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The Prodigal Son

Updated on September 5, 2009


            Once there lived a farmer in a certain village.  He had two sons.  His first son was a hard working young man.  He helped his father in the house.  He was obedient to his father.

The other son was lazy. He never helped his father inhis work.  He spent all his time with many idle friends. He often held feast and invited his friends to them. He spent money in useless ways. He borrowed money from others, and his fatherpaid back his debts. The poor old farmer was very sorry for him. He often advised him and said, “Don’t waste your time with friends. Go to the field and help your brother. But he did not listen to his advise.

One day the second son said, “Father give memy share of the property. I am tired of my life here. I want to go and live in the town”. The father then gave him his share of the family property. He sold his share of his property. He took the money to a distant country. There he spent all his money on feasts and friends. When he lost all his money, all his friends left him alone. No one ever cared for him afterwards.

He was in want. No one gave him food. He could not get good anywhere. He went to a rich man of that country. He said to ihm. I am poor. There’s no one to help me. Will you please give me some work? I’ll do it sincerely. The rich man took pity onhim. He said, Look after my pigs in the field. The poor farmer’s son said, Certainly I shall. Then the rich man senthim to the field. He took careof his pigs. He spent sometime in the field.

He was not happy.He did not get food. He did not want to get on like that. He said to himself, how many paid servants of my father have bread enough! Why do I live without food? I will run to my father. I’ll tell him, Father, I have wronged you and God. I shall be one of your servants and be happy. He went home.

When the farmer saw his second son, he was fully of pity for him. He ran to his son and fell on is neck. The son said, Father, I’ve wronged you and God. I’ve not been a good son. But I shall be your servant. That will do.

But the father said to his servants, bring fine clothes and put them on my son. Put a ring on his hand and shoes on his feet. Bring here the fat calf and kill it. We will all eat it and be happy.  This my son was bad and is good now; he was losg and is found. They enjoyed his return home.

Now the first son returned from the field. When he came near his house, heard music in his house. He called one of his servants and said, what is the matter? What is the music for? What is the feast for? The servant said, Sir, your brother has come. Your father has killed the far calf, because your brother has come home safe and sound.

The first son got angry. He said, I’ll not come into the house. Then his father came out of the house. He said tohim, dong get angry? The first son said father I have served all these years. I never disobeyed you.  Yet you never game me a small kid. But this son has come. He has spent all his share of the property in bad ways. Still you killed the fat calf for him.

The father then said, you’re always with me. All the property is yours. But this brother was bad and is good now and was lost and is found. God is happy, when a bad man becomes good.


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