longer serves a purpose cannot just disappear- it simply serves another purpose after one has already been completed. My focus, in this article, will not be about where this energy goes-- but the process of cultivating and resonating with the energy of creation.

If you decided to read this article you are curious to know about the topic of manifestation. Either you have been trying to manifest something and have walked into a brick wall—not knowing why it is that your desires, needs, intentions, and so forth have not manifested. Or you are preparing yourself to do so and would like to be informed prior to doing so. Or you are simply curious. Regardless of the reason, you are here to learn about manifestation and the challenges that can arise when trying to manifest.

Let me make this clear to you right now, let go of your ego. If you experiencing emotions such as loss of hope, powerless--- “I should have been able to do this but...” or “Everyone else can do this, why can’t I?” Don’t beat yourself up about it— just because you didn’t manifest it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to in the future. Shift your focus to the reason: why it wasn’t manifested?

I’d also like to make it clear that I’m not speaking of manifesting a physical object from thin air—Sorry, but, the world does not work like that— Hard work is rewarded. Manifestation as you will learn through this article— or perhaps you have already realized… is, indeed, hard work. It is a process and it has key aspects that cannot be avoided— If they are… nothing will come to be. Essentially, you stand in your own way of manifestation.

The hardest parts of manifestation are letting go of your ego and eliminating doubt and negativity.

As I said, things don’t just appear out of thin air. If you are not experienced in the field of manifestation or any form of energy work I recommend that you start with the basics— This article is about the process of manifestation and challenges that arise. Yes, I’m being repetitive because in order to manifest you have to master all of the basics first. I expect that you know each chakra [Refer to Picture Below]. Likewise, this is not guided manifestation… I am giving you the process and the tools—that is all.

Pardon the cliche, however, all else is truly within You. You are the creator. This is your masterpiece.

So, lets begin from the root and through to the crown.

There is… I am. I feel. I do. I love. I speak. I see. And I understand. The 7 chakras.

Remember manifestation is a process…

Again, from the root, I AM: Become one with the physical.

This is the foundation.

No longer are you a vessel—you are the same, you are one.

What it is that you are manifesting is no longer a desire, need, intention or so forth… it is YOU.

The second phase is I FEEL: Become One with emotion.

Feel the passion and the pleasure of what it is that you are manifesting.

Feel the transformation as you are now one with what you are manifesting.

Feel the energy flow through your entire body.

Feel the desire, the need, the intention, and so forth…. It is you.

All that you feel is now one.

The third phase is I DO: Become one with ACTION.

You act as one.

Unify your powers with the powers of what it is you are manifesting.

You are a unified energy, act as such.

Your will becomes one.

You are proactive as one.

Phase Four: I Love: Become ONE with Love.

You love being one with what you are manifesting. You love how it feels to be one. You love how you act as one. This phase is unconditional. There should be no “what ifs” or “but ifs”

You are unconditionally one.

This is why being specific is crucial. If you don’t like the way it feels to be one—if you don’t like the way it feels to act as one—if there is uncertainty of any nature… This is where you will most likely become stuck in the process of manifestation.

Why is it that you are trying to manifest in the first place? What is the purpose?

Naturally, prior to manifestation these questions should be very well defined. However, in this phase this becomes even more so important. Because in this stage everything comes into an unconditional perspective of love. If there is too much limitation, too much unwanted energy— if it does not serve a purpose or something just feels uneasy— You will not be able to move from this phase and essentially nothing will manifest. Likewise, in this stage healing energy is also released from this chakra. Revise and refine what it is that you are trying to manifest. If you need to self-heal then that will become clear to you in this phase.

You have to truly love what it is that you want to manifest.You have to truly love yourself. You have to truly love yourself as one.

In the process of manifestation, you are bringing something into your life--- you are creating it--- you are using the laws of attraction to bring it into your life… If you only want this on occasion and if you do not love what it is that you are manifesting unconditionally…then does it truly hold a purpose?

Once you move past that obstacle, there is phase five: I SPEAK: Become one with speech.

In this phase, you speak as one… you seek truth as one… You are certain that you want this in your life. Doubts and negativity must be gone completely to move past this phase. You already eliminated the doubt in the previous phase through the heart chakra…. You are now certain that you truly want this, need this, and you are in perfect resonance. In this phase, it is important to speak as one… commonly, people will shift from terms such as “I” to “We”.

Here, you are sending out the manifestation’s energy through speech.

Think of the element of Air, your breath be the wind, as the messenger of your energy to the realms of the Divine Higher Consciousness.

You are seeking the truth as one--- meaning you are bringing your manifestation into the physical plane not only through your being but through your words— you are entering this energy to another vibration and you are giving it another sense of life. It is no longer just an image in your head— you are putting it out into the world—you are giving it truth within the material plane.

As you send out energy from within you into the material plane—feedback occurs…

This leads into phase six: I See.

In this phase the way you are within is the same as the energy you release—who you show yourself to be. You are one so show yourself as one. You are clarity. Having your desires manifested will serve a higher purpose in your life and it will cause you to evolve in a beneficial way. You need this in order to evolve. You need to be one. In this stage, you send out your manifestation to the divine, spiritual--- plane.

You send it out to the universe. When you send something out to the universe, there has to be a higher purpose for what it is that you are manifesting. Everything has to act accordingly to the laws of the universe.If that is not the case, manifestation will not occur.

The universe is one within you.You are one with the universe.

You cannot hide anything from the universe and as you send out the energy to manifest to the universe—the universe will know the core of what it is that you are manifesting. The universe knows the purpose…. the reason… the intention… and if it does not apply to the laws of the universe then it will not come to be.

You become one with the truth in this phase and you reflect at what it is you are manifesting… as well as yourself… remember you are one.

Once you have passed that phase, that is when you reach the final phase--- I Understand.

At this stage you are selfless. You experience as one. You are at peace as one with what you are manifesting. You are at last, transcending the ego completely. Nothing can limit you—you have completed the process of manifestation and you are now patiently waiting for it to manifest before you.

You are one on each and every level. If what you are manifesting did not abide by the laws of the universe this stage could be one of karma for you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the universe.

If you want to manifest something you have to follow the rules of the universe--- the ultimate being harm none. You will not manifest something on the basis of greed.

One of the greatest gifts we have as humans is to experience love: To love and to be loved.

Manifestation should resonate with unconditional love and allow for us to grow with resonance, never to take away from yourself or others.

“Be careful what you wish for” applies to manifestation. We manifest on a daily basis… we attract through the energy that we send out… If you release malevolent energy then you will in turn attract the same. If you release energy of doubt and negativity then that is what you will attract and you will not be able to manifest.

Yes, release yourself of the ego and the selfish desires… but also believe…. Believe in yourself and have that confidence.

When you are manifesting… a common mistake is to speak about it to everyone else--- it brings more energy into the mix… if others send out energy, doubting you… if you send out energy that is of doubt… then that energy will outweigh the energy of manifestation.

As you awaken each and every chakra in the process of manifestation you have to bring this into the physical plane. The easiest way to do this is to write…. And that is the tool that we are given when manifesting…However, this doesn’t always work for everyone.

Writing helps you concentrate and it keeps your focus--- radiating that energy through your being and releasing it into the world. However, everyone has their own talents. Use them.

If you are a dancer… if you are a singer… if you are a painter… so on and so forth, use your gift to manifest. Become one with the energy through your talent.

There is no rule that you have to sit still in a secluded area for hours on end just meditating.

We manifest on a day to day basis already.

If you are a dancer—get up and dance--- that is how you release your energy, that is how your energy flows within you and how it is emitted into the world.

When you are manifesting—it cannot be forced. Be you. Love yourself. Be yourself at all times. What you are manifesting is meant to evolve you not suppress you.

There is no use for doubt--- you have the potential of manifesting within you. If you cannot rid yourself of this doubt and you want to manifest then this is a process for you to learn and heal and embrace yourself as a whole.

Hence, you may end up being stuck in the phase of the heart chakra. that is the phase that will heal you--- healing yourself, loving yourself is far more important than what it is you are trying to manifest at this point and with patience… you will manifest but first you just have to love yourself, let yourself heal, and free yourself.

Speaking of healing--- When you are manifesting with the intention to heal yourself or those around you--- direct the majority of your energy in the heart chakra as you are manifesting.

Perhaps envisioning the color green illuminating from your chest and circulating through out your body would assist you with purpose-driven resonance.

Let the heart chakra emit the energy and let it accelerate the course of the energy throughout your being and into the material plane.

Some use all of their chakras to manifest and emit the energy through all of them. Others work with a single chakra to send out the energy. If your intention is to heal and you have a preferred chakra, use the heart chakra to accelerate the flow and create more emphasis; it will enhance your manifestation.

Resonance, resonance with yourself is key-- there is no one definite way of manifestation.

You are the source, resonate within yourself and intensify that resonance by merging it with the material plane, let your higher consciousness guide you.

A Few Additional Tips:

If you are having trouble with one of the phases, crystals could be a good tool.

Likewise, prior to manifestation cleansing is also important. As is healing your chakras and releasing unwanted energy from them.

Always ground yourself prior to manifestation and use some sort of protection technique to not welcome unwanted energy into your sphere.

Hope this article brought clarity and realization to your struggles with manifestation. More to come, I’d appreciate feedback so please comment bellow!

Light and Love to All

Thoughts Are Greatly Appreciated

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